Outside the Squatter's Tent


Baibh begins sauntering away from the firepit after flicking one of his smokes into the late-afternoon embers, a slow but purposeful pace as he passes by the side of the tavern, lanterns being lit as he walks. He continues across the commons before stopping at a very drag and very old tent propped up against a tree, he leans down and picks up a small rock and whips it at the tents 'front door' as he exclaims, "Oi, Squattor. Ah've though'a'bit more 'bout what yeh were askin'meh, go'a'bit more information 'bout the love birds if yeh've got ears fer it."
Exiting from the bathhouse Romilda sees Baibh approach her home. Watching him throw a rock she gets a smirk on her face. She reaches down to the ground and picks up a pebble and quietly walks up to him. From about 5 feet behind him she tosses the pebble at her tent, and as loud as she can, she joins in the shouting.

"Yeah come on out ye dirt'eh rascal!"
"Yeh-" Baibh agrees but is also startled by Romilda, "Spirits woman, yer gonna make me jump me chain if'n yeh keep tha'up!" he exclaims, brushing off his jacket and smoothing down some of the fur.

"How goes yer research inta'tha project you were makin?"
"Eh, its... its getting somewhere... maybe. Still not sure if we have found anything concrete. I'm just here for a quick bit, Tengu asked me to grab some supplies from the earth circle then its right back to the dusty rafters of the library in Calanhelm. I was more then happy to snag the break."

She stares at Baibh for a few seconds before getting a secretive look.

"Or do ya mean my "other" project?" She uses her fingers as quotation marks for emphasis.
Baibh grins and taps his nose in agreement to Romilda, "Ah do, though Ah'd luv teh hear all'bout what yeh've got goin'on with Tengu."
"Well its all another step towards saving the world" Romilda says this dramatically while sweeping her hands in one large circle.

"But its official earth weaver business with the aim to take down D.A.M.. Tengu, Solrex, and myself have been scouring the library in Calanhelm for history on Korvus and the earth weavers history in hopes we can convince the masters of the earthweavers to allow us to use a relic in a ritual.

"All in all, I'm ready to look at something that's not paper, but I am willing to sacrifice my mental stability if you have more..." she leans in a bit closer and mock whispers "information on the you know who" and ends with the raise of one eyebrow.
Baibh seems to consider Romilda's words for a long few seconds before coming to a decision. He sighs and grins again saying, "Aye, Do yeh'ave anywhere tha'ain't tha tiny tent we can talk? Or did yeh wan'me teh try and squeeze m'self in there with the chain and the blades?"
"Well I can promise you it would take some wiggling to get in or out of there with two people, so I wouldnt recommend it unless ya trust me that close. Though I have come to favor a spot down by the creek just past Jinns place."
Staring for a few moments, Baibh looks nearly dumbfounded before he replies, "Err.. uhh creek. Creek sounds good, yah. Guessin' that'd mean a walk which sounds great."

Clearing his throat, Biabh begins takin a few steps in the direction noted and saying, "Per'aps on the way, yeh kin tell me 'ow've found people 'round 'ere so far?"
"So far a mix of hostile, friendly, talkative, silent, and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've heard, like for instance did you know that Jinn can go and...." the sound of her voice fades as she makes her way to the creek.

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A raven flys over head, circling over the tent. A caw and a small splat can be heard as the raven poops on the tent and flys away.