Registration Thread November 15th Weekend: Invasive Invasions


Site will be Camp River Trails
We look forward to seeing you at the weekend! Sorry for the delay on posting this- was curious how many would prereg via the CMA without prompting. Also been a crazy week!!

All PCs should report to Idle-Wild (Tavern) and NPCs to Bonnie Brae (NPC camp) (Same Set up as Last Event-)

The event for PCs will cost $75 and NPCs $25; however anyone who preregisters will gain a $15 discount! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday are included with your event fee.

The site opens 6PM on Friday November 15th, registration AND a soft lay on will begin at 8PM with PC talk and the hard lay on around 10PM. (Please do not be on site before 6PM if you have not spoken directly with Rob) Second Day Logistics will be at 2PM Saturday (this is an lco policy and let us know if you love or hate it) Sunday will be plot loose ends and clean up! Our goal is to be off site about noon on Sunday!

Site Address: 2599 US-52, Sheridan, IL 60551

Preregistration via the CMA can be completed here:

To get the discount the preregistration must be completed 11:59PM on Tuesday November 12th!

Prepay via paypal to... -anyone who prepays will get an LCO component as thanks for helping streamline check in!! You must have prepaid by the 11:59PM Tuesday November 12th deadline.

- 2.0 This is a process and we are all learning together. The most important thing you can do if you have not converted your production, magic items, or ritual scrolls is to submit them to There are various resources posted about this already we can give you links if you ask! We are focused on conversion and hope to finish it soon!! Our goal is to provide tags for most magic items this weekend!! IF we do not have tags for you we will soon!! You absolutely have your item for this weekend.
- As a note we will be allowing any PC who jumps ship for 4-6 hours to return to game with all of their personal spell stores filled with spells of their choice. But you must sign up with plot friday night before game for this shift (or before the event).
- Lastly please send an email to to let Ashe know which group you are with for cabin assignments. She previously made a post about this!! Also please let us know if you like, hate, or somewhere in between the fact we now assign cabins as it is a major change from the past. We have received some feedback but more is certainly welcome!! Let us know at

1. Brian L (Corbell)
2. Leanne L (Minnie)
3. Ib (Rengar)
4. Vicki P (Antonio)
5. Sam S (Beryl)
6. Amie W (Raquel)
7. Melaina F (Kat)
8. Ben B (Binar)
9. Nate S (Nikolai)
10. Kyle S (Talus)
11. Brian G (Thaddeus)
12. Adam P (Peter)
13. Daphne P (Calli)
14. Matt M (Desylvia)
15. Kayla S (Locke)
16. Ian H (Cami)
17. Ryn L (Auryn)
18. Ryan B (Binks)
19. Dani C (Isabo)
20. Dwayne B (Shen)
21. James F (Grimshaw)
22. Amanda F (Liddia)
23. Carly B (Kazhira)
24. Sid P (Ragnarok)
25. Matt E (Garwon)
26. Alana E (Vanya)
27. Seamus C (Benjamin)
28. Ethan R (Iggy)
29. Mia L (Kai)
30. Kyle H (Edwin)
31. Emma B (Agate)
32. JGW (Dramthin)
33. William P (Erick)
34. Jared M (Glenn)
35. Jon D (Aramis)
36. Annette S (Cyn)
37. Steph P (Mila)
38. Andrew N (Rusty)
39. Alex M (J'rajj)
40. Derek S (Sam)
41. Ian S (Draco)
42. Jordan F (Valentino)
43. Katie M (Althea)
44. Thomas M (Ractor)
--------After deadline
45. Luke N (Migs)

1. Nate B
2. Alexander T
3. Emma A
4. Rob D
5. Luke D
6. Warren M
7. The Dark Legion (13 Strong)
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Remember to get those Preregs in!! The prereg deadline is Tuesday at 11:59 PM--you are welcome to register after that but will not get the discount!

Having accurate head counts early in the week really help event preparations go smoothly!


21 NPCs....maybe a new Chicago Record!!

Last Day to prereg and get that sweet discount!!


Chicago Staff
21, who makes up this 13 group dark legion?


Public Relations Committee
Wait a hot minute. Was that Dramthin, the keeper of the tainted grove?! If so, I am grabbing him for like the whole event. He has zero say. ;)



21, who makes up this 13 group dark legion?
We had a couple people drop in on Saturday that come from another LARP (don't remember the name) and they mentioned having a big group ready to come in later, so I assume it's them?


Yup thats correct!

Sorry totally thought I responded already.