Proclamation from House Rumil


Chicago Staff
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I take responsibility for the destruction of the atrocity to justice known as the Cage. Approach me with respect at this gather and I'll be glad to answer your questions in kind.

Warlord Binar Blooddrinker
Sage of the Twinned Peacock


Wisconsin Staff
Archduke Ramill,

While you did infact send me a missive, it was given to me during a great feast at which I received my Title and Writ of Nobility and was busy entertaining several higher up Nobles of Prademar. The messenger it was sent with gave it to me with very little time left in their visitation, and your letter made no request of response. Your courier was aware I had received it as well as was aware that I would prepare to stand befor the council when next the mists allowed travel of the Unbound.

Normal politcal courtesy between different countries and nobility would prescribe to include in such a Missive a Request for written response if, infact, that is the desire of the one sending a missive of such magnitude. Courtesy would also dictate that if a response was desired and not gotten then a follow up would be sent to ascertain clarity of intent. It has been eleven months since this message was sent and nothing additional was sent. It begs the question of why?

You have attempted defamation of my character without observing common courtesy. This does not bode well for any potential discourse regarding the matter of the Prison. Within the lands of Wayside, defamation is a crime that is punishable by fining. In the interest of creating better relations between our Mistspheres I would of course be willing to let such a matter go provided better decorum and communication in the future.

I hope that your intent was not to inflame the parties involved, thus making any form of progress towards a better relationship between the Unbound and Rathfall untenable. Such an action would truly be a gaffe after such measures have been taken by the Unbound to aid in the saving of your Mistshard. On a more personal level, I have expended great magical resources including the partial draining of my waystone key, access to an artifact that is imbued with the magics of the Elder Dragons of Prademar as well as stones from our Moon in order to calibrate the magical efforts so that the united Mistweavers and Unbound could unlock the ability to open portals between the Mistspheres. It would be a true tragedy to have all forward progress lost at this point in time.

In Service,
Lady Beryl Bunchberry Birch
Lady of Accord sworn in Service to Dutchess Fairfax of Wayside
Wife of Duke Brakken Birch of the Eternal Kingdom
Wielder of the Dragon's Skirt
Master of the Purse for Fate's Pawns
Member of the Earth Guilds of Prademar and Kaida Sanu
Member of the Celestial Guild of Prademar
Hopeful of the Mistweavers Guild
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Public Relations Committee
Good Syr Seneschal,

Will this meeting be attended by all High Council Members of Rathfall? If so, are there any customs or rituals of etiquette that must be followed?

Thank you,
Baroness FallingStar


Chicago Staff
Unbounded of Wayside,

It is satisfying to finally receive responses from the heroes of the Night of Long Fang. Shademire Bards have been singing of your victory against the moon corruption over the past year. Hopefully in quick time this necessary tribunal will be concluded and we can all wash our hands of this messy incident.

Warlord Blooddrinker, the City Council thanks you for your upfront admission of this transgression. Due to the Unbounded being called far away to aid in the Blightlands this upcoming convergence, the Council will only be available to traverse out to the rediscovered Mistweaver site on the evening of Saturday and only for the Tribunal. Should you wish to assert your claim, we will plan to see you at there.

Lady Bunchberry Birch, Herald to the exiled Prince Rumil, I was the one to send this missive, not our honorable Archduke. I deeply apologize if the proper layout of our Rathfall documents are difficult to decipher. It is my duty as Seneschal to run the proceedings for all the tribunal sessions that have been called concerning this incident and as such, I am the one to be addressed. It appears that you believe decorum and courtesy has been compromised against you by the missive. This is disheartening to read as the Proclamation was not aimed at attacking you or anyone specifically, merely to inform and to extend another courtesy for a proper answer. If you do plan to submit yourself for questioning as one of the conspirators responsible for the jailbreak, then it would be my pleasure to clear up any misunderstandings between us on expected messenger etiquette at that time.

Baroness Fallingstar, the Archduke has spoken of your brief meeting over libations with favorable words. A Rathfall Tribunal must include city leaders from every Rathfall District as well as a minimum of two knights and the Seneschal. If a Count or Countess cannot attend, they are responsible for sending a representative in their place. Thank you for inquiring about our judicial customs. Your cordialness and deference to our ways of law has not gone unnoticed.
  • Do not address any noble directly unless addressed by them first. All initiated discourse goes through the Seneschal. This is to ensure the proceedings are run smoothly and orderly, but most importantly, timely.
  • Only the two Unbounded claiming responsibility will be asked questions and expected to respond.
  • Any other Unbounded with ties to a Rathfall House are allowed a statement at set times during the proceedings.
  • At the end of the Tribunal, a conclusion is declared. On the rare event that a crime is determined and unsatisfyingly answered, a proper trial will be set at a later time.
  • As a small note, it is customary for Rathfall nobles to have the right to speak plainly to each other at any time. That right is not extended to those not of equal station in our lands.

As already stated, I eagerly await meeting with the two conspirators so the Council can dispense their questions, make declarations, and finally bring this year-long process to a close.

Syr Brya Montague


Syr Montague,

Your loaded words (conspirator, transgressions, etc) lead me to believe you and yours are not entering this in good faith. I'm not one to mince words, so I simply ask you reconsider your stance if you wish to gather the respect of the Unbounded.

Likewise, I suggest you consider treating the Unbounded with the respect of high nobility in any court or other tribunal proceeding in which you invite their participation. You already recognize that we are not mere citizens and through the fact that your mistsphere still exists, you know what we are capable of accomplishing.

Binar Blooddrinker


Now that this miserable clusterfuck has been established properly as a Tribunal rather than a Court Case as most have assumed, I would like to remind everyone involved in this conversation what the difference is between the two in most lands.

There are typically traditionally two significant differences between administrative tribunals and courts:

  1. Administrative tribunals are set up to be less formal, less expensive, and usually a faster way to resolve disputes than by using the traditional court system.
  2. Tribunal members who make decisions (adjudicators) usually have special knowledge about the topic they are asked to consider. Judges, however, are expected to have general knowledge about many areas of law, not particular expertise about the law in the case they are hearing.
In a tribunal hearing, your case may be heard by one adjudicator sitting alone, or by a panel of several adjudicators if the matter is complicated. These adjudicators have special training and experience to conduct hearings, but they are not judges. But, like a trial in court before a judge, the adjudicators are responsible for conducting fair hearings and making final decisions on the issues. They do this by considering the evidence and applying the legislation, case law, and policies that relate to your case.

Tribunals tend to be a more informal investigation by which it is discovered if there are grounds for formal charges. If there are, it goes to Court for judgement.

Syr Brya Montague, am I correct this far?

In recent hours, a New Set of Rathfallian laws has been put before us. The Old Set was... concerning to say the least, as many of the laws included in it left much to be desired insofar as to reporting or dealing with corruption in most ways, as well as the definition of slander.

Slander or Libel typically may include in most lands the following:
  • Imputing that a person committed a crime;
  • Imputing that a person is infected with a loathsome communicable disease;
  • Imputing that a person is unable or lacks the integrity to perform one’s employment duties;
  • Imputing that a person lack ability or otherwise prejudices one in one’s profession; and
  • Imputing that a person has engaged in adultery or fornication.
Syr Brya Montague, am I correct thus far?

You must realize that due to what We as the Unbounded ran into last Rathfall Market where we prevented the your Moon from being forcibly crashed into Fortannis, We ran into several instances in which many amongst our number are less than sure that this law will be exercised in Good Faith due to the wording of your former laws, as well as some of the wording of the current. If one is to bring foward any case of corruption, the argument for slander could be levied.

Many have come to me with the concern that this will be a Kill Box situation. It would not be the first time such an instance has happened to myself or many of the others here. I mean no insult, accusation, or injury by this statement, but rather would like to inform you of many of our Anxieties.

I do not wish to come into this situation with hostility either, but due to much of the phrasing used thus far to describe affected parties, as noted by the Sage and Warlord Binar Blooddrinker, has been derogatory in nature many among us are quite frankly concerned. I may be incorrect, but it sounds as if you have already decided for yourself that the Unbounded are guilty. I sincerely hope you've merely phrased your sentiments poorly and would kindly ask that you more carefully consider your words in the future. Emotion and Inflection are difficult to transmit via text alone.

Regardless, we are not flies. You'll have more success with metaphorical honey rather than vinegar.

Margrave Auryn Fairhorn of Concord
in service to the Princess Vivian Grimlocke, Duchess of Northshire, Wayside


Chicago Staff
My word. A kill box? A third of the Triumvirate asks for your assistance and you believe we are to trap and execute you all afterwards? My word, this Shademire tale is getting too intense for my sensibilities.

Our good Seneschal takes his job very seriously. I see that seriousness has rubbed off on you all. He also is bound to not talk about details of the Tribunal. I, however, am not bound by such duties.

Know this, it has already been proven beyond doubt the Unbounded carried out the jailbreak. We now need to hear why (although after a year of testimonies we strongly suspect the answers). Testimonies have revealed that some of you all were imprisoned during your short visit last year and thus we wanted to hear who and for what reason.

Know, that all Rathfallians involved in last year’s Night of the Long Fang have been summoned and conclusions for them have been delivered. For our records to be complete, we are missing your crucial testimony. We hope two of you can provide that.

To reiterate one last time, this Tribunal is a gathering of individuals so that all the testimonies and information of last year's Night of the Long Fang are properly documented, researched and resolved.

Knowledge is power. We must be sensible individuals and grow from the mistakes of the past. I hope this is something the Unbounded and Rathfallians can accomplish together.

-Syr Germain Byra Tully
Knight of Whitecrown
Consort and Protectorate of Pauper's Launch



It seems you've encountered Rathfall's infamously smooth communication network already. Some would falter in the face of such an imposing exchange, but you all have held your own in a noteworthy fashion.

Hearing here the strong and deeply rooted convictions you carry with you, even unto a land not your own, I feel well inclined towards you all as principled individuals. That is indeed something of remark, and as such I wish to offer to you a formal invitation to dine with me at the upcoming Feast weekend (in January) for the luncheon to celebrate the great hunt in hopes of becoming further aquainted. The Bengalo family line has a long history of having a hand in curating the venue of the Feast as a stage of celebration, where dialogue and comradarie can blossom. The tradition commenced centuries ago and has laid a foundation of revelry welcoming the New Year as means of a rare moment of harmony and consilience for those in attendance in the many, many years since. It would be my honour and my pleasure to welcome you as distinguished personal guests.

Before such a pleasure can be indulged however, we have the matter at hand. My advice as the date of your tribunal fast not falter in your resolve but keep clear heads and open minds remembering always that there are many lenses to the world, not simply your own. In the end despite differences in perspective, despite the complexity of the issue at hand, and despite the many factors to be born in mind; the opportunity awaits to come together after the matter of adjudication is complete to pursue the mutually beneficial outcome of understanding and accord. It is my hope that even those who sit before gilded plates at the Feast will consider it a privilege even greater to be sat beside the reputable ones who spoke their truth.

I trust to see you on the other side of this tribunal as whole and upstanding as you find yourselves now.

In Anticipation,
Countess Céline Archezino Bengalo
Leader and Keeper of the Shademire District
Önder of the North Eyes Csillagos
Guildmistress of the Aquaregia Coinsmith