LARP Question Tuesday: Between a rock and a hard place


What's the toughest decision your character has had to make? Did it permanently alter them?


Alyssa's toughest decision is one that would have been so permanently life-altering that she forced herself to forget it via an Amnesia Elixir.


To step forward and try and help the town by taking on a burden. Learned better never to involve myself in anything that smells like plot.

Joe S.


I feel that while I did not have to make it, watching the poor players in Oregon choose between altering a timeline and essentially wiping out an entire century of evil, and letting what happened happen, but being able to alter it a different way, was a heck of a run. Tiktik was afraid of friends who would never be born, and had no idea the kind of repercussions that it would bring to other people.

I think its coupled by the people arguing being serious friends in game, and one of them almost immediately perming afterword and all of the crazy stuff that went along with that.

It definitely left an impression on that young orc that will shape her for good.


Sir Otho did his duty, and someone he loved was executed for it. That was day 1 of knighthood.

i am so good at being a knight yall


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Sir Otho did his duty, and someone he loved was executed for it. That was day 1 of knighthood.

i am so good at being a knight yall

I had something eerily similar happen to me.
I'm not silly enough to be a knight though.


Cael's was probably not using those one-shot dodges when I was standing in on the line, assuming people would pick me up quickly.

Didn't happen. Got drug off to meet a phoenix that made me 10% instead.

Great idea, Rick.


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So a random Npc says help a carvan is being attacked by bandits.

So the Hi bees are like hey New guys take of that. We rush off super excited to be the Big Damn hero's.

Well turns out it was not bandits but the Vor the scourge of the land. Now this was not just a few which would have been more than a match for us. This was the entire army. Needless to say we where steamrolled. We retreated to the nearest city. In this city that had a way for us to basically rift back so we could warn the others, but the magic was fading fast.

So my character asks if everyone will be able to get out safely. I am told very matter of fact, that. There are not enough guards to hold the town for long. It became not everyone was going to make it out.

So the question was do I go back and with my friends and warn the others, or do I stay behind for what I knew was certain death?

I was warned several times both in and out of game by staff and other players that I would not be able to even stop the army for a second. That my death would be meaningless. But I choose to stay.
At that moment my character went from a loose concept ideas into a real part of me.

Never have I trembled with such fear and antisipation. I was standing alone behind the gate of a doomed city. When a guard npc asked what will you do if the gate falls and I said simply "Fight and die so that perhaps one innocent can life may be spared."

I got lucky staff played nice and said all the innocent people made it out. When I asked who would watch them on the road, I was told they didn't have a guard to spare I had an out and joined the refugees to protect them.

But those few minutes felt like hour. standing there infront of that gate imaging that massive army on the otherside minutes from my doom.

Embrawk would never back down from a challenge and my entire character concept was shaped by that one stubborn decision.
Choosing between drinking the macguffin that would let me assist in fighting the twin big bads or not drinking it and not being able to get near the fight. As a point of reference, I am one of the few earth templars in town and I believe one of the only front line healers. So not being right in the thick of it almost guarantees people dying.

Caveat: the macguffin would cause serious personal character issues down the line that could lead to permanent insanity.
So I'm sipping from the cup thinking "Wow, this was a bad idea." But I halped!

And yes, it way altered him. And it only gets more exciting from here!


Abbath: staying on her court. Every freakin' day. It's worth it for the character feels.

V: eating her son. Only did it because she knew without a doubt that's exactly what he'd want. Cannibal cenobite nightmare problems, amirite?


Convincing the very last Vor that his people's time had come and gone millennia ago, and that the only noble course of action was to let himself fade into the magical aether.


Polare: Whether to risk traveling back to Andar to live out the rest of his days with his wife, knowing that it was likely to mean he'd never see any of his adventuring friends again. And yes, definitely changed him (since he didn't make it after spending more than half a year lost in the mists and ended up never seeing his wife again).

Arannin: Not something to speak about in public :)

Peter: Whether (and how) to try and talk to Zeth about coming to some sort of mutual understanding about their similar views on serving the Earth. Changed him, but not as much as it might have.

Gurv: There weren't any hard choices - all choices were easy for Gurv!


Zoya's toughest decision was whether to side with the Romani cause she is Romani or to side with the town and say non rom problems are rom problems and help the town. She decided to help the town and get involved where the romani thought she shouldn't. It was interesting for a bit cause 2 Romani in the town agreed with her the rest didn't so for a little while she was a bit outcasted but her decision made sense due to her back story. After awhile the Romani were more welcoming to her but for a while the Romani were not happy with her and the town didn't really know what to think of her so they didn't entirely trust her. It made for some interesting RP.

James Trotta

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I had been playing for 2-3 years when I was getting a component identified. Permanence primary.

Someone else on my team happened to be hanging around the guild and asked if I knew I had to give it to the team.

"I didn't know that."

A big argument ensues between the team leaders and my friend who recruited me onto the team. I think I had only been on the team for an event or two. I said I found the stick before joining the team. They didn't believe me. They say turn it in or you're off the team. My friend says, "Oh we'll walk with a permanence primary."

Things were getting serious. The whole time they're arguing, I'm silent, thinking to myself why didn't I plan for greed level when I designed my character? I don't remember the exact details but I think I decided arguing about treasure was not fun enough. I told them that I didn't know why they were arguing since I didn't care about the primary.

I'd say it changed me IG and OOG. I stayed on the team and my character became a real team player, only embezzling from the team treasury when no one was looking. But OOG, being on the team for a while made me some RL friends. When I came back to Nero after many years abroad, I contacted some people from the old team and they were super cool - come play with us, join our new team. Now I consider those dudes some of my best friends.
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