I play an Oathsworn named Archibald in Denver and I'm curious how other chapters have integrated the addition of Oathsworn into their games. You can describe it or post your chapters race packet for them.


High Ogres, Sylvanborn and pre-Oathsworn were all integrated into a society based around the Sylvanborn vale that was linked to the magics of the land. There was also a smaller population of pre-Oathsworn were in a set of southern isles. The vale Oathsworn swore oaths to defend Fortanis at the base of the waterfall and the Oath changed them to Oathsworn. Those in the southern isles did not and became functionally leather and fur wearing humans.


Legends speak of the Oathsworn from the region of Isenhjem in the continent of Aetheria (Utah). These Oathsworn collectively used their Oath to bind a great evil. The Oath was honorably given by the people and used to create an unbreakable chain that bound this great evil to its prison. In the Winter of 418 (2018), the "Barbarians" of the time were all summoned by the Queen of Ice and Dawn to Isenhjem, as a great storm circled overhead. This "Oath-Storm" as it was later called, ripped open reality and Elementals flooded into the world, destroying the people of Isenhjem and the land they inhabited.

The Heroes of Aetheria and Fortannis, pushed back the elemental invaders and sealed the tear in reality. It was at this time the people of Isenhjem started to sprout bone and rock protrusions from their faces and bodies. The Winter Crones of Isenhjem said this was because the Oath had returned. While others said a great evil had awakened. One thing is certain, the people of Isenhjem HATE Elementals and anything not of this realm. And they have all vowed to never allow these creatures to harm Aetheria ever again.