Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 10/8)

The City of Night once had five factions battling for supremacy. The scales have tipped and the Death Elementals that controlled the tower have lost their power. Now that the Shadows rule the City of Night, what will happen to the lands of the living when the veil grows thin again?

Our Last Weekend Event of the Year!

Even though the deadline has passed, please if you plan on attending (or that you might attend) send a pre-reg or post that you are. It helps the tavern coordinator know how many mouths to prepare for. Also, it helps the Logistics staff prepare a packet for you as well.

Make sure you send your pre-reg information and that your home chapter sends your character card by Midnight Tuesday the 5th of October to get the pre-reg price. (You save $15 that way.)

Don't forget to send your information if you plan to NPC as well. (Helps us know how many we have to feed.)
If you NPC you play and eat for FREE!

Please stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the event.


The PC's
1. Chris T./TadRon
2. Anique P./Ahlana
3. Dave H./Saiafin
4. Amy H./Gwen
5. Joe C./Idris
6. Seamus C./Tarqaq
7. Victor D./Nommerithalsa
8. Sterling A./Silvara
9. Ayla Byers/Azalea (paige)
10. Mark Mellor/Shar
11. Annette Buist/Ariana (well Mike said so anyway, we didn't receive a pre-reg :D )

The NPC's
1. Matthew Byers
2. Robert Ordiway
3. Mike Meeker
4. Alex Walker
5. Tyler Anderson
6. Rocky P.
7. Amanda O.
8. Joel C.
9. Jake
10. Cory Walker
11. Beverly Byers
12. Jesse Smith
Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/27)

I will be there as a PC.

Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/27)

I will most likely be out there but I will end up working Sat or Sun. I get out at noon, so if I work saturday I will be out there a little after noon, and If I work Sunday I will be there friday night and most of saturday during the day. :)
Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/27)

I am planning on pcing
Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/29)

I too shall grace the world with my charming presence.......*crickets*
p/c :lol: :oops: :eek: :roll: :shock:

-Sterling A. (that's me if I am correct, but I have been known to be wrong from time to time :eek: )
Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/29)

Tyler is coming too(Tyler Anderson) you can count on me being there! :D
Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/29)

Vicki and I will not be able to make it... I am so sorry to flake out on you guys like this 2 events in a row. I've not had a friendly work schedule recently and this month is the worst. This season has been such a blast and I have had such a good time playing up there with you guys I will definatly miss it.

Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/29)

Joe is coming up as a PC.
Brigit will either be Pay no Playing, or attempting to bribe NPC camp with beverages for goblins, to goblin stamp the event. Any Particular preferences?

Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/29)

Awww, sad story Paul! Mite be my last event for like 2-3years in Alliance. (No guilt trip intended)

Rocky .P
Amanda .O
Joel .C
and Jake .?

Will all be coming with me for NPC action!

Looking forward to this event, will do everything in my power to make it a worthy season ender!
Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/29)

I'll be there, in character. Still not sure exactly how many build I have (left?), or what I'm going to spend it on. But I have the weekend yeah. See you Friday.

Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 10/6)

I am going to npc, might not be out until late Friday or Saturday morning.
Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 10/7)

Annet, says she'll be there PCing for the event.