Laws of the land

Laws of ardik
Theft- The law of theft is defined as the purposeful stealing of any property that does not belong to you. Punishments can range from a simple flogging, fines,community service or a combination of all of the above.

murder- The law of murder is defined as the purposeful or accidental causing of a person to resurrect. This does require intent. Punishments can range from a hefty fine up to and including an obliterate.

necromancy- The law of necromancy is defined as the casting of necromantic spells, rituals, use of necromantic items or potions. Also the creation of undead, both lesser and greater. Punishments can include being ritually marked, fines, death or even obliteration.

assault- The law of assault is defined as any attack on a person or creature that has been given personhood up to the point of resurrection. Punishments can range from a fine up to death.

ritual assault- The law of ritual assault is defined as any person who is subject to be the target of a ritual that is unwanted. The punishment for this is Death.

Slavery- The law of slavery is defined as The taking of a person who is to be kept as a slave, or the ownership of a slave. The punishment for capturing in making someone a slave is a fine, restitution to the enslaved person or persons as well as death up to obliteration. Simply owning a slave, the punishment would be a fine and restitution to the enslaved person or persons.

Possession or use of illicit substances- shards of Arden. Enslavement. Euphoria. Obliterate rituals. Greater and lesser create undead scrolls. Catalyst for the aforementioned scrolls are also prohibited. Love potion number nine. Any and all of necromantic items. Failure to turn these items into an appropriate Noble or their agent can be subject to a fine and seizure of the aforementioned items.

Disrespect of a noble or their agents- and because this is difficult to define here are some examples. Lying to or about a noble. Using phone or uncouth language in front of a noble. Disparaging comments about and noble. Impersonating a noble. As well as others. And the agents of said nobles like the sheriff, magistrates and Their like are included under the statue. The punishment for this is usually a flogging and or fine.

Two Nobles are required to judge any accusation where the punishment would be death or obliteration. If only one Noble is available, the other noble may be replaced by two members of the council. At the presiding Noble's discretion.
We believe in the spirit of these laws. And while the letter of the law is important, it is far more important that the spirit of the law be upheld.
Nobles hold the write of summary judgment on all matters where the punishment would be something less than death.