Presidential veto of the 2.1 Playtest Extension (and feedback system) through Symposium 2023


Alliance General Manager
Alliance Rules
Atlanta Staff
Summary: The Presidents of Alliance have utilized their veto on the extension of 2.1 voted in during the 2.1 Special Meeting. The Veto effectively cancels the vote in its entirety if upheld by the Members (Chapter Owners). This veto will cancel the extension of 2.1 playtesting through Symposium of 2023, and revert 2.1's status to the previous vote made by the Members to reject 2.1.

Vote: Uphold the Presidential Veto of 2.1 Playtest Extension through Symposium 2023 [PASS]
The following chapters voted for this policy: Crossroads, New Hampshire, Atlanta, Gettysburg, Las Vegas
The following chapters voted against this policy: Minnesota, Wisconsin
The following chapters abstained from this vote: NEPA, Wyoming

Synopsis of conversations: There were a number of conversations and explanations around the issue of 2.1 in general but the ones specific to the topic of the veto being enacted were, on the against side, based around chapters opportunity/ability to playtest under the previous agreed upon dates, people being interested in continuing to playtest, and calls for wanting to see more feedback collected at the national level and shared more broadly. The for side was focused on lack of specific or mandatory testing, the cost of continuing to run two systems (2.0/2.1) for 14+ months, and the value of comparative chapter specific opportunity to playtest within a given timeframe.