Post your review for a "Miner Details"

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Dramm a'dan

Post your review for a "Minor Details"
1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
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Let's make those that missed the event jealous over how awesome it was!
Review for a "Minor Details"
1. Post your favorite moments
Getting my brain massaged by the Fatespinner and he pulled out old memories to make room for the new. "You won't need that any more..."

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Having to leave early because Brooke had go get home, get unpacked, repacked, work for four hours, book a hotel, and drive to Edmonton.

3. What you would like to see more of
The mods like the three I was lucky enough to be on this weekend!
- Facing our greatest fear after and extended battle to get into that room one by one. Very cool!
- Assisting Hamish with purifying the five rooms. Love those extended mods that make the trip down to the field very worthwhile for PC an NPC!
- The Earthweaver mission to collect the artifact in seven parts. Again an extended mod of a series of encounters. Great stuff even if it did have puzzles.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
The Fatespinners voice was a soothing sound on the edge of his awareness as Isawda sank back into his own memories. The arms master who had trained him to use a sword to better effect smiled sadly as he faded away and disappeared from memory. As did his fathers instructor in calligraphy, and the merchant that has taught him the basics of trade as he and Ithawda had traveled with him. At the same time the masters who had instructed him in Earthmagic seemed to take over more and more of his mind. He suddenly had memories of lesson that seemed not quite real, but provided new skills with high magic that had not been his a moment before.
1. Post your favorite moments
The whole of the Mod I was on. It was very cool that it was not a one stop thing, but featured several puzzles and rooms. It also always felt like, if we could only figure out the right responses, combat was never really the only way to solve things. That said, I think we did about 50-50. Also, an unexpectedly epic roleplay scene from Nazrat that actually gave me the 'I should comfort him' slight discomfort of offering solace to an acquaintance. BTW Thanks for the nudge Nazrat.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Discovering that a month away really played havoc with my incants. By the end of the weekend I was even doubting the ones I really did know. Practice practice practice. Also, bad night vision sucks.

3. What you would like to see more of
Multiroom dungeons rock.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
It was a small auction. That was for the best, it meant Darien had a shot. The item in question? A bracelet that could bind a target twice a day. The bidding began, and before long was pushing his rather meager spending limit. It looked like the bracelet would be lost, as he began counting coppers. Then a white furred hand slid across the table, lifting away and revealing two more gold coins. Darien looked up, meeting the eyes of his friend, the young fox kin Kai. 'Are you sure about this?' he asked. 'Yes, you should get it, it will serve you well. And I know you are good for it.' The bidding began again, and soon enough, it was over. The bracelet was His!
1. Favorite moments
Great fights. Great NPCs. Great friends.
Building my offence/defence skills has been great. Beeing able to real hold my own in fights against skilled foes and full on protecting people that cant is making me feel like a true defender like in Nicholes mod (so much fun) looking to Isawda and realizing hes squishy now, keeping him behind me so he would not be harmed then looseing count of how many ghosts Morigan and I took down by trading off and me holding my ground as the last one to pass through the doorway.

2. Less favorite moments
Death of a friend (lol)
Acctually dont have anything negative. It was great to be back on familiar ground and all the action was great.

3. See more of
Randoms and RP stuff. Basically just some more NPCs with some porpose for us to interact with ie. Merchants or wanted people (noticed no posters this month)

4. Characters perspective
"Stig is last one on dis side of vall. Must keep fighting damn ghosts. Survive. Vall vill open hoping. Must make it others" stig thinks to him self standing alone now in this place could be his final stand.
The mirror wall is solid now but has been periodicaly turning almost liquid like, letting his 5 companions pass. Will it do this once more and let him pass?
"Stig seeing more lights. Is more des ghosts come. Vill stand stoOoOng..." Not realizing he was leaning on the section of wall that would change, he falls back into a tumble. Gaining his footing he looks up as the wall goes back to solid. He looks around seeing nothing, quickly he trys to rwcit his equipment but stops to the sound of a voice.
"What do you seek here?"
"Who dat?"
"What do you seek here?"
"Stig friends"
"Why do you come here?"
" Not knowing. Friends find things on valls. Words n tings by all da races. Dey vant know more so ve search more"
"What is your FEARS?"
"Stig not fraid. Stig just vant find friends"
Stig feels weak at the knees. His stomach turning. He feels almost in shock. He feels his inability to be hindered by fear fade. He begins to sweat and tremble.
"LOOSE COUSIN" he shouts "Cant loose him. Only family left. Make promise to uncle"
"He is gone. You'll never see him again. He is lost to you forever"
"NO. Cousin lives. He return soon. He say so. NO!"
"Arw you worthy?"
"Of vhat?"
"Of this place. Of its secrets?"
Stig wipes a tear from his face " Not knowing. Not Caring. Just vant help friends vith der findings. Go home"
"Prove your self"
Before Stig can react *slash* hes hit. Knocked off balance he scrambles to regain his footing *slash* again but he sees the movment and readys him self *thud* he blocks with his shield and lunges forth to strike.
"SCREEEEEK!" Hes hit it. Again lunges *slash*slash* from behind hes hit and his armor is breached, he didnt have time to fix it completly. He swings back, nothing.
*slash*slash*slash* the strikes are comeing from everywhere. All the strength he can musternow is just trying to survive. Hes down on one knee with sheild held strong
All things fade. Stig feels his face hit the ground. Only darkness and mist surronds him.
"... critical wounds! "
"PuuhaaAAAAAA!..Vhat! Vhat! Vhere is? Feels like nightmare"
"Well. You come back too us then"
"...Isawda? Where is ve?..." Stig looks around to see an unfamiliar room surrounded by his companions.
"Vhat happen..nn vhy is wrist feel strange?"
Stig scratches his wrist and feels something that was not there before. He looks down and sees a braclet, it feels warm and pulsing.
"Vhere Stig get dis?"
"We all have one Stig"
Stig reaches to remove is bound...
1. Post your favorite moments
Fighting though the back door of the tavern as Stig pushed on one side and a skeleton pushed the other, pantherghasts, and having Isawda get his Spirit Forge. Kumari clucking like a chicken was hilarious.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Honestly I can't think of anything. I would have liked to see some wanted posters, but I understand that NPC's were pretty understaffed.

3. What you would like to see more of
Multi-room dungeons are awesome. even the relatively short one we did as the home guard was great. It felt like we were actually progressing through a series of rooms. The single-room encounters are great for lairs, but the feeling of making progress was excellent.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
Hearing a rustle in the grass, Third pauses. Looking closer, he sees something small and furry trying to pull itself away from the road. Peering, he sees a small wolf pup with several wounds. Glancing around, he sees nothing that could have caused them, though the pup's injuries are recent. Carefully, Third binds the worst of them with a strip of cloth and picks the pup up, then walks deeper into the forest. A short time later he pauses, and very carefully puts down the squirming bundle and steps away as a fully grown wolf materialises out of the undergrowth. Backing away slowly, he sees her nudging the puppy with her nose before picking it up and trotting away.
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