New player wanting to join


Minnesota Staff
Hey Raspy! We definitely are still active but we are just wrapping up our current season and will be heading into the off season for the winter, we are most active on discord but most official announcements will be cross posted to the forums.

A fencing helmet would count as armor to some degree I would need to see it to say exactly how much, you may find a preference of other armor though as the actual protection is not needed in our game and I come to find the vision is more vital then the armor points a fencing helmet may provide.


Hello :)

Yes, we are active as a group however we're just starting the Minnesota off season. Our games typically run once a month from April to October, but ownership of the chapter switched hands so we'll see what the new owners have in store for us :)

At any given event expect anywhere from 30 to 70 folks, although that's both PC's and NPC's.

Fencing helmet ... you'd have to bring it and let one of the marshals take a look :)

Hope this helps!

~Brad / Zihr