July 2021 Favorites!


Minnesota Staff
Now that I've had some time to unpack and get back into the swing of things, I thought it was about time to hear some favorites from the game!

Dire Beavers! Well.. kind of. The excitement from everyone when Matt announced "the creatures with fur around their tails are were beavers" was awesome.

The Silver Oatmeal incident, as Zihr so aptly named it. Very reminiscent of Gary's banana for some reason. Loved it.

All the arguments of the commoners who came in had me laughing the entire lunch time. "This is my son transformed into a statue" Cue 20 minutes of arguing and settling it "Now that I think about it, I'm not even sure if I have a son". Thanks Bel, that was a treasure.

The entirety of the big saturday night mod was so much fun, one of my favorites for sure. Running around that giant pit from some rolling boulders was a great time. Never got the chance to try and repel the boulder.. but I have a feeling I would have been a flat elf anyways.

Having one of the new NPCs make a whoops and announce to us how much body he had.

Beryl's rituals are as fun to watch as ever, thanks for sitting around for 20 minutes for me!

Roff and I are cursed to forever be in a bidding war with each other. We are two sides of the same coin for sure.

Lots of twists and turns and decisions to be made, thanks everyone for the awesome first event back!


Chicago Staff
- The Wyvern mod was a great concept with the pit in the middle and boulders moving keeping PCs on the move.
- The Knighting Ritual. It was a great concept to air out complaints and also compliment. Good idea.
- Fae Bullsh*t. While not normally a fan of Fae, I'm curious where the "King of the Hunt" plotline will go
- Recalling Halvar and him being, "Well look at that, you go the sword, we'll be in touch"
- Making LT and learning Algebra is useful 12 years after graduating college!
well i agree that the Wyvern mod was quite good i did not enjoy gettimg hit by the boulders that was more damage then i could handle. but the knighting ritual was good hearing both the good and bad encounters with Zihr showed we are all able to make mistakes. though the mod with both the dire beavers and the werewolf was very exciting and interesting, though i heard someone had skinned the dire beavers, hope they kept the tails.
Knighting ceremony was pretty cool. It felt very intense and felt like there were some emotions being had. I know I did.

Making the wyvern go splat under the boulder was very satisfying. We were just waiting for it to be in the right position. So good

Loved seeing all the new plot stuff starting. I felt like plot did a really good job blending the intros to the new plots into mods where you wouldn't necessarily expect new plots to start. Good on ya!

Even though Zen was pissed about it in-game the lich fight had a lot of good rp come out of it.

Dragon orbs. Gosh darn dragon orbs. So many shenanigans

Recovering and handing the Sword of Evodir off to Halvar. Felt really good to have made some progress there

Cass getting doomed from swinging the sword of Evodir. Pretty sure my exact thoughts were "yeah, that's about what I expected."

Talking to the aristocracy about oathsworn customs and having one of them look over at me and say, "At least one of you is taking notes." Thanks for noticing

Probably more that I'm not remembering right now.

Edit: I want to give a shout out to Ryan Codner. That dude is always up to something. You go you!


Man it felt good to get back out there. boy am I out of shape.

Wish I would have made the knighting ceremony. Can’t wait to see what they look like in the future.

Dyslvia asking me to move my bear head because enfeebeled rusty was in a staring contest with it.

Looking forward to where things go from here.


Ryan S

It was awesome to see all of you again, and play Alliance again after a full year of having to hide away. I had a ton of fun with everyone and am super excited for the rest of this season!

In order of my ability to remember them as I'm writing this:

  • Zihr's knighting ceremony was everything that we (plot team) had hoped it would be, and I absolutely loved everyone's interactions. I was super excited that a few players actually brought forward grievances with Zihr that got to be addressed. Seeing a few of the players getting choked up as they were offering their words of encouragement made me get a little choked up, it was so beautiful. I am super happy I got to run that for everyone, and am super grateful for everyone that participated!
  • I loved Fiona's responses to the demands for justice during lunch. She tried so hard to keep it together, and then had to justify her laughs when my NPC demanded to know why she was laughing at his complaints.
  • The excuse making for the other PCs during the Aristocracy meeting was fantastic. Beryl randomly teleports into the tavern and my NPC is told, "That happens a lot around here" as my NPC makes a horrified face.
  • Zen when dealing with my Lich NPC saying, "Alright, I'm done here, you can destroy this form" and in classic contrary PC style, they quickly retort, "No! We won't do that!" to which my Lich responded with, "Okay... then I guess I'll wait for the magic to wear off, and go about my day."
  • When I showed up as the Courtier of Count Ferrant to talk about what had transpired that evening, and Zen was so crestfallen that they hadn't managed to save the Count's daughter. It really showed how invested they were in that storyline even after all this time, and I really appreciate that!
  • Beryl showing up to the Magic Guild to request a key late in the night, and then not remembering who they were doing the task for and getting frustrated that he can't borrow a key due to his rank in the guild. Beryl then felt that this was the best time to try to find someone to apprentice him, before remembering that they had work to do.
  • Seeing the PCs utilize the environment to their advantage during the wyvern fight was really awesome. We (plot team) had talked about how the boulder could be used to kill the wyvern with the right timing and distractions. The hail of pins and webs wasn't what we had expected, but it was truly impressive and well done!
  • Secret agreements during secret meetings at secret taverns (And if you don't know about secret taverns, then this favorite isn't for you)
  • The cries of, "Who could have seen that coming?!" each time that someone tried a new thing with the weird orb, and getting forced to run away or attack people.
  • I was surprised how quickly Desylvia managed to solve the second puzzle in the pre-wyvern portion, and then equally surprised how long it took them to think to re-check the other side. Desylvia roleplaying being under the effect of four debilitating poisons was pretty hilarious as well. "If you thought you're day sucks..." he says as he crawls to the next pool and splashes in it.
All in all this weekend was a lot of fun, and I'm really looking forward to continuing to move forward with this season and seeing all of you again!


Wisconsin Staff
  • "Beryl?" "Yes Beryl?" "I wonder if we can cast a ritual and merge into one super Beryl." "We should try." "I'm down for **** around and find out with magic."
  • "Beryl!" Two voices: "Yes?"
  • All the Beryl time. Such a blast to play off of Sid and giggling like little kids when we were contemplating mischief.
  • Getting to fight Bandits. Honest to god just bandits.
  • The one smart Werewolf who cut a deal to live.
  • Being the person with a Rebirth and a Sorcerous Triage and jumping into the pit with out saying anything.
  • "Did anyone remember to grab a dragon thingy before jumping?"
  • Guild talk after.


Alliance Rules
Chicago Staff
  • Getting ready to cast a couple rituals for myself, finding out I didn't need to cast them, then getting upset I prepped all my High Magic for nothing. Then subsiquently having a client fall into my lap and having almost the perfect amount of Formal Magic prepared.
  • Speaking of which, I true empowered my first ritual! It for the sole reason of screwing around and finding out what would happen.
  • Didn't rezz doing something dangerous and ill advised!
  • So if you stack Beryl and Beryl on top of each other they become the Mega Beryl Dragon Mage. Or the Double Beryl (Magic) Shotgun. Still working on the name.
  • "I call upon my celesital gym membership"
  • The bamborifying fae monsters, including the Beetle-Snake, the Centipitle, and the Cow with 13 legs.
  • "Mister Lich, do you have any protectives? No? Here's a Prison for you buddy."
  • I really dug the multi room puzzles / dungeon crawl. Yall are really getting good at that design!
  • Speaking of which, I really liked the puzzles in Payton's desert tomb raid mod for the seekers. Shout out to Bone-Splitter for saving our skins!
  • Zhir's knighting ceremony was awesome and very much deserved!
  • For years I've played a stick jock fighter and my instinct has always been to run towards the enamies. That plan doesn't work so well for the scholar with 20 body and a dagger. Finally this event I've gotten good at watching the fight and rotating around to stay in the back line.
  • Sun hat Sid ft. volcano hair
  • I got so much dopamine in my brain from this event. Seriously it was so good to see yall again !


I was so happy to see you all again!


Zir's knighting ceremony. When it was time to give encouragement, it took me a little time to collect my thoughts, but then, every time I tried to start speaking, someone else spoke up first. If you all could have seen the look on my face and all the eye rolling I was doing in frustration. LOL. Then I forgot half of the words I meant to say.

The impromptu sea shanty in the tavern. We need more of those!

The construct lab. It didn't seem right to keep helping make the constructs stronger. I want to follow up on this.

The seekers guild cave. Thanks for letting me work on one of the puzzles, then waiting till I got it after Beryl solved it.

Beryl and Beryl. You were fun to watch.

Sir Victor. Sorry I wasn't gathered enough to take advantage of your presence.

ChoKoNu. Thank you.


Wow was it good to see everyone :) Thanks to the entire team for putting it on!! Some of my favorite moments were ...

Knighting ceremony (of course), there were a lot of emotions happening on both sides of the circle. Thanks everyone for participating!! Special shout outs to Captain Bel and Sir Victor for travelling the mists to be there. I can't express how much it meant to me to have you both there.

Getting a front row seat to see Edwina get Squired! Very VERY excited to see you grow into the role. Welcome to Saturday morning Squire's breakfast! :)

The Silver Oatmeal Incident. Is this poisoned? No? Its cold!?!

Letting Dianne know how much everyone enjoyed the Mac Friday night.

Werewolves and Werebeavers! Bartholomew Gassblower! Love me some Merchant Guild madness. All the guild missions were great, fantastic job NPC's. Love that the Aristocracy missions weren't "Go here & kill" ... everything FELT like it belonged to the appropriate guild. And werewolves. :)

Seeing the glint in Reverend Captain Matron Squire Locke's eyes when offering to be my headsperson. Sorry Brytton, you had to go.

Can't wait to see everyone in August!!


  • Zihr's knighting ceremony. It was great to finally clear the air between us.
  • Watching Edwina getting squired!
  • Getting a group together to fight weird creatures. I am excited to see if the Marshall of the Wild Hunt makes more appearances.
  • Both of the orb missions and all the chaos those created.
  • I was so excited that there where so many different strange creatures to fight! Fae creatures of multiple varieties, were-beavers, and of course the wyvern.
  • Getting told there are royalists left and then jumping to action because they stole my favorite color.
  • The whole weekend was fantastic and it was great to get back out on the field of battle.