October Favorites


It was an honor to be the BBEG for the past 2 years but the Castle was truly special with some notable firsts.

Thank you Bruisy for being the first Rez I have ever caused in a way I found so fitting. When Bruisy found himself at new prisoner orientation led by myself he chose to end his own life instead of hear me speak for another second. I found this to be a complement of the highest honor.

Finally captured Zennia and getting to villain monologue before getting the sweet taste of revenge.

Getting to finally have my personal chat with the previously know Lord Knight Zier, before he made a bad deal and had to be tossed from the rampart walls.

During new prisoner orientation eating a biscuit purchased from Mint and drinking a ale from the Iron Cask and seeing the look on the adventurers faces.

Refusing Cass my first name, again and again and again.

Bickering with the very rude Bluewolf.

Getting to have a final speech, and at my very last moments hearing someone shout, "Let him live!"

There were so many more that I may add later but know that anyone who fought with Hidegard of the Golden Blades, you are remembered fondly.


Chicago Staff
7 KBs and only when he surrenders am I told his name is Raphael Hildegard. What is it with first names in Erabella?!! RIP Hildy.

All the nobility promotions. When Beryl went to list a grievance against Edwina you could hear the anger and rage fill the room towards him.

I did promise Hildegard he’d have dinner with us again and sure enough he did.

Talks with the travelers from outside Midwest.

I enjoyed the challenge of fights this weekend leading up to the raid against Hildegard.

Im sure ill list more. Thanks again Matt, Ryan and Codner!


Convincing Mira that I would be fine and that with everyone around that there was nothing to worry about while we battled the Sojourner. Seeing the look on Ryan's/the Sojourner's face every time I hit him with an arrow and realizing that maybe I had done something wrong thinking that I would have to be the one that took out some of his bigger defenses. Having the Sojourner rift in behind me, thinking "damn, this is how I get my first death." and being the first person to be taken by him as a prisoner.

Watching all the different forms of defiance, from Bruisy's instant sacrifice to the killing of hurt soldiers, and the simple act of refusing to join the labor in the prison camp. Watching Hildegard monolog to the prisoners, and seeing the decisions that he made behind the scenes that in some ways saved his life during the battle, but also his certain death afterward.

Alchemy Roulette!

Getting to hop the fence for a little bit, and getting to see the look on some of the adventurers' faces when arrows were flying in their direction. And fancy werebats!

Fighting for every inch of ground in the castle, while constantly feeling like I had to watch my back because the Sojourner could be anywhere. Hearing that he appeared somewhere and then running across the battle only to watch him rift out again.

Finally being able to chase down the Sojourner and being a part of the Aegis characters to land the killing blow on the Champion who we all way underestimated. Really fighting with my short sword for the first time on him.

Watching Edwina realize that she was going to be promoted to knight.

Playing alongside all of the adventurers from other chapters.

My arm is so sore from throwing packets, but it was such a great memory for my first castle.

Thank you Matt, Ryan, and Ryan for making my first few games an experience that will keep me coming back for years to come.
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How are we going to open the gates; I've got a satchel charge. . . Followed by; sorry no effect.

Using superior equipment on the vampire and the look on his face when I cried weapon strike destroy undead was precious.

Having to banish myself from the nightmare realm.

Hobbling talks and hobling schenanigans; helping Sir Rath on his knightly mission and securing the 2nd mission. So much fun!

I love how everyone put up with my schtick selling goods, chocolates, and drinks.

All the castle RP, I love playing with all the faces from the midwest.

BAT! LAND! Pigs!! (if you know you know)

And I'm especially thankful to Aicha for bringing me packets and kitchen for doing such an amazing job!


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Had an awesome time this weekend as always!

Wizardin' School Round 2 Names include:
n'Ice Queen
Tynker Toes
Um Actually
Tall Se Quillz
Dirty Sygnz
Fresh Meat
Mercy Kill
Lost' 'n' 'Found
Oh Yeah!
(Forgive me if I forgot anyone! I did not write these down last night)

The "ambush the supply line" mission was great. The second go around with Gerty laying on the road playing dead, while Bruisey made animal noises in the background, and all the NPCs were hit with a 5 foot radius enfeeble when they walked by her. Great play!
(Another clever use of traps to awaken everybody multiple times during the dream world battle too!)

The fight where we had to push the high ogre army back through the woods was fun and very challenging. I think that was the first time I used up pretty much all of my card besides a few spells!

A very Bruisey appropriate resurrection, and a very Bruisey appropriate way to escape from behind held hostage.

Zihr/Brad as random hobling 724 "I bet you 1 gold I can produce blue tooth in my mouth" (Gets 1 gold)
Does this a second time with another adventurer, gets another gold.
"There's no way he could do it a third time!"

Super happy for Zhir to become Baron! and for Roff and Edwina to get knighted!
The eruption of cheering when Edwina bid on an item!

One last toast with Rafael Hildegard

Thank you MN ownership for a great season and a great closer! It's been an awesome year! Very excited to see what next year brings!
Everything Hildegard, from Zenia trading herself for edwina to dueling him in the circle at the end. I sincerely considered dragging out the duel at the end to make it more climactic but Zenia wouldn't have taken the risk.

The Halcyon crew! Always great hanging out with you guys and wizardin' school is always a blast.

Raganzi finally stealing Roff's old title of "worst biata". I had fun acting disappointed in him every time something came up. He used a Vengeance charge, Zenia was there shaking her head. He came back from the plane of lightning, Zenia was there shaking her head. So good

Prison buddies! This is the second castle event in a row I've ended up in a jail cell. I don't like this precedence

The horror of the Locke/Zenia/Zihr amalgamation. None of them needed to know what they would look like as a single person but they are now cursed with that knowledge

Sneaking into the castle with the Capitalists and friend was awesome. It was very intense. Plus secret armory find!

Edwina bidding on an item and the uproar that followed. I was very tempted to throw all my silences at anyone that bid against her

Resisting all the voice radius sleeps for the nightmare mod along with Tseng and Glenn. Probably should have gone with everyone. Whoops

I'm sure there are more that I'm not remembering but thanks so much to Matt and Ryan S for the years of fun events. I'm hoping to see you two at future games on the other side of the fence.

Also, good luck to the new owners Nate and Jonathan! I know you guys will do great!

Julia S


I would not have thought I would be pulling out of the bag on my next death at the start of this event. Zihr and Elros you did a great job bringing my spirit back.

I really can’t think of a more Bruisey way to get out of being caught behind enemy lines.

Man the battle with The Bulwark was great sorry I yelled at folks during that first fight. I should have let you help. But we got him in the end….

Wizardin School was a hoot so proud of coming up with Beryls Wizardin school name so fittting.

Asking Tony while he was Hildegard if I could grab him through the bars while being in the prison cell behind him.

All the rank advancements even though I was struggling to keep my eyes open. My card wasn’t the only thing exhausted I guess.

I will Kool Aid man my way through something at some point.

Congrats to new ownership I’m excited to see where you take the chapter.

Bryce K


So many good things this event; as always in no particular order

  • PCing my first event in MN!
  • Fighting the Sojourer's troops, chasing the archers and the mages
  • Getting unexpectedly rifted with the Sojourner and Jemina (Sorry Glenn)
    • "Do you want to go?" "No but Aicha does"
  • The hard fights of trying to push the Thonian troops back
  • Getting a wizarding school name!
  • Making new friends and seeing old ones
  • The conversation between Natalia, Aurryn and I that I needed to hear
  • The were-bats, "Bat! Land!" and all of the RP with people in that mod
  • The blue tooth
Thank you Matt and Ryan, I'm glad I got to NPC for you this year


Minnesota Staff
I had a blast over the weekend. Here are some favorites.

"BAT! LAND!" - Dandy Batmen
To continue that train of thought, having the players buy pigs for the werebats with promises the bats would scout for the adventurers. Then at the Ember Ring someone realizing the bats never returned with any information. As Baron Zihr might say "Never trust a Were!"

Playing the Bulwark. It was a very good time holding the gate for such a long time before you all pushed me far enough back, even a Guardian empowered tank needs some healing.

Tony as Hildegard, always a pleasure. He was a villan everyone loved to hate.

Fey Shenanigans, and secret rituals, if you know you know.

The Ambush of reinforcements. Having all the NPCs chanting death only to get absolutely destroyed by Gerty and their poison enfeeble traps.


Atlanta Staff
I adore castle so much!!! The entire time felt deadly in the best way, and it was so refreshing to see a plot team not afraid to rez people at a time when it's appropriate, and a community likewise willing to embrace the story. Favorites in no particular order and with the knowledge I'm probably forgetting a ton –
  • Jakes 1-4!! Brytton you were incredible playing along and made each one of those fights so memorable. Jake 3 is the Jakest of them all
  • RIP Sparky, my best friend forever. I'll find you again some day
  • Ryan S.'s bewildered "that's excessive" when I panic-Prisoned his ogre while he was trying to attack Raganzi during the hour and a half he was disabling traps
  • Running around with Babydoll, Kylar, Crow, Raganzi, Switcheroo, Iban, and everyone else for the Saturday night fight. The statting was spot on, and the stakes felt so high the entire time. Each of those many runs around the castle felt worth it and desperate as we were trying to find people before they rezzed
  • Iban's quest to become a noble through marriage. It is my honor to assist you in your quest to become the most profitable golddigger of them all
  • The Ballad of Beryl. Those notes and his alleged act of saving the world live in infamy in my notebook
  • The dream mod was intense but incredible! Being some of the few that got rifted with weapons and armor put us on the spot to defend and the pressure was FELT
  • "Write that down write that down!" and Raganzi's notebook of incriminating statements solely made by Bluwolf and Beryl
  • Wizardin' School, always!!! Castle Wizardin' School always has a special place in my heart and you guys killed it. Um Actually and The Lorelax may be some of our finest work
  • The creation of the celestial Triforce, forever shall we reign
  • Getting to PC with India and Tab after years of their NPCing Crossroads! Poor Crow did warn us she'd immediately rez when we got rifted and she was not wrong
  • The Sojourner – the concept of him was a bad guy was stellar, and him becoming the deadliest general on the field despite swinging 2s was so so good
  • Rifting out with the Sojourner and Hildegard as I was mid-Killing Blow and getting the chance to Pin-Protective Reflex in the circle; I've never been so glad to be a celestialist
Overall it was an utter blast and I'm already keeping the end of my 2023 October empty for next year!
I don't know what to say except, that i enjoyed the castle event this year with all the surprises and twists and turns in plot, it was both interesting and scary at the same time!!!

David Raatz