Minnesota LCO Effects


Minnesota Staff
The following Local-Chapter Only effects and rules variations will be used through 12/31/23, except where noted below, within the Minnesota Alliance chapter:

Gaseous Form​


Since we believe the spirit of this rule is that creatures in gaseous form are obvious, we will instruct NPCs with this ability to place the arms in a “flex” position (the army “gas” symbol without repeated motion) to indicate this. The intent is to improve clarity in situations where many monsters have the ability “Gaseous Form”. This is intended as a courtesy, not a requirement; should a player drop this sign temporarily, the creature they portray does not instantly solidify. This policy does not change the rules surrounding this ability in any way.


Monster Ability

Flight is a monster ability which is represented by Waving arms in a flapping motion over the head. Flying monsters are immune to melee weapon attacks and ranged attacks made within 10 feet of the target. Any binding spell other than slow will force the creature to the ground as an alternate effect to the spell. Flying creatures may take flight or land on a three count.

Endure Elements Environmental Effects​

Module Area Effects

In addition to the ability to survive in inhospitable conditions, Endure Elements may protect characters from certain environmental effects during a mod. The mod marshal will announce these conditions at the beginning of a mod in which they may be applicable.



When hit with this effect you cannot move your legs or arms but can still speak. A person can be cut free from the entangle on a three count with an edged weapon.



A creature throws a number of packets declaring Spray X Effect. Anyone struck by one or more packets to the body takes the effect or damage once. Spray Effects can be blocked by weapons and shields.

Weapon Radius​


For ease of on-the-fly radius based effects, Minnesota will be using the call "Weapon Radius" to simplify understanding of how far an effect reaches. This means that when a creature calls an effect such as "Weapon Radius Spell Shackle" anyone who is within the reach of the creature's weapon when their arm is fully extended, would take a Shackle effect. This will replace any kind of feet-based calls (e.g. "5 Foot Radius Spell Shackle"), so that instead of trying to figure out whether or not you were within 5 feet of a creature, you can look at their weapon to determine whether or not they could have struck you.



Certain monsters will have the capability to physically enter another creature and take control of it. This will be most common with incorporeal creatures, or creatures capable of changing their form (such as creatures that can go Gaseous). This Possession follows all rules of Enslavement, plus the following altered effects:
  • Takes banish, break command, destroy undead as Enslavement Antidote.



Undead within the lands of Evodia often times carry on them a Blight that is passed along to those who interact closely with their bodies. Blighted is not passed along from combat, but any close interaction with the remains of an undead (like looting) passes along the Blight. After a PC closely interacts with an NPC undead, the NPC will declare "Blighted" to alert the PC to the fact that they now have the Blight. The effects of the Blight, and how it can be removed, are as follows

Note: A lower level stage may always be removed by a higher cure, such as utilizing a Purify to remove a Stage One Blight, but a lower level cure cannot remove a higher stage Blight

Stage One (Removable with Remove Disease):​

The Blighted individual feels a general sense of malaise, feeling ill at all times. After 3 hours, the Blight advances to Stage Two.

Stage Two (Removable with Purify):​

The Blighted individual starts feeling really bad and is under a permanent Slow effect. Utilizing a Release or Endow allows you to run for 10 minutes. After 3 more hours (6 hours since being Blighted) the Blight advances to Stage Three.

Stage Three (Removable with a Doom):​

The Blighted individual feels truly terrible and takes a Disease effect once every minute as though touch cast and accepted. After three more hours (9 hours since being Blighted) the Blight advances to Stage Four.

Stage Four (Removable through resurrection):​

The Blighted individual feels horrible. If ever they are reduced to -1 body, they take a Doom effect as though touch cast and accepted. If you complete an event with this level of Blight you should consult the Plot Team.