June Favorites!


To be honest, there wasn't any particular moments of favorites rather
I had non stop fun every time I went out as a NPC. I seriously can't say how much I look forward to attending GB every event and interacting with the players an staff! Seriously, I can't say it enough. Rich, Dave, Emily, Mandy Ad anyone I'm forgetting, thanks for everything!
I did really enjoy running around as a roguish type undead for 2 hours on Deadwalk.
It was also great to get to know some older players who I hadn't met previously, and hearing their stories they've experienced over the years.
There's more but I still haven't left the area to head home yet (took the opportunity to visit some friends) and I'm exhausted at this point!
Ryan S
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- Taryn and Rali's really strange and unintentional banter-turned-flirting WHAT IS GOING ON I AM SO CONFUSED oh well, thanks for the drink :D Kamryn is going to judge so hard.
- All of the great conversations regarding compassion, interpretation, and intent. Rali still doesn't get it, but at least it's a place to start.
- Phedre's ritual was beautiful to watch! It was nice to see a ritual that actually looked like a ritual :)
- Nightmare V mod. After making fun of her necklace, I finally shut her up with a silence (really, mother, you were being so rude) only to find out after the fact that the necklace was a Remove Silence 3/Day magic item. ACTUALLY IRONIC.
- Stupid hour on the benches. I have never laughed so hard at biscotti before in my life.
- Watching Castlebur run away in fear only to get hit by an Awaken, turn around and keep running back into the fight without missing a beat. Glorious.
- Being choked over a rock. Not as fun as it sounds. Worth it for the year or so of sympathy I'll be able to milk out of it.
- Another Alchemy lesson. Some day I'll stop using V as a guinea pig.

Good times with good people :)


-Yo, Chris Marcikonis is a fantastic bad guy and does snippy, mean, and vengeful really, really well. His "There you are..." struck such cold, relentless fear in my heart and I have never started a'runnin' so hard (only to be grabbed and rifted regardless) in my life.
-Nightmare V mod: telling Ona that Zara screamed like a b--- when she died, calling Rali the dog of her old tribe, and pelting Kailani with necromancy while telling her Vox misses her. This totally sated my long-standing desire to throw V headlong into "truly reprehensible" territory, even if it wasn't actually her.
-I think it was Drak who was running around like a crazy person on Saturday night doing his very best/worst drunk fighting? It was beautiful and I loved every second of it.
-Being a walking, flailing variety show on Saturday night. Sometimes, when V hits her threshold for sullen introspect, she goes batshit insane and becomes a hawk/yells at a biscotti/imitates your food for you. Sometimes, you just want to make your friends laugh until they cry.
-Erika/Kailani gets her own favorite, because she was my stellar RP anchor for the weekend. She kept me grounded and in game and provided such a good source of conversation.
-I /really/ liked getting to interact with Lourdes. I fully expected a contemptuous relationship given V's feelings on the Red Widow, but it ended up being way more respectful and familial-feeling than I expected.
-Nashira! I am stoked to have finally gotten to spend to time with Elissa's character. She adds a lot of good depth to the world with her understanding of the tribes and guilds and is a phenomenal player and character to interact with.
-I choked my fiancee out and threw her over a rock and feel really bad about it, but it was also hilarious. So, there's that.


Ok. This is a two for one and a bit long. Because I never posted from the May event, and there were just rolling highlights throughout this weekend. Even with it being an unavoidably truncated weekend, it was excellent.

-Indeed, that is a matriarch red spider. I'ma hang out on the peripheral for a bit. yup.
-OH my goodness Charlais. Such a phenomenal great amount of fun.
-The David Elf Pantherghast. That deserves the capitals.
-The first real interaction of V and Nashira: *as dagger wielding Nashira the potion maker tanks a David Elf Pantherghast (howthishappen?!) with a V backpacking, and two spider elves pelting it with blue packets* "I don't believe we've been formally introduced..."
-Ah, the snark surrounding the Adharcroi and any and all blue elves not Nashira
-The beginning of the Apothecary shenanigan "Wait, what was happening?"
-Being taught alchemy. heheheh
-"They're cannibals!" "Ah, *heh*, yes dear. I'm quite aware they are. It's not something one will forget, particularly at parties."

I had a blast.

And this event!

I had a blast.

-Chris M: You, sir, are a trooper, an awesome RPer and a phenomenal player to be around. Truly. Thank you for all the things this weekend. I greatly enjoy hanging out with Jadden, and I greatly enjoyed my broken elf bug offering that scary m-f-er dragon some water and watermelon.
-The continuation of the Apothecary shenanigan "Wait, what was happening?", with the added "No. No. That is, no. Incorrect, and no."
-The tiniest Guild Moot ever. There shall be more. And it shall be glorious, my dears.
-Holy smokes, look at all these new potions. Nashira's research list jumped. Excellent.
-Rich, the guild, item, craft system is all the damn fun. I legit have to sit here as a char and think about what to research first, in what priority. YES. Thank you for this world involvement, and letting me pelt you with unending ideas and thoughts on it. Because it also means...
-Perfumes, Sepharia? Indeed. Let us make perfumes. (heyRichbytheway...)
-Walking out of study time/potion-making time on Saturday evening. As a crafting character, that was the first real study time of "Yes, you have a few ranks, enough gold, and a lab". Yess.
-The hands down best response to a biscotti I have ever gotten. Forget Nashira: Crying, I was crying I was laughing so hard.
-Ok. I'ma talk about the time Nashira nonchalantly rolled around the length of a wave battle with a glass of water and a slice of watermelon where two big angry NPC cards screamed at each other: It was awesome. "Would you like some water, sir? Watermelon? How about you then?"
-My face prosthetic survived the event!!!! Now onto making it a bit prettier. All hail magnets.
-All the V interactions of awesome. I have no, no idea where that is going to have my char end up: on a plate, in a ditch, or having tea. Which is all the excellent. Not to mention actually RPing with the Kris finally. Right back at you. Fantastic RPer (I mean, really. V, complete in char, made us all curl up in pain laughing. Isn't that in queue with V's craftsmen?), great player, and all the fun. Nashira nearly choked on air before making her apologies when V said it wasn't pronounced "lux".
-Actually exchanging formal introductions with Cadeis and Chloe.
-Redcloud: That is some OOG really nice jewelry, and perfect for IG. Well done.
-Watching people try to explain compassion to Rali. Nashira is all the amused at tagging along and listening to the different versions people "define" it as. Which leads into getting to see the "How many components and gold do you need? *smack on the table* How about that?" interaction between Rali and Taryn. aahahahahahahaha
-Rali. Much fun.
-Careful. The dried gypsy apparently bites back, dear.
-Arcane Armor: yespleasethankyou.
-Dave, thank you for letting me pelt you with thoughts and versions of plot things and questions. I enjoy it immensely :)
-"I'm going to go feed the fish" Mer say what? Oh, lookit actual fish. We are all a bunch of elves. Yes we are.


Edit: I totally forgot about the ball game with Black Forest. That is a ridiculously fun thing. Unsure if game or "refereeing" snark was the more amusing and fun. And getting to see the Lady Black Forest. Been a loong time!!!
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I really had a good time at the event this weekend. This was my first time to the new site, and it's beautiful. I enjoyed all the fights, despite being useless in the Elosdi fight due to my lack of packet resistances. A couple great things that happened:

The "Swirling Black Mist" mod. No one wanted to go through that door, but Sir Agurzil observed that there might be people on the other side suffering. Couldn't argue with that... Rich's 2 comments? "This is an unscaled mod" and "Boy, you really stepped in it now." What's an unscaled mod? A big Elosdi played by Joe Siegel that keeps coming back. I may suck at puzzle mods, but I got in some good fighting and great roleplay with Joe that played to my character's issues. Thanks Joe!!!

Rezzing after the Swirling Black Mist Mod. Chulainn really wasn't comfortable with performing resurrections, but I assure you, it was the most poetic, touching soliloquy ever. A humble character like Aelawen never expects someone to say something like that to her, and it made her more determined than ever to live up to it. Thanks Frank. It was awesome.

Today's virtue is: Compassion. Aelawen had to look into all new places inside herself. Sometimes people need help that you can't give them with a sword. Kailani, Simon... no, y'all don't get details. But good moments for roleplay.

Bonding with the First Knights. Aelawen spent a lot of time encouraging Kailani and Agurzil to bond, and working with those two is always awesome. I'll never mind spending my events serving them.

Thanks NPC's, as always. But it was great- it looked like so many of you were just having a great time with the fights. Some of you were even laughing when strange things happened. Oddly, it just makes the fights more fun.

Thanks food committee, as always. As a picky eater, it's just so great to not fear that I will have to play hungry, because that's no fun.

Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed it!

Sheila Haswell
Aelawen, the argent elf.


As always AGB you are the reason I continue to larp!

Loved playing the bbg of the weekend! Justin and Dave I absolutely loved our fights! Throwing insults and playing nice nice when I was tired! All around a great time!

-I love the little group that has formed! Amanda, Duffy, and Angel I love you guys!

-Huge shout out to Dan (Trel) for helping a long time project plan start taking off! Plus the amazing role playing! You rock my friend!

-I loved seeing the old black forest crew together! I've misses you guys and I'm looking forward to playing with you guys again soon!

-playing the buffer saturday night! Love having a book of scrolls, magic armors and spell shields for EVERYONE!!

I'm sure there are more but that's all I have for now!



Oh, geez, I don't believe I forgot to mention this! That Nightmare artifact was an absolutely GORGEOUS piece of sculpture! I know it was supposed to be hideous IG, but as a work of art, I absolutely loved it. The color and 3D composition were fantastic. I only wish I were playing a less disciplined character that was drawn to look at it more- I would have loved to study it for an hour or so.

Theo Zhounil

It was an awesome time. I feel like i can get along with everyone there now. I'll list some favorites.

-creating a new game in the sand pit with ma bf peps. Matt ball will be the official game of Barran soon enough.

-good conversations with all characters despite the fact that I forgot my boots this event. Thanks everyone for not pointing it out. ;)

-that statue with the dong was scary looking but even worse in the daylight lol

-the black dragon was intimidating and i sunk some damage into him. Being needed was kinda cool.

-wave battles with dark scary monsters all weekend long. Really good stating.

-trap mod with my boys, dark elves, gem cutters, everyone lol

-being super drunk and obnoxious durung the final dead walk. I was having fun and it looked like the npcs were too. Especially the big stick girl and the giggler. Lol

Good times. Good loot. Good night.


What a great event! Thank you to the staff, NPCs, and PCs for an action pack busy weekend!

I had such a wonderful time. The food and Traven staff was excellent as usual! Thank you for feeding us nerds!

Had a really good time on Friday night, getting to roll out for about an hour to NPC.

I was a bit nervous this event realizing I was kind of running the brewers guild and had no idea what I was doing. Also I was hoping people would enjoy to concoction that I made. There was so many great analogies to express what people thought of the drink, Lavender Bliss. There is definitely more to come, Taryn is just getting starting and when it comes to alcohol she goes above and beyond.

Taryn running around and trying to get everything to get her spell store made so that she has a few tricks in case she gets into a pickle. “Sigh… I need 4 more cariousis and gold to get this casted.” *BAM* Rali drops 4 cariousis on the table and Taryn just looks at her like “uhm.. WOW where did you..? Thank you!? Then Rali confuses Taryn even more with what she did next, “So, how much more do you need to get this casted?” “I need like 6 more gold” Without blinking Rali put 6 gold down on the table. Taryn is now so confused at this point.

More awkward interactions between Rali and Taryn. Taryn’s thought, “What is going on here? Hm not sure..Ok I will give her a free beer. Yes that is what I will do.”

Finally getting everything in order for the ritual. Phedre (Lauren), you did such a great ritual, I really enjoyed watching you perform the ritual for my sword. I appreciate you talking with me IG and OOG about rituals. I will definitely be in touch to learn more.

Celia trying to have a love affair with Charlais’s crossbow!

I love the nightmare elves sculpture that was so awesome!

Lesson on alchemy and not let Rali use you as a guinea pig. Also terrified by V laughing!

Meeting some new PCs as Taryn and getting to see old friends I haven’t seen in a long while! I missed you Frank!

Nashira drunk!

Taryn realizing that she was not able to really affect anything during the battle with the black dragon (can someone spell his name for me please?) that she tried to help run battle tactics and keep the holes closed as much as possible during the battle.

Leaving the event completely broke in game and happy about it! Taryn will be very busy working to get coin so she can get her supplies for her next drink and figure out how to pay people back.

There is probably more, if I think of anymore I will add.

See you all in August!
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Absolutely, totally worth the many hours of travel to get from Massachusetts to AGB! This whole event was such a blast.

Cross chapter nightmare shenanigans! Yaaaaay! Also apparently cross chapter gummy shark times! Because it's totally reasonable that a Dream should know a Nightmare's secret comfort food and hand it to her and everyone else should partake as well lest she eat them all and suffer the ills of too much sugar.

Getting to see Ciarrah, I've missed you so much Jess.

Learning to set aside high magic for empowerments in my mental list for when my reputation precedes me? I knew I'd be doing the ritual on the pillar but the others were a pleasant surprise.

Jill, you can ask me any questions you want about ritual casting, and that book is an IG/OOG explaination of all sorts of things about the ritual system for people with questions if you want to look at it.

Em, you're gorgeous and I wish I could see you more often.

Dave, you're a lucky bastard, on many levels. Thank you for putting up with my questions and poking and prodding about AGB's nightmare stuff and letting me have a little extra fun with it.

Chris. Holy ****. I've already told you, but I'll tell everyone else: I've played in 10 chapters on two coasts over the last 7 years, under 14 or so different plot teams, totaling hundreds of games and I've never been that convinced I was going to get rezzed in a circle. I was so busy going over the "how do I appease a DRAGON and not get splattered all over the ground if this goes wrong" options in my head, that I FORGOT I WAS BOTTLED AND IMMUNE TO DEATH.

All the players and staff: you guys have an amazing game and it was a privilege to experience it for a weekend. I give this weekend many thumbs up, 10/10, would like to come play again when work/vacation time permits!
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Let's see
  • Talking to my boy BOB - the really gross statue.
  • Playing matt ball in the pit.
  • Running around drunk as **** fighting during deadwalk
  • Moth Armageddon
  • Hang with my peeps - black forest life.