Relic Bearer’s Siphon Clarification


Current text:

Relic Bearer’s Siphon
This ability allows a character to Meditate and expend a potion to restore an amount of points to their own Earth
Channeling Pool. This amount is equal to 5 points per level of the spell, plus an additional 5 points if the potion expended
is a cure/cause wounds potion.

Clarification Question:
For example, utilizing this ability with a level 4 Cure Wounds Potion (20 Body Points) would it restore 25 Earth Channeling, or 40? Basically is it level value x5 + 5, or is it level value x10 if it is a cure/cause wounds potion?



Alliance Rules
Chicago Staff
The formula would be (level X 5) + 5, so 25 points returned in this case

We can make this more clear in the final wording in the rule book.
Thanks for your question!