News from the Coalition

Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
I want to begin by thanking the "adventuring community" for their aid in protecting the Royal Artifacts. For those of you who had not heard the rumors, our spies have confirmed that Prince Erwin Pennoyer somehow evaded or survived his execution. Duke Geisert shelters him in the Northern Territories. You prevented a powerful weapon from falling into Royalist hands by protecting the Royal Artifacts.

Next, I must share the news that some of you have already heard. This past month, faced with superior numbers and firepower, the city of Picheston fell to Royalist forces. This brazen attack by our enemy was designed to cut us off from the Central Territories' aid and cripple our ally.

Our cause is not without hope however. With the amount of resources the Royalists devoted to overwhelming Picheston, they have left their own territories vulnerable with their forces divided by the Scarlet Sea. So, after much consideration, it is the decision of our generals that we will not undertake an effort to recapture Picheston at this time, and will instead attempt to strike a decisive blow against the North.

For this effort to prevail, we must ensure that the Royalist forces currently in Picheston are unable to depart and return to the north. To this end we have enlisted the aid of the Guilds of Erabella to provide expendable resources to harry them and damage their fleets. We expect that the Guilds will be reaching out to their members within the "adventuring community" to ask for additional aid.

We will be asking the "adventurers" to ensure the safe deployment of these resources, and aid in the evacuation of civilians during the ensuing chaos. It is of the utmost importance that we minimize the loss of innocent lives.

Once this has been accomplished we will have you rejoin with the military forces heading north, to aid them in whatever ways the commanders see fit.

This past year has been difficult for the people of Erabella, and we must take this opportunity to bring about a finality to the conflict that has plagued our nation. I and my fellow leaders appreciate everything that you've aided with and provided for our lands.

Llassar Flint and the Coalition