May 6th Favorites!


Minnesota Staff
I had a great time this weekend and I sure hope everyone did too! Thank you to all the great NPCs who made it all possible! Here are a couple of my highlights!

- The big golden blade fight on Saturday afternoon! Very fun, very hectic. Very much so enjoyed going toe-to-toe with General Hildegard for a while. I'm ready for round three when you are d:

-The Family tavern investigation! One of my favorite mods. Garrett, you did a great job rolling with the RP punches. Couldn't have been happier with how it all went down. Everyone had a great time, lots of laughs, Thank you Zihr and Ax for the comedic rp

-Messing around with the constructs during the vault mod. Trying to make the "backpacks" connect to our fighters, tapping them on the shoulders, pulling them into the hallway. Etc. I appreciate the NPCs playing along with our shenanigans. "Low intelligence lifeforms detected"

- Sleeping Zihr pranks!

- War duck shenanigans. It's like a regular duck, but for war.

- finally getting back into the groove of late night liars dice. Never got the chance last season, and was kinda bummed, so it was very nice to play a few rounds this game, even if Gerty took my money d:

There are probably more! But that concludes my lunch break so I'm gonna leave it at that for now. I hope everyone else had a great time as well!

-Zach S. (Elros)
Spending some quality with general Hildegard in the circle during the golden blades assault

Spell duel! Just Beryl and Zenia taking shots at each other. It was super close

Beryl and Bluewolf being caster buddies. They're adorable

Imaginary friend rp! Never had to bribe anyone with cookies before

The scouting mod was a lot of fun. It was really cool to actually get to use a spyglass for its intended purpose

Pickle jokes!

Probably more that I'm forgetting too

- Julia S. (Zenia)


Holy crow, what a great weekend! Thanks everyone :)

In no particular order, some of my favorite things were . . .

Running the kitchen. Welcoming everyone back to the Happy Husky and seeing the reactions to Lady Greycloud's Mac & Cheese always warms my heart.

Having to make choices because more than one mod at a time is starting ... can't say enough how much I love this. Thank you NPCs!!

Foul Play at the Family Tavern ... having a non combat mod with just four PC's. *Chef's Kiss*

Flaming Chickens followed up by Flaming Cows and the Beat My Meat guy!

The Margrave Auryn vs Sir Quacks feud.

Squire Edwina talking about the Code with Sir Bernard, I was so proud :)

And many more. Seriously thank you to everyone, PC and NPC, for coming out. See you in July!!

~Brad / Sir Zihr

Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
This was a great event to kick off Season 3! The weather even cooperated with giving us beautiful temperatures and a breeze that just felt wonderful. Below are my favorites for the weekend in the order of when I remembered them while typing:

- It's been a while since I got to see Earl De'Ware, and it was fantastic to see Matt out being a fop again!

- A player coming and requesting flaming bulls from plot, "We've had flaming pigs last season, now flaming chickens, we just need flaming cows to finish the barbeque!" Someone nearby piping up with, "What about flaming sheep?" and then a healthy debate about whether or not mutton should be barbequed.

- The brand new NPC (my apologies for forgetting your name) getting out and rocking it during the Hildegard fight. He was out there challenging PCs to duels, and taunting them when he'd successfully dodge a blow, it was excellent!

- Tony as Hildegard was fantastic as always!

- Secret Secret Meetings with Secret Secret

- Late night imaginary best friend orb. Bluwolf being a curmudgeon and taunting a child for crying. Zenia desperately trying to keep the child happy with promises of bribes and being friendly. Beryl flat out threatening to just knock the child out and take the orb.

- Chatting with Edwina as Baron Gibbs during lunch while waiting for Zihr.

I'm sure there are many more that I'm just forgetting as we get further away from the event, and I'm super excited to see all of you at our next game!

MN Ownership
WOW!!! it is hard to choose a favorite from the event except that it was great seeing alot of the old friends there and even seing some new faces getting into the game with some help from the more seasoned players.

David Raatz