Outside Evo's office door

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A flash of light fills the portal room as Jinn emerges from the portal. Striding through the room, nodding to the attendant and flashing his badge, Jinn makes his way out the door and throug the maze of offices and hallways. First he drops off a slip of parchment at the ritual request office, then he makes his way to Evo's office. Standing outside the door Jinn goes to knock, and then stops. Pausing for a moment, he takes a breath and then knocks on the heavy door.
A faint rustling can be heard, and perhaps a chair sliding against a bare floor. "Enter," calls Evo's muffled voice.
Jinn opens the door and enters the office, taking a seat on the other side of the desk. He looks tired, and is not as energetic as he usual is.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything important right now, I know we are all very busy with our respective tasks. I just wanted to stop by and bend your ear a bit, and apologize for not coming in after our last gather. Writing reports is not one my strong suits, if that comes as any surprise. I wanted to also make sure that you have been fully updated on everything that occurred over the weekend last month."
Evo wipes his face, the mark of a book clearly impressed on his cheek. "It's good to see you in any case, Jinn. Where would you like to start?"
Jinn clears his throat. "I will try and make this as concise as I can, as I know you were kind of filled in at the tavern, but I also want to make sure you have to correct information. We were successful in retrieving the permanent circle ritual, it was found in a long abandoned underground something, I'm guessing some old wizards lair or what not. The fate spinner has informed us that the catalyst needed for this ritual is an acorn that grows within the first forest once every 10 or so years. Obviously I will want any chance to go to the first forest, so I am hoping to go with that group to retrieve the acorn. The second ritual we need, the greater proscribe ritual, is guarded by some form that changes every time it is encountered. It's location is know by the fate spinner, but that is about all the planning we can do for that. The catalyst that goes along with it is actually being held by the Earth Weaver Masters, it is the finger of Korvus. They do not want to give it up, and will require some... persuasion to do so. Tengu has gathered some people to put together a good argument slash reason that they should let us have it. My suggestion that it could literally mean the end of this shard would apparently fall on deaf ears, as they see this differently or something. It's more powerful people wanting us to kiss their *** before they lower themselves into the dirt to help us. However, I do have another good... argument" Jinn makes air quotes. "should Tengu's not prevail. Don't worry, it doesn't involve an elaborate heist or killing them. It does involve a very large non violent threat, so that may be the last ditch effort there."

Jinn pauses and takes a drink out of his bag and takes a long sip.

"That should cover the rituals we are searching for, unless new ones have been added to our list. The first strike against the undead occurred as well. The staves were used to lay as many to rest as we could, we encountered some problems with some of the people... helping... but all in all it was a success. We also encountered a necromancer there, but he was dealt with the next day as well. After seeing the effects of the ritual ending, we now know how the staves should be places as the ritual finishes. They need to be in a circle, as big as we can it seems. There are many more crypts to hit, and we can only assume the vampire will make it harder and harder every time we do so. Tengu and The Fate Spinner have decided that the power level of the person casting the ritual will go down as we hit more crypts, that way our heavy hitters are in the circle to start, and when we really get push back the people casting the ritual will be those newer to us."

Jinn stands and stretches, removing his green kimono. He hangs it on the back of the chair, and a black band around his arm is now visible. He paces around the front of the room a bit.

"The adventure into Cararisto's was the best, but also not the best trip to the reaches I have had. It appeared that most of his lands had actually been deconstructed, scrapped for parts. We encountered very little resistance there, until we found..." Jinn feigns shocks and waves his hands for effect. "The vampire. He had killed cariristo, so we thought that it was all for naught. But after the vampire left, I touched a skull and Cararisto spoke to us. He was able to transfer his spirit into the skull. He is still very insane, but is willing to help us. We need to travel to Dragonmist isle, and speak with a Nimwe Ironbelt. We need a greater construct ritual, catalyst, and his amazing, sweet *** construct body... his words. So the ease of which we got in and out, great. Finding him dead, not so great. But it is a step in the right direction."

Jinn grabs his bottle and takes another sip.

"I was also able to go with Tengu and a few others into recreated memories that Tengu was able to piece together via old biata memory stones. In these we saw the vampure's rise and fall, and rise again. It was not pretty, but it has given Tengu some new leads to follow. Also Rohnan's adventures to Sedrith's tower have been less than fruitful. Not due to anything wrong with what she is doing, but we have a lack of information about that place, and a lack of anyone to speak to who has actually been there before. She has been keeping on her tasks, but is growing frustrated at the lack of progress."

Jinn sighs and sits back down, rubbing his temples.

"That is everything that I can account for, with first hand information anyway. Everyone was very busy, but I'm guessing you received reports from a few different people about goings on.
Evo's eyes light up and he listens intently.

"I wonder, idly perhaps, if we could just go back and retrieve the finger of Korvus at the time it was separated from its hand. I doubt Xorta would approve, though." He laughs. "That would probably have... undesired side effects."

"I hope we have enough Earth Weavers to finish the task of nullifying the dead. Strangely or not, I trust Tengu to handle this."

"I believe having the Iron Lord in a construct body ultimately will aid us in several ways. It could help control his madness, and he will be capable of minding the Circle we will set up in the realm of Torture. As long as we can find what ne needs."

"With Cato and Calan both assigned to Tengu's vampire hunting, I'm assuming you only helped because you were available. All the same, I'd like to hear their reports, even second hand through you."

"As far as Rohnan goes, her impatience and discomfort are signs that her leadership skills still lag behind her power. I expect results, or at the very least sustained effort. If she has time to complain, she's wasting energy that could be better spent networking, researching, planning expeditions, or casting divination rituals. Has she come to you or to Cato for advice?"

Evo's eyes settle on Jinn's black armband as he waits for a response.
Jinn laughs at the mention of Xorta. "I don't think he would be ok with that, he doesn't seem to like things happening that haven't already happened, or something. As for the vampire hunting, me and Calan both delved into the memories with Tengu and a few others. It just being an information gathering mission I didn't see any problems with me tagging along. All in all we learned much that we already know, he is a terrible being that has caused much death and suffering. But this time I got to live it through the eyes and thoughts of those he had killed, and those he used to kill others. I saw years of blood shed condensed into a few moments. The only thing to report is that he wants to take over the rule of Domus, and Tengu is trying to meet with the current rulers."

Jinn adjusts in his seat and drinks more of his orange beverage.

"Rohnan is still working at it, but has hit road blocks, as was to be expected. Given that this is her first real stab at leadership, it makes sense that she is frustrated. I have not had her come to me directly yet to gain advise or help, but imagine that it will be happening soon. Her complaining, which is deserved, is done at times when it will not impede her work or that would be better suited for anything else. It is done in our home, and is needed to release the stresses of our work without hampering it. I find that letting people release the anger or any other emotions they feel about things actually lets them work harder at it after, and feel less defeated if they come up short. I feel like you could use a session on my chair with a drink in hand."

Jinn sighs and leans forward. "I will admit though, the reason I did not come and fill out a real report is that my mind has been else where over the past few weeks. I received word from my daughter about visions she had received about the necromancer I had briefly told you about. You know the story, I told you about it when the crystal dragon was weighing our deeds. It brought up old memories and emotions that have been bubbling under the surface since I was in New Acarthia. I have faced down Fae Lords, lived through realms of torture, been ritually sacrificed and had my body torn asunder, and have kept going back for more... but I fear this necromancer, for what he did not only to me, but the people that were in my care. I fear my failure to those that died, and to my home for not protecting them. When I think about it I am that weak scholar still carrying a staff, and I have to deal with those feelings."

Jinn notices Evo's eyes and smiles weakly. "The gather was a hard time for me. On top of everything, I had to bury Kumari on Saturday, and she was the last of the first friends I made when I met all of you. The four years I've spent with the breachers have changed me greatly, and this was yet another milestone of loss that reminds me that I will outlive more and more of the people I love. The downside of these horns is that my life is filled with memories of friends, family, and lovers that I will never see again, and Kumari's final death has hit me the hardest of any in the past few years."
The silence hangs in the room for a few moments as Jinn try's to gauge a reaction from Evo. Jimmy slowly stands up and walks to the door.

"With everything going on it seems to be getting harder and harder to find a reason to stay. I have a family that could be in danger, and I'm stuck in the lux begging the enclave for a finger, and in top of all of that we both know what people have been reporting about..."

The door shuts, giving them some privacy.

Convo taken to pm
Arriving outside of Evo’s office Rohnan goes to knock on the door but stops when she hears the soft murmur of voices inside. Not wanting to intrude she finds a place to sit and wait for the Magi yo become available.
The door opens and Jinn walks out of the office, nods at Rohnan, and leaves without saying a word.
Rohnan watched Jinn’s quick departure with concern. She’s been too distracted with her work to check in with him lately. With a shake she remembered why she came here though and stood an knocked on the door hoping that the Magi was now available.
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