November 1st 2019 Menu


Vornae Food Market Day is back! Enjoy some local favorites as well as a brand new dish! Come find out why the Flaming Skull is Squire Ragnorak's favorite place to eat.

Breakfast Ramen (asian noodles cooked with eggs, cheddar cheese, and bacon; topped with scallions)

Gluten-Free option: Substitute with gluten-free noodles
Vegetarian option: Prepared without bacon
Lactose-Free option: Prepared without cheese

Banh Mi Sandwiches with Asian Slaw (Teriyaki Pork with cucumber, carrots, cilantro, hoisin sauce and sriracha mayo)

Gluten-Free option: Substitute with gluten-free bun, no hoisin sauce
Vegetarian option: Substitute with portobello mushrooms
Lactose-Free option: Already lactose-free

Build-Your-Own Asian Stir Fry (Choice of noodles or rice, hot or sweet sauce, chicken, red pepper, garlic, and various vegetables)

Gluten-Free option: Prepared with rice
Vegetarian option: Prepared without chicken
Lactose-Free option: Already lactose-free