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Good afternoon friends,
As some of you may know, I have recently been promoted to the Guild Warden for the Capital territories magic guild, and with the new position, and the upcoming threat I believe we will be facing once winter reaches its end (more on that to follow), I have taken it upon myself to write out a disaster preparedness and mitigation plan: Operation UNDEAD - Unnatural Necromantic Disaster & Emergency Action Detail. By now, I have submitted the plan in full to the various guilds and governments of Erabella, and I am going to deliver the key points here as well. In case anybody is short of things to do as spring begins to roll around, and would like to assist! As I believe this is going to be a major event for us in the year(s) to come. Feel free to add on to any points I have left ambigous, if you have ideas on the specifics on how to meet certain needs! This will be a bit lengthy, but the general idea of the operation is as follows:

Operations Teams - Military, Slayers, & Adventurers
Planning & Logistics Teams - Aristocracy & Merchant
Information Teams - Seekers & Magic

The Threat– The Red Duke, a powerful vampire, who once waged war against the entire living world has been inadvertently re-awoken from what was intended to be an eternal state of stasis. In days passed, he led his armies on a crusade against all the beings who lived by the light of the sun, and ultimately planned to darken the sun in the sky, allowing his people to rule over both the day and the night, and over the mortals of the world. In an effort to prevent a massive global war, he was eventually sealed away, and his crusade of blood was ended, and his goal of darkening the sun was ended.
Now that he has returned, he has been gathering back his strength and his armies over the winter months, and I believe once spring arrives, he will return to complete what he has started, which would mean an end for life as we know it today, and plunge Evodia into a state of perpetual darkness. Which would, of course, bring about a swift and mass extinction of most living beings. Certainly all of us. Combined with the mass genocide against all living beings, and the enslavement of the ones not slain, this has the potential to cause untold damage not only to Erabella, but certainly all of Evodia.

Citizen Safety – To maintain the life and limb of the peoples of our nation, I propose the following. That there be placed a Knight, or other suitable warrior within each small village, armed with a weapon enchanted with healing magic. More placed in areas with higher probability of attack. Citizens who are not actively engaged in the defense of their towns should remain indoors and hidden. There should be citizens to act as patrol of the villages, to give an early warning sign of incoming forces. There should be a warning signal given, as well as a signal to retreat to the next closest town to regroup and hold up there. This signal should remain consistent between town to town in the event of residents of different areas entering into larger towns as part of their retreat. There should be shelters set up when feasible. Citizens should be well prepared to take up arms in defense of their towns.
There should be individuals equipped to put out the fires that will inevitably start and spread. Putting responsibility into the hands of the citizens of Erabella will be vital, as to allow more freedom for the military to position themselves in the areas necessary, without being spread too thin on guard duty across the various villages. More on the specifics of the Citizen and Military requisitions below in their respective sections.

Food Storage -These attacks will most certainly persist through the growing and harvest seasons of at least one summer, likely more, and in the event of partial or total success on the enemy’s part, there will not be enough preparations we could take in order to preserve the food supply for the entire nation. If he continues this, or if the sun is indeed darkened from the sky, there will be mass famine. I expect crops to be razed, and livestock slaughtered. As well as the potential for fresh water contamination. I recommend some cautionary measure be taken. Whether that be a push for the government to buy up grain and livestock from the people, and keep them in secure locations, to be sold out through the seasons, if hard times should fall upon us, additional defenses of the fields, or some other means. Any option will take resources, be it money or man power, consider what options you have available, and consider what resources we can do without. I advise that we will not have the manpower to spare.

To the Citizens – The citizens of Erabella are arguably going to play one of the most important roles in this whole incident. While our guilds and government take a more offensive role against this threat, we need people who are able and willing to take up arms to defend their homes from the undead armies that will be coming across the nation, as the Duke brought forth in years past. There should be a sword, spear, sharpened pitchfork, or anything other usable weapon in every home, and someone who knows how to use it. Most should be accustomed to combat after the recently ended war, so there should be minimal training required. A small regiment can begin the training, and those who have experience can train others. Things to protect are simply the things you hold dear. Your families, your homes, your town, your farms, your way of life. Live your normal day to day lives, but be prepared for when the day of battle eventually makes it to your doorstep, so you can hold your own. Other necessary actions you can take outside of front line fighting is preparing fire brigades to combat the razing of crops and homes that may occur, checking in on, and assisting neighboring towns, and reporting any suspicious activity you may notice. The night time will become incredibly dangerous, most citizens should remain indoors behind locked doors and closed shutters after sundown. Stay safe.

To the Seekers Guild – As previously stated, The Red Duke plans on blotting out the sun. That is all we know at this time, and that is a problem. We also do not know how much he knows, but we can speculate some. He has a plan, and thus, believes it is possible to accomplish. He attempted to get support for this plan; and thus, I believe he at least knows of the means to make it possible. He dedicated many resources to marching his armies across the land; and thus, I believe he was attempting to locate or retrieve the means necessary to accomplish his goal, before he was eventually stopped.
These are all things we do not know. We do not know how someone would go about darkening the sun. We can assume its possible, and we should assume that the methods can be discovered. This is where I am requesting your aid. I am requesting the mobilization of a search and discovery team to find any piece of information regarding the potential methods of darkening the sun. Anything from rumor to written history, any leads are crucial. Locations that may amplify magic, artifacts that may make this possible, forgotten spells, rituals, other planes, anything that can be found. Information is crucial, as we are far behind him in terms of our knowledge of the subject. I believe as soon as he has amassed his armies once again, and once he has returned to full, or near full strength, he will begin once again, and we need to know how and where to intercept him. Where he may send forces as decoys, where he is sending them for a purpose. Places he is simply wreaking havoc, and places that are important to him; so that we can better utilize the resources we have, and meet them head on where it will do the most good.

To the Military Guild – The Military Guild, along wi will make up the bulk of this operation, for we can gather as much information and do as much planning as we want, but if we don’t have the manpower to back it, it means very little. The military guild will be necessary to meet the enemy force head on when we discover when and where they are going to be striking. We will rely on their scouts to bring back information regarding the types and numbers of undead being sent to each location, and reporting to the magic guild to determine the threat level. As well as the tactical need to defeat said force, or if forcing a retreat will suffice, etc. Supplementary needs that the military guild will meet are those such as training civilians, reinforcing towns that are struggling, as well as maintaining key points that we cannot afford to lose. Protection of resources across the country. While the Seekers guild will be discovering overarching information about the enemy’s plans, it will be up to the Military Guild, along with assistance from the knowledge of the Magic Guild to develop the specific tactics necessary to counter each of the enemy’s advances. Its a fairly straightforward position, but they will be the largest fighting force in the entire operation.

To the Slayers Guild - The role of the Slayers guild will be relatively similar to the Military Guild, with a few differences. While the military guild will be spread out a bit more in their efforts, between scouting, re-enforcing positions, training, defending supply lines, and being the fighting force to defend key points, etc. The slayers will be very focused on offense, seizing opportunities to strike the enemy before they can reach specific locations where the military guild will be to fight them off. Every enemy you can pick off before they reach the point of battle will be innumerably benefitial to the military, the adventurers, and this operation as a whole. The Slayers will also be acting as re-enforcements to the military guild in the case of very large scale - high threat encounters where their specialization in monster slaying will be key. Supplementary needs that the Slayers guild will also meet are to help assist the military in matters of man to monster combat, which differs widely from man to man combat, which they are typically more trained for.

To the Aristocracy Guild – In a situation such as this, there are a lot of resources that need to be managed. Locations that need to be prioritized, teams that need to get to those locations, and supplies that need to get to those teams. Multiply those needs across the country, and you need a large number of leadership roles to maintain that order. This is the role I am requesting from the Aristocracy Guild. Many of the individuals within are already used to managing resources, and I believe it would be wise to play to your strengths. There are things we will not know until the Seekers Guild are able to discover more, but there are things we can plan for.
We can prepare to defend key points across the country. We can prepare stockpiles and fortified resource and reinforcement lines between major battles and points of interest, we can mobilize weapons and armor where it needs to be, we can have medical units on stand by, we can have supplies sent to civilians on fire brigade. There are things that need to be managed, and I believe this is the group best suited to manage a large number of resources simultaneously.

To the Merchant Guild - I am requesting the assistance of the Merchant guild in the creation, acquisition, and the transportation of resources needed for our soldiers to remain steadfast on the battlefield. Items such as Cure Disease potions, Antidotes, Awakens, Enslavement Antidotes, and Purifies will be vital in the type of conflicts we will be engaging in. With the wide variety of undead we will be up against, any and all curatives will be of great value. I also request the ingenuity and creativity of the members, to come up with any sort of weapons and devices that may provide an upper hand in the conflicts to come. These curatives will also assist in the decontamination of food and water that will almost definitely occur. With your network of transportation already in place, you will be vital for getting personnel and supplies where they need to go.

To the Magic Guild – After filling the rest of the positions on offensive roles, I believe the magic Guild would be best suited to a supportive role. Taking preventative, defensive, and restorative roles. With the number and manner of enemy we will be facing, of whom stamina, food, and injuries mean nothing to, our forces will quickly become overwhelmed in any sort of prolonged conflict. We will need fallback points set up for the healers to patch up the wounded, either to get them back into the fight, in the case of minor injures, or to get them to safety to recover, in the case of major wounds. We will need magical assistance on the rapid restoration of blighted crops, and diseased water sources. As well as working with the military scouts, so when they bring back the information about the number of, and description of enemy forces, we are able to appropriately arm ourselves for the type of enemy we will be facing, and any enchantments or other resources necessary to defeat the enemies. Resources permitting, as stated above, I propose we have at least one individual, highly trained in combat, armed with a weapon enchanted with healing to supplement the defense of the villages and towns. Resources permitting, I would like to start a push towards getting these enchantments prepared. I believe we in the magic guild can start providing information to the citizens of Erabella about the nature of common undead creatures, and how best to deal with them for the common person. Be it how to fight, run, or hide. On the celestial side of the guild, the ability to assist the seekers guild in any information discovery will be benefitial, and any other such tasks that I may not be aware of, as a non-celestial caster myself.

The Adventurers– I will purposely be keeping the role of the adventurers ambiguous, but I believe we will be best suited to small scale, large impact skirmishes with key individuals, locations, and targets; given our relatively small numbers, and widely varying skills. The adventurers will also serve as a floating position, to fill in where holes may become present, and to fill niche requests and tasks as necessary. Assisting the other guilds to enable them to do the jobs presented to them, be that resource collection, scouting, search and destroy, search and rescue, intel gathering, sabotage, or any other action necessary for the success of the mission at large, or any of the individual guilds presented.

Stay strong in the days to come. I feel we are approaching dark and dangerous times.
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I am aware of the delay in this reply, as I am still new to town, but I have dealt in large-scale production and supply before in a wartorn shard against elementals. This is similar in some aspects. Please let me know if any quartermastery or crop assistance will be needed.


Jeremy M.

My blade is strong and this cause is just. May the virtue seen in lost Garden be seen once again against this darkness.
~Goldcrest, once King of Birds