March Favorite Moments!


Hey guys! So I had a fantastic time at the event this past weekend! But I want to know your favorite moments from this event? What kind of misadventure did you enjoy? Who got the best laughs? Who pulled the most tears? Had some epic moments or just want to share the things you loved most about game? Please share all the fun here!

Also! Please be kind enough to fill out an event review and summary! The Plot Team and NPCs want to hear your opinions, and that's easiest when they're all written down!

The form is located here:

Everyone who completes the form by MARCH 28TH will receive 30 GS and also help build a better game experience.
Paul's top Alliance Moments:
1) Being splashed in the face with water by a High Ogre. Man... that stung... but the punishment fit the crime. I was playing a HUGE jerk npc!
2) Watching Chaz play the old Hermit. Holy smokes! So funny!
3) Laura Bedore as the Baroness. Wow. Just... wow.
4) The party in general, actually! So much fun to see all the players banding together to get that party set up. Very cool!
5) The NPC camp. It was just SO much fun to be an NPC. The sheer amount of laughter and community within the NPCs camp was just great.
Gosh where do I even start. This event was so fun.
  • Babysitting drunk Shroo, him subsequently losing his dagger, which then gave me the perfect opportunity to mercilessly tease him about it all weekend
  • "If the Lich and Phyre got togther who do you think would win?" Well... We found that out about an hour later which lead to Shroo and Karenza agreeing to never make another prediction like that again.
  • Getting duped by a goat farmer and then proceeding to have to fetch some keys with my teeth while Paul sat there laughing at me.
  • The recurrence of "come to Malidor's Outpost they said, IT'LL BE FUN THEY SAID."
  • Dying in the ruins. Specifically watching Ask and Corso struggle so hard to untie a rope that by the time they got to us it was like 30 seconds before we died. Then getting to go through the soul gem ressurection thing. I will admit that I cried but wow it was soooo cool.
  • Watching the whole sausage thing happen in the ruins. Definitely silly but I'm glad I got to see it in person.
  • "The Bank of Shroo" aka seeing that Shroo had so much coin that he had to help people split up their loot.
  • Playing my "lute" (ukulele) in the tavern and people like actually caring and wanting to hear me play.
  • Performing at the party and all the kind words that were said (to those of you that came and told me you liked it I want you to it really means A LOT. Definitely a big confidence booster.)
  • Interacting with nobles and more Selunari family.
  • The party in general.
  • Hearing that Shroo was going to go off and have to be all sneaky to plant a fake note in a Litimore camp and possibly die/get hurt got me so legitimately anxious but it was a really important moment for my character which was cool.
  • In general getting to hang out and goof around with Shroo/Jackson was awesome and getting to see everyone again was just the best. Everyone is just so cool and I love getting to interact with people in character.
Jordan's top moments for Faux:

1. The Party, so much the Party. Great to see everyone in character, blending PC and NPCs, entertainment (thanks, Acelyn and Dane!), dice games (the house always profits - expect more from Faux in regards to that), political intrigue, and my nearly going mad as I raced between my network of PC and NPC "contacts" and my obligation to the Prince. Never have I been so busy in a LARP without being in combat. More than anything, I love that Marlene and plot just rolled with the idea and it evolved into a much bigger monster than I had anticipated.

2. Scheming with Guildmaster Thaddeus and Askeksa regarding how to best reinforce the Guild and bring down the Litimore. Let's just say, I have some crafting to do.

3. Interactions with PCs and NPCs alike. With Holly as "Bubbles" making crazy bank on foot massages/pedicures, the partygoers, playing card and dice games in the tavern, bards, scheming, stories, the Selunari Cup Rhythm Circle, the Bloody Eye's Drum playing, teaching the finer points of Securities and Fencing, speaking to the Guild Masters, audiences with The Prince, when Corso and Shroo found out about my "teaching lessons" - there was no shortage of interactions I had that made this weekend for me. It felt like a TOWN, with PEOPLE in it. Not a bunch of "adventurers" (read: murder hobos) looking for the next mod hook. I've always felt you make your own fun at a LARP - this event further solidified that to me.

4. My constant RP with Jackson and the relationship between Faux and Shroo. I'm with Acelyn, Jackson is one of the best RPers we have, and I love interacting with Shroo as Faux. There is a family sibling rivalry dynamic that is ever evolving and changing, but like muscle growth, the rips that form make the entire thing stronger. I can't wait for further interactions and growth, and seeing how this plays out.

5. Finding my &%$#ing keys and cancelling the Locksmith request before they drove all the way out there.

6. Pixie Mod. I love modules that can be solved without IG skills, and more than that, I like to fail, especially if it means growth. Taking a hard RP tumble back after kissing a prop never hurts... too much.

7. The Phyre mod. Getting to speak to Buddy as the disembodied floating head as we were beset on all sides, fighting side-by-side with Baxter again (its been YEARS), and solving the riddle. That set the tone for me for the weekend. Anything that strengthens Faux's self-inflated ego helps me develop him further as a character, and the aforementioned Prop-kissing later just gave him the slice of humble pie he needed.

8. Hiring Siegfried and, by proxy, his hangers-on. Having one hireling is great. Having a hireling who has his own support staff? EVEN BETTER. Especially in Faux's mind, where wealth and contacts are more valuable than gold.

9. Being the inception to Grey's Sausage adventure. Even without being there to see the actual event, the fact that it was Faux's words of advice that spurned it makes me pretty damn happy.

More on this as I reminisce.
1. Having Pyhre's face appear right next to Maule while he was busy refitting armor. The scream felt like it came out as really genuine, it gave me a chance to show Maule's skittish side. Plus, I am ALWAYS down for a good jump scare.

2. The party was the best part of this event, hands down. It was really enjoyable to just sit down, guard the food, and people watch.

3. The sudden suspense and suspicion I felt when Maule was asked by Captain Riker to guard a certain person for seemingly no reason. That feeling changed the entire rest of the party for me. I eyed every person, friend or foe, for possible attempts to kill my surprise charge. Only for me to successfully escort them away and then come back to the ACTUAL assassination attempt!

4. Plotting with Shroo to have him and his friend back me up, unseen, as I left the tavern to escort the person I was asked to protect.

5. The Pixie mod was an unexpected change of pace, it was refreshing to go through a mod without having to fight, but still have to solve a puzzle. It didn't feel like a puzzle at the time, which is how most LARP puzzles tend to feel, so great job there! And Faux being sent rolling backward after getting shocked made for great icing on the cake.

6. Defending a Litimore soldier from being turned into an undead so Maule could eventually interrogate her was a major highlight for me.

7. Having everyone answer "TURTLE" at the same time for Jessie's riddle gave me a solid chuckle.

8. Slipping during the "red light, green light" mod was hilarious.

9. Having Plot work with Elizabeth's presence was the best part of the weekend as a whole. I can not express my gratitude enough on this! I'm glad the pictures came out as well as they did.

10. Two words... SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!
1. Sorry it is really hard to top throwing a summer sausage like a spell packet and disarming the trap, especially for Graven (Sausage) who tends to stay on the quieter side. Also got a cool nickname. The last bit when the mist came to me and told me he was amused and had never seen anything like that before was fun.
2. I learned some lessons, can't talk about them here but I am sure some of you know what I mean ;).
3. Guarding, scheming, and talking with the NPC's and PC's alike at the party was a really fun dynamic.
4. Helping Faux and Sigreid was really a cool thing to do, even though I didn't have much of a choice. It was still a cool experience trying to make that work with the role play.
5. Afterwards when I started meeting the real people, it was fun to be like "hey I'm Preston." after I had just spent the whole weekend with these people!