Looking for someone to handle Lost and Found


Hi everyone,

I realized that one thing that has been falling through the cracks is someone to handle lost and found after and between events. You would be paid in GS per event. One requirement is you would need to be one of the last people off site. It's not really that difficult but it is hard for Jesse and I to currently manage. Let me know if you are interested.


To be honest, I need to check with my ride(s) and see if it's alright, but I'd be willing to do Lost and Found.
During game, I am more than happy to handle L+F at the Tavern anyways and then after game post pictures of what was found in a post here on the forums.
Sorry, been in Seattle at their event all weekend. If you would be willing, that would be terrific! Let me know Siren.
I am willing and able it seems. I will have a plastic bin at the next game for all lost and found items that can fit into it. I will then also post images of the items post-game here on the forums.
Wonderful! Thank you Siren! I will reward you with lots of gobbies!