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Chicago Staff
SUMMARY: This vote was to elect @Lurin as the new Alliance CTO.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Alliance LARP shall serve as the primary
liaison between the President and the Members with regards to all technological matters.

@Lurin's credentials specifically towards this position;
Two+ years of working with Ruby from an infrastructure perspective (same underlying infrastructure as the CMA)
~20 years of programming experience
9 years with a major technological company where they are in charge of principle internal tool development and a senior member of the engineering team
@Lurin is also a technological polyglot, with proficiency in seven coding languages which will support their ability to pick up new coding languages quickly as necessary.

VOTE: Elect @Lurin to the position of CTO
The following chapters voted for this policy: Crossroads, NEPA, Chicago, Raleigh, NH, Wyoming, Gettysburg

There were no votes against this election

SYNOPSIS: There was broad open support towards @Lurin's ability and knowledge to manage this position and underlying teams
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