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Good morrow to all travelers and residents.

2) We are continuing to grow relations with the Elven Kingdom. There will be an excursion out to a wooded/floral area that will need cleared for us to retrieve a Red Rose Crystal Bulb. I apologize if that is not in the right order but that is the item we are seeking. It will only bloom during the transition to dusk. I have done a lot of recon on it and will explain my findings in person tomorrow.

4) We will be discussing the next buildings for the growth of the town. Tarikk has reached out to me between gathers and wants to begin helping me with these decisions. As always, I do my best to include the townfolk in these types of decisions. Shen, hopefully you will be in attendance, your wisdom and review in these situations is always appreciated.

~Glenn Stormwolf
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As we only want our fellows to be "in the know" Im starting a new discussion within our private conversations. As anything shared in our Announcement & Advertisement board is accessible to any townsfolk or traveler who comes through Ikari's Hope.

The Red Rose Bulb has been acquired and is currently under safe & secret Keeping. This past market, we were visited by an Emissary of the Elven Queen by her highest ranked Magician. During this we attempted to learn about the situations brewing between the two Monarchs, which sadly as true immortals, none of the Elven people remember the cause or reason of the divide & feud within the marriage. We did learn that both the King and Queen are "Immortal Elves" - a noted and distinct separation from the considered normal lifespan of their Elven people. Which Colloquially, I have been referring to as "wood" or "Forest" Elves since that is where they live and seems to be the bulk of their Kingdom that we know of. This separating them with speech of Elves we have met who are not Stone Elves (Of the Isle of Stone Elves which I am sure has a name but until then simply "Stone Elf Island") or the Dark Elves of the Empire of Night - or other Elves who are not residents or members of any of these three kingdoms. As it has raised an interesting political slip of assuming that because one is an Elf of a general Heritage does not automatically mean that they are citizens of their Origin Kingdom.

The adventurers assumed and the visiting Mage confirmed that giving this Red Rose Crystal to the King would be the People of Ikari's Hope "Choosing a side" in the conflict between the King and Queen. As discussed, we wouldn't know anything about that conflict but would exist as mercenaries because we were asked to obtain and promised payment for it. Which is not a bad life and pretty standard for Adventurers, but becomes a whole new concern when a single decision lumps in all of our fellows and all of our towns folk, and any adventurer who may visit Ikari's Hope. It would embroil us, with a severe lack of knowledge into a Kingdom edging on potential Civil War, and inter-Kingdom Politics which we are woefully under educated or prepared for.

Many adventurers agreed with not choosing a side to avoid getting involved for as long as we could manage. But equally that we didn't want to sit idle knowing that the King sought this item, and we didn't know why or what for - but he believed it would turn the tide in his favor. Putting us into a world in which the King may gain dominance among the Forest Elf Kingdom. Not knowing a lot of information, that prospect was equally worrying as we had no way to know what we would be standing aside and allowing to happen.

I introduced the idea of The Empire of Night. The Empire's primary public motivations are the Safety and Security of the Stone Elves and their Island. Any action against them risks that safety and security and on whole - the world reveres the Stone Elves for their sacrifice as they as a people embodied the true meaning of the world. The Empire funnel's its resources in various ways but nearly anything and everything that we know they do, ultimately leads back to this basic goal. So whatever this Red Rose Crystal is - The Empire of Night would also want it, could use it, and whatever they used it for would ultimately and somehow correlate to the safety and security of Stone Elf Island. Which 100% eliminates the King or Queen being able to publicly say or do anything negative against Ikari's Hope and its People or The Empire of Night. As to do so would to speak against the safety and security of the Stone Elves and Ikari's Hope's dedication to joining in that initiative as new people to these lands.

The Queen's Emissary agreed that while the Queen would Ideally like the item herself, her primary concern is that the King does not obtain it. As either would ensure the alliance or Enemy of either Monarch. The Queen would be satisfied if neither of them gaining the item, but our guest commended our wisdom in attempting to stay out of the conflict for as long as possible and considering an option which the Queen could support and hopefully force the King to support as well despite his disappointment.

I have sent a Whispering Wind to our Empire of Night Emissary, Kordo - out lining that I have a potential prospect to discuss with him for the Primarch's to consider. The expected adventurers for that meeting and I will either speak with him between markets, or attempt to have a scheduled meeting during next market gathering.

Now, we exist in a rock and hard place politically and absent of no other information, there are virtually no other options we could earnestly consider which would provide the same good relations with all parties and maintain neutrality. Meaning for such a negotiation, we have very little ability to ask for anything exorbitant from the Primarch's. They will quickly deduce our position and recognize that we have few choices but to give them the Red Rose Crystal or return to our precarious situation between the King and Queen of the Forest Elves. So my intention is to ask them for something that is well below what we would consider a fair market value. With the Coin the item could generate among adventurers; would be able to easily pay for the thing I would ask with coin to spare. But the object is of greater value used in protecting the Stone Elves. Equally, Ikari's Hope would have greater value and appreciation in a new Specialist and associated building. So I intend to ask them (assuming there is not majority opinions against) for something which would be a minor expense for them, but a great value to our development.

As the Empire of Night has all of the knowledge, experience and materials necessary to construct and have a specialist run a Magical Research Facility and having said facility available to us much sooner in our building plans would be able to assist us in many different ways with our current developmental concerns. As we settled with a Formal Magic, Celestial Specialist - The specialist I would request would be a Formal Magic, Earthen. Together they would be able to run the building to its fullest, as we continue to plan and grow our two magics guild halls. As those are projects being led by fellow adventurers.

I excluded the notion of a Mine, Smithy, Town Walls, Stable, or Improved Barracks - as these are all things we have on the docket this year and will be able to manage them ourselves. A Magical Research Building, likely wouldn't be ordinarily possible till late in the year or more likely next year - but to have it this much sooner will allow us to apply its resources to the other projects we want to accomplish this year. The Earthen Formal Magic Specialist would have the option of temporary or Permanent relocation but the ask will be that they live among us to teach an Earthen Formal Magic Specialist.

Always bare in mind that it would be a specialist from another Kingdom and thus by default is a spy. A spy from someone thus far is an ally, but a spy just the same. so make sure to be cognizant of future discussions being within our Private Communications versus our Public announcements and advertisements.


It was suggested, so I am making sure that suggestion is transparent in my sharing - that we simply give the Red Rose Crystal to the Empire of Night and ask for nothing in return. If they choose to show us kindness with a gift in return, so be it. I feel the suggestion holds merit and something we should do if we were interacting with a kingdom for the first time and wanted to open friendships with a new kingdom who we knew could benefit from the item and maintain the neutral good will we are attempting to covet. But as we are giving the item to The Empire of Night, the rarely challenged defenders of the Stone Elves and their island as well as already being existing friends. Gifts are for specific occasions, and should be given when they are truly a gift and have no ulterior motive or strings attached. To give this to them and ask nothing, could create a situation in which the Primarchs being to investigate how or why we would give such a thing freely, when our township clearly could benefit from something in exchange. Which is why my idea is, anticipating the two sides of that political coin - is to ask for something reasonably inexpensive for the vast Empire that they would be able to easily accomplish that we ourselves could not. This gives good political cover for them as it was mercantile exchange, as well as political cover for us. It grows our friendship by not asking for to much, and maintains the neutral risk regarding the Forest Elven King and Queen.


Is there anyone who feel strongly and provide reasoning behind why they feel we should indeed give the Red Rose Crystal and ask for nothing in exchange?

Those who agree we should ask for something, do you agree with my assessment of a new Specialist and Magical Research Building - or would you like to see us make a request for something else? What is that something else and why would you choose that over other potential things?

In the small groups's meeting with Kordo, I will attempt to go with any reasonable & logical majority decision not only among us but also among some of our most trusted currently existing specialists weighing in (assuming we choose to go with asking for some type of building and a specialist for that building). As the Whispering Wind has already been sent, those attending the meeting will be: Elfy, Lorelei, Isabo & Myself. If in the event Kordo simply comes to Ikari's Hope to have a meal &/or meet with us, then that meeting may include other people - so long as it remains productive, on topic, and brief. We are not the only people who Kordo is the Emissary for and he is an Empire of Night master Scout, so he has places to be and stuff to do and can not spend all day with us discussing the subject.

Feedback, or questions also encouraged.
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My apologies for such a delay in my response to this. I believe that working with the Empire of Night to remove the Omni Catalyst from our hands is a good idea and one that should be looked into. As you stated, I believe that such a valuable item should be traded instead of gifted.

My concern comes in regards to what the Empire of Night will be able to offer us. As they are more a sea faring folk, I do not know if they will have the means to procure the Specialist that you are looking for. Building and construction supplies I would not expect to be that much of an issue. Perhaps we could request them to find us a Specialist and pay for their wages for a year's worth of work. Or if during your negotiations with them, you can find out which Specialists they have readily available to borrow for the time. It would give us a clearer perspective on what each faction/Kingdom has to offer and where we can start pushing more resources or time investment into.

If the Empire of Night is not able to accommodate what we are looking for, perhaps our next best venture would be to speak with the Dryads under the World Tree. I can only imagine that the possibility of gaining an Omni Catalyst that can be used for a multitude of Nature based rituals could easily lead to a generous offering/trade in our favor. I hope this helps offer another perspective to the item we have at hand. Thank you as always for your hard work and dedication to the town Shen.

~Glenn Stormwolf
Guardian of the First Tree
As you stated, I believe that such a valuable item should be traded instead of gifted.
My concern comes in regards to what the Empire of Night will be able to offer us. As they are more a sea faring folk, I do not know if they will have the means to procure the Specialist that you are looking for.
A thought i had considered, thus far they seem as if they are among the largest militaristic, and economic. Which could be optics and lack of perspective but an assumption their magical knowledge and ability equally rivaling.
Building and construction supplies I would not expect to be that much of an issue.
Always, but as it is a more easily accessable material and we dont seem to be struggling for more currently - leaving this item open for future trades particularly with smaller sphere powers.
Perhaps we could request them to find us a Specialist and pay for their wages for a year's worth of work. Or if during your negotiations with them, you can find out which Specialists they have readily available to borrow for the time. It would give us a clearer perspective on what each faction/Kingdom has to offer and where we can start pushing more resources or time investment into.
This might be the better angle to explore honestly. Not only are they a power, they also have relations with others. So while they themself may not be able guide our best foot forward - their connections and introductions of friendship to others might. Equally as pointed out, keeping the need open but the specifics of how it's filled could become polite tête-à-tête. Our acknowledgments of the items value and wish to gain social/ political, but also economical value for it - but allowing them to establish where they currently have in excess to spare or the value they assign some combination of the gesture, wisdom, item itself, Ikari's Hope.
If the Empire of Night is not able to accommodate what we are looking for, perhaps our next best venture would be to speak with the Dryads under the World Tree.
A possibility if nothing else. I am not as well versed in their Kingdom or culture's generalities. I am sure if it is a resource that the EoN doesn't have immediate need, part of the discussion could be their assistance in increasing friendships in other areas and expanding our circle of associates. The EoN is a solid choice to present as our willing to join in the protection of the Stone Elves & their Island. But it isn't the only choice and one we need not express at every waking moment. In this angle, I can keep the conversation lacking a commitment, and reconvene once Kordo has had a chance to confer with his superiors as Emesary.

In the meanwhile, I am sure many will have spent some time between market outside of our hamlet. So might be able to report news or information to add/alter these stances. While also providing opertunity for those who might have good relations and knowledge of another kingdom for us to consider or consult independently or through the EoN.

Negotiation has always seemingly offered fair trade for information and does accept increased payment for ratified terms expressing the discretion of the inquiry. Which could be an option should we see him again so soon.

Those who have had the chance to interact with the shade beyond the veil, that individual may have some insights worth some consideration - if those whom are more familiar with them could broach the inquiry and let me know the details if the chat bears actionable fruit.
Bringing everyone up to speed regarding this item / situation.

Emessary Kordon of the Empire of Night, joined us for morning meal during our most recent market gathering.

After a wonderful meal, we talked about many things and throughout that conversation others were less than encouraging with some diplomatic misgivings & incidents. Though it is my hope that I was successfully able to smooth those over and hopefully they will not be cited against us in future dealings. In the moment, Emissary Kordon seemed appeased, though only time will tell for certain. I suspect those individuals who gave offense will be less likely to be well received in the future and that their actions will not reflect the whole. But it is political speculation.

After discussing needs versus desires, barriers, and other future state planning - Emissary Kordon exchanged what he was empowered to negotiation on behalf of a Primarch, and which ones. Others he would need to negotiate in best faith and return with a decision. Therefore as Ikari's Hope's needs fell within his abilities to make agreements on behalf of specific Primarchs, I focused my attention there.

In exchange for the Red Rose Crystal.... the Empire of Night would give/provide us....
  • The Construction Specialist, Quarry Specialist, 100% of Building & Construction Materials, and 100% labor nessecary to construct a Quary at the Quary location we have secured.
    • This Construction should have immediately started the following Sunday, so it will be finished and started production by our next Market gathering.
  • The Construction Specialist will return home with all except 50% of the labor force nessecary to operate the quary.
  • The Quary Specialist will remain with us for 6months, (until december). As will 50% of the labor force nessecary to operate the quary.
    • They will operate & run the quary which should begin providing workable material before next Market.
    • We will provide 50% of the labor force for Quary operation, and in these 6mo, they will be taught to work the quary. The Quary Specialist will choose among those learning the best candidate and begin teaching them to become a Quary Specialist.
  • If all goes well, at the conclusion of this 6mo time, we should have plenty of people skilled to operate the Quary who are also skilled enough to teach others. Additionally, a new Quary Specialist should be trained or very nearly finished training. If the Quary Specialist isn't finished training, we can then Negotiate with the Empire of Night Specialist regarding the time and cost needed to finish their training. As well as the labor force which will be living among us to perhaps stay longer or have opertunities to relocate.
  • The Empire of Night holds a boarder against a mountain range, and does not have need of Trade with the stone we will collect. However, offers that the People of the Great Plains are always looking to trade for materials the Plains do no have. As well as make sure that his next passage through their lands he will make passing mention of us and our ability to potentially become new trading partners.
  • Emessary Kordon is going to spread the word around the Mystic Specialists and their Apprentices within the Empire of Night that Ikari's Hope is searching for such Mystic Specialists to learn more of the world and our own magical development. As Elves are generally an immortal people, such apprentices rarely have opertunity for advancement short of striking out on their own. He suspects there will be several who have an interest and reminds that they would be interviewing us, as much as we would be them.

This will impact our community that during Construction, we will consume more from our food reserves as the Quary requires no small amount of labor to build. Additionally, the labor force which remains is not so small as to be inconsequential. So our consumption and waste will increase during these six months.

As we continue our pre Great Hunt preparations, please remember our ongoing agreements with the petrified city, as well as the Farmer's Guild. Both of these groups need additional labor to work their farms. They will spend several weeks among them working, and also learning a variety of life skills. The Farmer's Guild also willing to teach the labor force with the knowledge and skills of a variety of martial, stealth, or Scholarly skills. One of our people, an Adventurer, must escort these people to and from these locations. The return trip you should take a wagon, as part of that agreement is that they get to bring home some of the food.

Any questions, please let me know.