Life is Too Short, yes?


If I have checked my caravan's paths correctly this missive should be arriving ahead to our next major destination. Some sort of Outpost no? Yes! News hasn't reached my caravan yet of recent events? Are things nice up there? Does it matter! As long as blood be present, comrades, I will be most pleased. I hope this letter finds you all well!

I am Karai Kris'alis Snillore, Ilio of Da'Alanti, though that matters little and those are just words no? Bandoleer of my clan. My young daughter and a few associates should arrive and be ready to enjoy your company sometime late August. I bring with me a dire guest. A good friend to all, and I have two things I like to do while if we so cross paths. Life is too short to not meet every Selunari! I wish to meet every last one of my brothers and sisters!

Next, I want to help each of you meet one another. I have a special guest after all, and to introduce him I must tell a story. YES I want to gather all our familia and tell a story. Cautionary, but one with some adventure. I guess I'll have to see this.... Outpost when we arrive. Get an idea of a good time to gather all my beloved family.

Your Brother,
Karai Snillor

<On the Backside, and Clearly Hand drawn are two symbols>




While I be not of your family or Rie, I will make sure all of your family I know in the Outpost hear of this.

Thank ye for coming and I hope ye will provide us what aid ye can during these war times.

In Honor and Duty,
Squire Hildr', totem of hawk


It will be so good to see more of the familia at the outpost! You will be most welcome among us as well as all of your caravan! We look forward to celebrating with you and all to hear your story!