May 10-12 Feedback


Traverse City Staff
Thank you all for coming out to the Traverse City May event! Please take a few minutes to provide us with feedback. Some of you have requested the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the camp facilities as well as regarding Emily our camp liaison. Any facilities feedback, please private message me or e-mail me at and I will compile and forward comments to the facilities director. If you wish to provide feedback regarding Emily, please e-mail her supervisor Amanda at

Emily gave us great feedback and let me know that everyone was extremely polite and respectful. She only found a little trash that might not even have been ours. There were some cigarette butts and a lighter at the front of the lodge/tavern building. There were also some soda cans and a cigarette butt (which actually turned out to be a potion vial) that were on the ground below the porch. Please remember to check the ground below the porch before coming back inside and clean up anything that might have fallen. The porch did also need to be swept due to much cigarette ash. We did a good job with the bathrooms and our cabins.

Remember that next event, June 21-23, is on state land so you will need your camping gear.

See you all in 6 weeks (unless you will be at the SoMI event May 31-June 2, Belfry's running tavern)!



I guess I'll start this train

-I am more and more impressed by Joe's weather machine every time. Keep it up for state land man
-I feel like I'm learning so much on how to be a noble at every event. Saro has grown so much. I keep thinking about all the silly things I've done as her and I can't believe the same elf that wanted to have a "cool cave party" with a dragon, is the same elf that is planning a war
-Faeball. Evie, you're my hero dude. Also not sure if that was "the conclusion" of faeball, but it was for me at least, my dad got to see me play, I won, and shook hands with the centaurs. It all feels so nicely wrapped up
-On that note, Saro has a family. Which okay, I've gotten a variety of mixed opinions about this, but whatever. I am still excited. It's not like it doesn't make sense, it's kinda funny and it's a way more intersting backstory than "Idk I woke up on a beach with no memory"
-Mist walkers man
-Who can I trust?
-"Kidnapping"Clause. That whole awkward conversation with them. What can I say? "Did I spell this right?"

The Meh
-I am not a supporter if 2pm remem. I think rolling remem has worked really well for TC. If we had a larger player base, I would understand wanting soemthing more uniform, but until that day, my vote is in favor of rollng remem. Plainly, we have too many old people that go to bed early on Friday, and it's not fair to them. I also feel people would've been less grumpy after the Sea Monster fight
-On that note, I think this mod was really good on concept, but in execution there were too many questions. I'm not sure how it ended, I just started moving the ship, people started running past me, and then it was over. I think a hold would've fixed alot of things. I had also been told "you're gonna need to make sure there is a good captain for each ship". Which led me to believe I would be having to do something else during the fight. Which is fine, I have healing now and Link needed my arrows. Just again execution. And I think rolling remem would've made people alot differently about this fight.

But all in all this was a really frickin good event to me. Definetly in the top 5. I love all of you and plot you put in alot of work this weekend. Thank you so much for that. See you in June!


Cory Walker

Just wanted to respond to the 2pm re-mem. I believe staff wasn't entirely happy with it as well. Though I wonder if things didn't get magnified by a town fight right after re-mem. We also want to stagger town fights so that they aren't always Saturday evening in the dark, especially ones with prop monsters (cause they are cool and safety).

We might try a 4pm or something next time? Roughly we end up playing 11pm Friday to 2am Saturday (give or take some on both the start and end times), which is 27 hours. 13.5 hours is half the event. So event divided right down the middle would put re-mem 12:30pm Saturday. Though this sucks for those who travel a great distance / arrive late, which we push it further back. But push it too far back and we have to ensure that is enough content for the second half to use your skills on. Maybe the answer is we having rolling remems, but close monster camp at X time? (A lot of this paragraph is just thinking out loud).

What has us reconsidering our rolling re-mem:
-PCs in general are addicts to feeling they need to expend almost all skills. This doesn't apply to everyone or anyone specifically.
-This has lead to sometimes some conservative skill usage until late late Saturday when some re-mems have happened.
-As plot runners / staff, we are pretty exhaust by late Saturday. Also treasure to hand out wanes greatly by late Saturday.
-Feel it worked better on state land, as more lack of light and dealing with the elements tend to "force" people to sleep sooner then a site with tavern / light.
-We can plan mods with the assumption of low on skills or having skills back

I do appreciate the feedback (and others thoughts on it). I am sure it is something we will discuss at our next plot meeting.

Cory Walker

I enjoyed the event, despite being sick. Hopefully I didn't give the plague to anyone.

-Really enjoying watching all the wheels and spinning plates as PCs deal with RP/politic challenges and glad it is being enjoyed.
-Shoutout to Anique/Princess. You have great mannerism and body language RP to your new character that I noticed during Fae Ball. That confused puppy look and head tilt when the satyr team was going on about Princess (but meaning Saro).
-Enjoy the negotiations with Monkey King and Quinn.
-I was happy with how the town fight came out overall. It required some adjustments during the fight, though some lack of PC communication likely made fight more difficult with the waves of charms. The ending was perhaps a bit unclear/sloppy of exactly how the monster "died". Also heard about feedback regarding the spell Doom and perhaps making it a damage cap on town fights similar to Eviscerate. But overall happy with the outcome, town fights are always tricky to prepare and execute without it being a pinta.
-In the same vein: the prop monster. Tory works really hard on improving his craft and makes these for us. It is something the rest of us don't have the time or skill to execute, and we greatly appreciate it.
-Food was great. Thanks Brigit, Damian, and Anique. Those breakfast burritos really hit the spot after a cold night.
-Seeing determination to find the hidden treasure and glad to see success
-Watching our adventurer community some late Saturday; watching you guys interact with each other and talk both seriously and excitedly about different things.
-Faeball: Betting gone bad lol. Never bet on a Satyr in pink pants, you will lose. And the new player dark elf killed it on Faeball with his crazy dodges.

-After feedback from last event, job board wasn't touched as much. Expected more of them to fly Friday / Saturday during the day based off previous event's feedback.
-Hooking town to murder undead fae during daylight; dislike the ease/lack of engagement from a plot running perspective
-Most spell casters being tapped after town fight put brakes on a lot afterwards. Should have recognized sooner and figured a way to drop some renews onto them.