Production Question


I'm a new player considering playing an Earth Magic Potion Maker. My question is that it appears that potions require the target to drink it, however any of the offensive potions listed in the rule book would require your enemy to drink the potion which seems very unlikely. Potions like Weakness, Disease, Silence, Sleep, Wither, Charm, Destruction, and Paralysis seem like they would need to be fed to the enemy to have any effect. I'm sure I'm misunderstanding something.

Does drinking the potion by a non caster give the drinker the ability to cast that spell?


Chicago Staff
You are understanding it correctly: the Effects of a Potion are transmitted through drinking. All those nasty Potions only normally do something if they're quaffed. Drinking the Potion does NOT give anyone the ability to cast that spell.

That being said, there are other skills and tools which allow you to use "offensive" Potions. The Potion Coating Ritual allows you to place Potions onto weapons and then use them to attack similar to a Poison Coating. The Potion Mastery Brewer Skill allows you to put any Potion into the Spell Store or Memory Strike Ritual, both of which allow you to use their Effects offensively. There are also some Superior Equipment (Brewers Bow, Lesser/Greater Healing/Harming Weapon, Congealing Powder) that allow you to "weaponize" potions in a similar manner by "loading" them with whatever you feel is appropriate. I think there are others that I can't recall.