Plot Death

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I am looking for an official ruling on what constitutes a plot death and what the effects of said death are to be.

- Must a plot death be pre-determined?
"Player X will be killed by monster/character Z"

- Must a plot death be off screen?

- Can PvP ever be chalked up to as a plot death?

- Does a plot death require a charge be taken from the character's spirit?

- Is the player required to pull a stone in the event of a plot death?

- Can they be required to do so?

Thank you.


While it is a common local trope used in several Alliance chapters, the Alliance Rulebook itself does not contain any references to (or allowances for) a "Plot Death" in any way. Your questions need to be answered on a local basis with your Chapter Owner and other Staff in terms of what policies you choose to adopt.

Keep in mind that the Alliance Bylaws may limit what Chapters can do with characters, Build, and Deaths.

In general, Chapters have used "Plot Deaths" for deaths that happen off-screen and/or are "predetermined" by Plot to advance story and drama without affecting a character's lifespan rules-wise. However, we would advise extreme caution into applying "Plot Deaths" to any non-predetermined character death during an event. Risk and danger to a character's life is a cornerstone of the Alliance game, and keeping all characters in all chapters on a level playing field (without concerns that one chapter allows players to call "Plot Death" for things which should not fall into that category) is vital to a solid National game. Concerns about any non-predetermined deaths are more properly run through the Adjudications process (see for further details).

-Bryan Gregory
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