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New Hampshire Staff
Good Morning Everyone,

Firstly I would like to give a big thank you to the Whites, who as a family have been enabling us to enjoy our hobby on their property for as long as I have been a LARPer. Many of us started our LARPing careers in their backyard, and even more of us have fond memories that were formed on the site that they provided for our use. With that having been said, we will no longer be running events at the site in Claremont on Ellis Lane.

We are holding a donation drive in order to help us transition to a new site (or possibly more) in the future.

Here is a link to the Store section of our website,

We are hoping to raise:
$2000 to assist in constructing a building to serve as an in game tavern.
$2000 to assist in constructing a building to serve as an NPC camp.

our 1st stretch goal is $1000 to assist in adding a kitchen area to the future tavern building.

Now on to the fun part. While this fundraiser is active we will be bumping all donations up one step on our donation rates chart. Donations made that qualify for the top tier of the chart will be rewarded, in addition to their normal GS rate, with a restricted magic item. Additionally any donations with a value over $500 will be nominated for a Dragon Stamp reward, in addition to the GS and restricted magic item rewards.

This is the chart for the donation drive.

Less than $24: 5 GS per dollar
$24 to $48: 8 GS per dollar
$49 to $98: 10 GS per dollar
$99 to $148: 12 GS per dollar
$149 to $248: 15 GS per dollar
$249 to $500: 15 GS per dollar + A Restricted Magic Item
more than $500: 15 GS per dollar + A Restricted Magic Item + Nomination for a Dragon Stamp reward

Legends of Light and Darkness, another local LARP, is also awarding Shadow Points (basically their version of GS) for donations made to this drive.

Also be on the look out for posts announcing future workdays to help get the new site(s) set up.

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing you when we reopen and being hosting events at a new location.

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And where can we donate?! Has anyone a link?
Thank you and my apologies, I knew I was forgetting something.

I am editing the post and adding a link to the store section of our webpage, which has donation buttons on it.

Edited to fix the start of the second tier to $24 to match the chart on the websites store page.

Also edited to mention that another local LARP is giving rewards for these donations.