June Favorites.


I know it is quick but figured I'd go ahead and start it. What a great event. I know the rain put a damper on it a little but thank you plot for adapting.

Loved Aegis and that whole affect group. I know I still fell under it but don't view myself as a young adventurer anymore. I remember back to my first game and it was a one day feeling over whelmed swinging my 3s or 4s with a two hander. Feeling like I can't really help. I think this is a perfect way to have younger adventurers feel like they are getting a moment to shine when they are tracked down by a more seasoned adventurer saying we need your help with this.

Loved the breaking into song and dance by the company and others on the way to the town mod and Baron Foss said it best it doesn't matter how bad this mod goes we are all smiling right now.

1gold, 3 gold or 4gold....ummm 4 gold....

I loved watching the adventurers play pictionary and scharades while the ambassadors meetings were happining definitely found myself distracted afew times.

While it stressed me out having my Squirehood tested night one really opened my eyes to what this means...thank you Dysilvia for helping guide me through that.

Squire training with Baron Foss.

THE COMPANY...both the group and the rest of the adventurers.

The boat mod and getting to see new people get to hit people with 500 body.


Chicago Staff
What a great event! The people, the plot, the food, and the entertainment. Thank you to everyone for making this happen. Without further ado:

* Getting to explore the politics of a new land with everyone being just as informed. It was super different and really awesome

* Helping design the daggers for visiting dignitaries and seeming then brought to life by Pebbles.

* Talking to some adventurers that I hadn't met and those I usually dont get time to talk to!

* Helping bandits get real jobs.

* Passive aggressive judgement of helping the coalition.

* Rainy day charades/pictonary!

* Training adventurers new and old!

* The castle was so cool!

* Another successful meeting of the Ember Ring.

* Killing Locke while possessed and just having the conversation about how much we both enjoyed fighting next to eachother.

Seriously good event, I wish I lived closer so I could visit more often.

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well i would agree that seeing more new adventurers was very good the new rules and new plot team will make this a learning experience, also having one of my magic items converted to the new system was very interesting. the talk and the design of the daggers for the visiting officials was both interesting and detailed.


I had so much fun this weekend! Thank you staff and npc's

- All things Beryls, I adore you both
- The selunari and biata ambassadors I spoke with
- The blond trio Saturday afternoon
- The silent auction and the sudden live bidding at the end
- Tea time, and trading trauma with auryn
- The fight to get a normal conversation with Myra in all weekend
-Jamina ritual casting
- Fighting with Iggy and Draco, and getting absolutely destroyed by possessed Iggy. The web confusion was pretty great
-The ship fight and getting to endow punt someone and steal the captain's hat
- The surprise possession of Roff
-The bandits trying to take Jamina hostage and underestimating just how brutal adventurers can be. "Do we have a life spell? Yes? Get em!"
-Getting to fence hop and discuss politics (and the look everyone gave me. "Hey Loooo....ady?")
- Finally getting to fight with Mint again

Locke (Kayla)
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This was a really fun weekend for me. I learned a lot, was confused a bit but still had a blast.

I really enjoyed the warehouse fight because it was really cool to see everyone on the field and when I pictured what a LARP event looked like that was I had in mind.

I loved sitting in the tavern and chatting with people. It was always fun to meet the other characters and hear about their stories and any bit of wisdom they had to share with me.

I also loved that everyone I talked to was willing to help me on some level or another with either how to do something or explaining what something meant or even helping me figure out where to go or how I should be doing things better.

You guys are really great community and it was wonderful to be part of it and hopefully I'll be back soon!

Artemis (Ash)


Chicago Staff
In no specific particular order....

* I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the wide range of RP ability from the Griffin Guard. Only ever see them portray their characters, and when they NPC in chicago it is usually for Combat NPCs and not for RP. So it was a lot of fun to see a wide variety of NPC stuff...
* It was nice to see "Tea Time" as a nice relaxed time in which the characters that are able/willing to, engage and share information. With as much "Welcome to Evodia" plot as there is - there is a lot of information being discovered and its good to see a fair share of it openly shared. It was also nice that when information was not known; that a group was able to leave and come back with the answers - still during tea time. While also some non-plot things going on, for those who didn't want to get involved.
* There were a TON of rituals cast this weekend. while in reality, it was only like 5-7 rituals - that is the most of I have ever gotten to see in one time and its always great to see ritual casting and each Formalist's individual magical style.
* Creating the Runic Circle Weapon Radius, Transportation network. Was a lot of fun despite the rain and confined space. But returning inside the small pavilion after each one allowing for the "destination" to reset without the PCs able to watch. Allowed us to "go different places" even though we were only going 10 feet. Making the very most and best of our limited situation and keeping the fun.
* Late Night Burgers - I didn't know I needed this and then suddenly I couldn't wait to have one. I passed up an adventure so I could have one.
* Speaking of Burgers - J'Raj's Mystery Alchemy burger, which was free but was mixed with a random unknown (even to J'Raj) Alchemy. Such a great teachable moment.
* Taco Bar - <3 so much.
* Black Jack with J'Raj, other PCs and NPCs. Its a strange thing to watch the house (J'Raj) win every single hand for 20m, then someone bets an Endow and then everyone starts winning for the next 10m. It was a strange and amazing.
* Casual PC chat with "The Party Blonds" about some visitor take on events and what we had observed. Also, Laying out a scary and real posibility of how current events could be resovled and equally go very poorly. Either I have supplied answers, discovered plot points with very little clues and should keep quiet, or step by step explained how things can go very worse which may or may not have given plot ideas. #sorrynotsorry
* Party Planning with "the Party Blonds" I am very #sorrynotsorry to both MN PCs and the Prop Build team. There are a lot of noise traps in your future. Also, Mechanical Trap + Eldritch Light = Disco Ball...
* "I Draw Power from the Void Between the Stars!"
* "Put Down your Weapons or we will Kill your friend." - "Do we have a Life Spell" - "yes" - "You have negotiated poorly.... " <Combat ensues>
* "I Risked my life & Jumped off of a good working boat to go and get this hat. I love this hat."
* Town Fundraiser


In no particular order:

Aegis - Yes I was above aegis so I couldn't hurt the monster, but the fact that it balanced out the mods so that everyone had something they could accomplish on a mod is a nice touch.

The runestones were absolutely lovely!

Setting up the magical gate network.

The amazing RP from everyone.

the castle was a nice to fight in during the various mods.


There were quite a few memorable moments this weekend.
-The CMA was hosed, but the logistics staff did an amazing job of getting everything sorted Friday night. That must have been a ton of work, and was really impressive.
-Discussions with the Vornae about how much they hate the "horrible day star" and how much we Dryads like it, ending in an agreement that overcast, slightly rainy days are a really good compromise for everyone.
-Porch songs morning report with Gerty and Ainsley
-Fighting golems "high and low" next to Ignathis
-Hearing the Aristocrats losing money to J'rajjj
-Jamina's frantic two minute search for a new/valid ritual scroll
-Making 54 gold (I kept 10%) for the town box for my reps. That sword looks good on you Kierann
-Feeling the utility of the combined strike spell sword in the bandit fight Saturday morning, Keeping Beryl (Sid) in the fight, and parrying for Glav (which in retrospect wasn't strictly needed :p)
-Spellstrike healing is pretty boss. In particular healing Nyio in mid-fight against the tougher golems.
-Letting Mint borrow my weapon, the look on your face was repayment enough, though the cookies were really good too.
-Repairing folks weapon reps on the fly and chatting about blacksmithing methods. there may have been too much focus on weapon shafts, I'm looking at you Beryl (Sam)
-I love helping new players, it was nice to be able to loan some reps to folks Artemis (Ash), and Chamomile. I'm really glad that you're both enjoying the game.
-Shen is now my official party planner. I mean, I don't throw parties, but if I did...
-Draco's glorious and flawless sprint through the rain back to the cabin.
-Mend armor storms are amazing. Thank you Isabo, Beryl, and Shen
-Rusty making Niyo nearly indestructible
-Overseeing fight training and sparring, making comments but not participating, like some old-man-armchair-quarterback. Sometimes it's nice to act like an elder :p
-Going along with the King of Bird's peasant charade in a land so recently bent on regicide
-I'm really impressed with how many players/characters are becoming involved in the new game world and with the new plot. It's great to see people become engrossed in the event and gives me great hope for the future of the game. A few of the many such characters that stood out to me are; Zen, Roff, Auryn, Locke, Bruisey, Beryl (Sid), and the newly squired Zihr. Keep up the great job of making the story better for everyone.

I don't usually rank my favorites, and mostly won't here, but easily and by far my number one moment:
*Belches loudly* "I'm dainty, dainty as f@%&."
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What a great weekend! Big thanks to both staff and players!! Some of my favorites were . . .

-having my freshly purchased warhorse come in handy on the very first mod! Hot diggety!!
-sitting in the tavern when the rain started downpouring, Mira says "100% chance of Vaelin being cranky. He hates getting wet"
-all things Earl Archibald De'Were
-dwarf beards ... such luxurious dwarf beards ... I had some beard envy going on
-being asked to join the Squire's breakfast on Saturday morning (Thanks for covering me at the pancake station, Edwina!! You're my favorite Edwina!!!)
-renewing my friendly rivalry with Mint. SUPER good to see you again my friend!!!
-King of Birds, Chamomile, Edryn, Kierann, Artemis Wolfe jumping in
-Chicago players, really really good to meet all of you. Hope our paths cross again and soon.
-Isabo as the undead looter and shovel bearer late Saturday night, I think that worked AMAZINGLY well. THANK YOU ISABO!!
-and of course, getting Squired by Baron Gibbs

~Brad (Zihr)

Ryan S

Hey guys!

Thanks to all of you for coming out for our second event of the season. It was tons of fun to run for you guys, and I hope to see many of you next month!

My favorites were:

Jrajj asking Llassar whether or not he had a contingency plan in place for the possibility that the other two leaders betray him.

Finding out that Foss has switched to supporting the blue faction, and kept making small jabs at Llassar.

Attempting to backpack my fellow bandit against Ignathis and having him yell out, "I can do this all day!" Only one of us could do that.

Chatting with Sam about whether or not to give bandits money. The plan was more complicated than that, but Sam was pretty trusting in his capabilities to track them down if they broke their word and just ran with the money.

Meeting Zihr and getting him to tell stories about himself and hype himself up for Baron Gibbs. Then trying to convince him that being a Viscount wasn't a bad thing. Couldn't sell him in that point.

My stalwart adventurers who agreed to finish the elemental fights even when the rain started. "This is what happens when you mess with other planes!"

All of my Ambassadors who had to learn their race and then get asked questions that probably weren't covered in the race packets.

Special thanks to Kayla for hopping the fence to portray Cerys Morris. I thought we had someone to fill the role, then they couldn't make it, and Kayla came to my rescue!

Handing Roff his officer test, and watching the horrible reality that it was a written (not combat) based test setting in. I was so nervous for him, but shouldn't have been because he passed with flying colors. Congratulations to Lieutenant Roff!

The Stealth mod with so many new people getting to experience it. The Bird King distracting and taunting was lots of fun!

Roff getting possessed and wasting Beryl, then Artemis wasting Roff. "Why'd you Doom blow him?!?" "He killed Beryl!" Then the investigation into what that weird creature was. "If you solidify I'll feed you!"

The warehouse golem battle was awesome, and hearing the big powerful PCs yelling for the lowbies to come handle the Aegis golems was very cool. "Get someone who can handle this one!" And then the lowbie crew rolling up together was exciting.

A special thanks to whoever suggested charades after the rain started. We did our best to keep plot and RP going while not dragging people out into the rain; but filling time with games made it enjoyable for everyone!


First I want to thank everyone for coming out to our June event, both to players and our npcs.

June Favorites in no particular order.

-Amy’s Cooking. Taco bar was delicious and the bread knots.
-Seeing New faces and familiar ones.
-Crimson boars going Gaseous, ‘’...Smokin Pigs”-Baeleon
-Matt’s Starstones/Runstones (I forgot what we finally decide on for the name)
-As and Ambassador receiving my Selunari dagger. That was a cool scene and everything that lead up to it. The blacksmiths collaborating to build the daggers, and watching Pebbles draw them.
-The successful meeting of the Ember Ring.
-The silent auction.
-The ship fight… all of it.
-The Rusty Niyo wall. Why wont you die!
-All the Ambassadors
-Seeing the Zihr becoming a Squired

I had a great time, and hope to see you all in July.
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Being able to essentially double tap posessed adventurers with twice my build by catching them off guard and watch them drop. "Seven normal, 100 body, HEY DRACO I GOT ANOTHER ONE FOR YOUUUU" or "Weapons strike paralysis! Hey Dracoooo..." then being able to touchcast the victims back up after with my teeny tiny but shiny new channeling pool.

Talking with the different diplomats! I'm still having a time telling the different npcs apart and remembering names but it's been great to talk with everyone.

Tea competition with the Earl, though it unfortunately kind of got derailed by town tea and the many ambassadors in town. Also the archery competition, particularly the look on Artemis's face when he knocked Glav's hat off.

Talking Civilly with the PC for Foss with Josh as Baeleon for support about what we need to do for the town and the support we need from visiting nobility to build leadership skills and encourage player identity and niches after last year's... Unpleasantness. I tried not to be too harsh and listen to both sides, and was pretty pleased with the results of the conversation. I honestly just want everyone to have fun, including our visitors. We all deserve to be here.

Town Auction! Watching the prices rise (especially on the weapons rep bidding war!), outbidding Locke on the kettle set she was planning on buying for me and cackling when she found out, and seeing stuff I made that was gathering dust at my home getting USED and going to a good cause. I take a lot of joy from seeing stuff I made getting cherished and enhancing costume and player atmosphere.

Teaching healing arts in the kitchen to Chamomile. "It's all about context clues."

Late night tea, loud burps, pinky fingers out, playing kings in the corner with my 16th century playing card reproduction deck. Giving hot tea to cold people and lending my cloak.

Getting my teahouse and inviting diplomats!


Chicago Staff
Woot! Despite weather, fun times were definitely had!

-Love getting know minnesota players I don't typically see down south.
-Sam's unspoken love affair with the Count from the Aristocrats guild
-Stealth mod was fantastic!
-Convincing other adventurers to try and not kill all enemies they see
-Adventurer Charades and Sam quietly inserting opinionated suggestions on the current political landscape.
-Company training with newer players (or at least one) was a blasty blast
-Haven't had a good sing off while marching to the Saturday night mod in a long while. Good to bring it back.
-Great RP moments with Roff, Auryn, Bruisey, and Mira.
-Also loved trying to figure out how to handle the shady mobster deal with Cass.
-Playing J'Rajj's pit boss for late night blackjack
-Ember Ring has another successful meeting

The Company will try and return at least one more time this season!


Chicago Staff
This weekend was a blast. In no particular order

Being really good at the towers game and carrying my team. Maybe I should switch to thrown weapons.

The stealth mod was probably the only true stealth mod Ive ever gone on. Planning strategy with Roff, then that plan actually working was cool. Also being the one to get the thing, realize there is no time to get safely back down, and tossing the thing off the wall to another adventurer was great.

Blaaack jaaack. Winning for the first 20 hands, then losing super hard when everyone starts betting multiple gold, then winning it all back when sam walked up

Doing drills with new and old adventurers was educational and fun for everyone!

Smash Burgers gonna smash. Additionally, alchemy roulette smash burgers.

All the RP I did with everyone I charmed

Selling that scroll to cassandra, but pitching it as a rendered placemat

making up pictionary/charade topics with sam

It was a good time.


Thanks everyone for coming out, I had a lot of fun running around and talking with you all. Some of my favorites in no typical order

I had a lot of fun RP moments, I don't really think a NPC gets flushed out (at least for me) until you get 20 mins of political chat and having people ask about that NPCs goals. Loved everyone moment of it!

Special shout out to Nick (player of Baron Foss) when he start wholeheartedly supporting Blue and it looked like he was "talking" to his squire about his support of White! I loved it.

Prancing around as a Will O'Wisp and charming people to follow me was a lot of fun.

Popping out of the tunnels only to get beat back down it during the Undead Tunnel mod, I swear you all get the same wild look when you corner me lol

Tying a hula hoop around my waist made the ooze mod a different experience, even if my brain was fried at that point.

Locke doing her best to get my pirate hat, even offering money. You got it in the end!

Playing the Hobling Ambassador was a great experience.... even if that damn Elf threw my silver into the Mist Gate.
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