Legal Releases

Hey Guys,

At the next event, we're going to have legal releases on hand. For anyone that fully fills theirs out (including name, address, email, etc), will receive 30 goblin stamps - just enough for a monthly blanket!



Chicago Staff
I thought I already filled one out... :?
We don't have them in PDF forms... for those under 18, we will need the release filled out, plus a written note from the parent allowing the person to be there. We're going back through our paperwork, and we could not find our legal releases - hence why we're bribing with gobbies to get them filled out now. :)


Chief Technology Officer
Raleigh Staff
Psst, Stoneskull, send em to me in any Word/office etc. form and I'll convert em to PDF for ya...
I need one in a PDF form. So my papa can print it off and sign it. And I need another one for my buddy Maggie who is likely coming to NPC for us.