Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

Jesse Grabowski

Greetings one and all!!
I hope your off season and/or holidays have been exceptionally wonderful for you!

It is that time again, to think about the next 6 games for 2020.

With one month away, I wanted to give you a few updates and where we are currently. We have some good news and bad news...

The Bad News
Since the ownership at Ranch camp has been giving us a discounted price, their rentals have been super busy and crazily booked up. This has led to me having to shift around the schedule to where it is for 2020, even though it means playing the same weekend as Nationals. As CEO, I wasn't too happy about that, but it was either that, or have only 5 games this year! With more and more private groups renting out from them, they are losing profits by hosting us on the weekends they do so. We had the option of paying three times the price we pay, which would mean raising the game fees to $225 per weekend to make ends meet, OR agreeing to share the camp with other smaller groups from time to time who also cannot afford the camp alone by themselves. This will not occur at every game, just two in the books as of now. March and a staff training weekend in May.

What that means for us.... we will be shifted from time to time between the North village (near soccer field) and the south village (Closer to logistics). They will try to stay away from us and vice versa when they are there. Gina knows how much immersion means to us. There will be one event this year, perhaps March game, where the tavern will be in NPC camp and NPC camp will be housed elsewhere TBD. I will let you know when that happens in advance for sure. Gina is still trying to work out the logistics for us.

The Good News
The camp would like to make some money off of us to recoup some of their losses from hosting us. As such, Gina is 90% sure that she will be doing the food for us. I am negotiating with her about price and how many meals, etc. I am waiting on the menu for February. For the event where will be in NPC camp, Gina assures me that they will bring down enough tables and whatnot. It is up to us to use decorations and our imaginations to make that work.

Mini Cabins! Due to popular demand, Gina has decided to release them to us for use. Money will be paid directly from you to Gina to rent these out. Last time I checked, they were $140 per weekend per cabin. I am waiting to hear more details as to how many people they are going to allow to sleep within, how many they are releasing, and payment information. For those renting mini cabins, your checkout will be with Gina on Sundays instead of me, thus releasing Alliance Denver from any burden should things be left messy. I stressed to Gina what happened to us with the Girl Scouts and she said this will way it will be between the renter and Ranch Camp.

Donations! - From now until the March game, I am going to honor a 20gs : $1 ratio for Cash donations! Find the paypal donation button and make a note saying who it is for exactly! We often get friends giving to friends!

Let 2020 be a GREAT LARP YEAR!!!!
Can't wait to see everyone again in one month!!

Thanks for the update. Will you be changing dates for 2020 or are they solid currently?
hey Jesse,
I'm curious on what the funds from this will be used for. looking forward to some awesome new stuff to come from this.
hey Jesse,
I'm curious on what the funds from this will be used for. looking forward to some awesome new stuff to come from this.

I'm guessing the funds for the mini cabins go directly to the camp itself.

Do they only have 1 bed? Something I would consider for my yearly october pilgrimage down to denver.
I'm guessing the funds for the mini cabins go directly to the camp itself.

Do they only have 1 bed? Something I would consider for my yearly october pilgrimage down to denver.

The mini cabins have one bed, last time we stayed in them they provided bedding, and there was plenty of floorspace for an air mattress or cot to share the space with someone else.
Dates are solid as posted for 2020.

Yes, Calgary and Oregon have shown us love!

If you must know, donations and their uses are dependent upon how well we do. lol My immediate need is makeup supplies, sponges, brushes, prosthetics, lighting, scenery, printer ink and paper, and a couple of monster specific masks/costumes for the year. In addition, many weapons are in need of repair.

Ok I have an update on the cabins!!!!
If you want a cabin, you must email Gina at

There you will tell her which cabin you want and send her a $140 payment. Your options are:
Cottage #2: Queen Bed
Cottage #5: Queen Bed and 1 Twin (opt)
Cottage #6: 2 Twin Beds
Cottage #7: 1 Queen Bed

To clarify a post I saw on Facebook, yes, you still have to pay a $75 game fee.

Food, it looks like you will have to pay Gina at the event with cash, check, or Credit Card in the amount of $20. I am waiting to hear more details about the logistics of this.

Yeah, someone else from Calgary also referred me, which is known as the tomato seed effect. 1 tomato plant has thousands of seeds, and if you plant all those tomatoes, those create thousands of thousands of seeds! Anyways, I donated for the good deal on GS, that’s a pretty high rate of GS to $. Paid like 20$ USD/30$ Canadian and I think the payout is supposed to be like 400 GS or something? It’s a really good deal right now.
Jesse, I may be interested in volunteering for weapon repair. The $20:1 GS drive is pretty sweet from a monetary standpoint! But less so for volunteering time and effort. ($6 + 90 minutes of my time to fix 1 longsword = 60 GS, usually... or just $6 and no effort now = 120 GS.) Do you have a more creative compensation scheme in mind for driving the weapon repair project this spring?

Hey Jinn! There are a couple of the mini cabins that have two beds- one queen and one twin. Those are cabins 5 & 7, and they're the same price as the cabins with one bed!
Who do I make it out to on PayPal?
As a "perma-NPC," I'm planning to bring my sewing machine with me whenever I come to help with repairs/make new costumes. I'm also willing to help with weapon repair (though I currently don't know how...I'm willing to learn!).

Food help (if wanted/needed) also offered.
Trace, please message me privately, and perhaps we can work something out. THX! I can bring said failures to you at the next game for sure.

We don't do Venmo here sorry. However, you can try GoogleWallet if you have it. If you want to give that a shot, please email me privately at

Preston, my paypal is

Brilyana, Very cool! While we probably won't have time during one of our events to "make new costumes," we might need some repair from time to time. Your help is appreciated. On the food topic, we have just recently farmed out our tavern to the directors of our camp. If they need more volunteers, I will point you in their direction. Thank you kindly!