Plagued Animals


I've had to burn some bodies of infected animals during my time wandering around here. Has anyone dealt with plagued animals before? It's not necromantic but, I can assure you it isn't natural.

I didn't take a sample because it seems pretty contagious to other animals, and I didn't want to risk spreading it.

Order of the Emerald Flame

We first encountered the contagion the plague if you will in December of last year. I would check with either Ractor or Circle Master Marsters on this topic. They are both well attuned to the land and are skilled in Earthen magics. If I see any plagued animals around the hallow I will send the three of you word.

Lady FallingStar

Did you see any of them alive?
If so, what was their behavior like?
I have a theory because I have encountered them in the past, and if I am correct, then Lady FallingSTAR is wrong.

Squire Foss

I will speak to you privately about this, because I have a few ideas, see you in a few days.

Squire Foss,

I researched the source of the plague, and have full knowledge regarding it. It is necromantic in nature. I have been researching its source to develop its inverse, and found the source last week. I'm hoping this leads to the discovery of new Earthen magics in the coming weeks.

Circle Master Eric Marsters
Circle Master of Fairfax
Greater Earth Guild of Terna

I am certain that your intention is to destroy this necromatic source at the first opportunity and that any research is merely a side project to that primary endeavor. Please let me know if I need to become involved.

-Enan Bluewater
I'm familiar with what you are talking about and this is similar but not the same. Despite my lack of knowledge of earth magic, I am well studied in my knowledge of chaotic magic. I'm positive that there is none of it involved in what I'm talking about.

That being said, chaotic magics aren't the only things that can be a problem for nature. Plagues, other elemental magics. Shadows used to be where many of the Wardancers from the Xanathan woods spent their time fighting.

Whatever this thing is, it's not right.

Order of the Emerald Flame

I of course am always happy to help should you need my blade.

If something's wrong with nature and I can help, I'm there. I track and hunt things in the area all the time but I'm not good at researching or anything. I wanna help.

I may not be much help, but if more bodies are needed to fight this plague, count me in.

Second assistant to the head of public relations of interns at the Company
If you need even more purify potions, I heard of a guy with 6 purifies in a big box of his to sell....

I would like to help with this in whatever way I can. I am quite familiar with nature. Come talk to me after the town meeting please.

Member, Defenders of the Azure Keep
Warrior of the White Tail Tribe