Replenishing Production Point Pool with Crafting Material

Under the Craft Adventuring Equipment description it says that, "Once the initial pool of Production Points has been used it can be refiled, in whole or part, by using Crafting Materials either during Logistics or at a Crafting Station at a ratio of 1 Crafting Material to 1 Production Point." For this purpose can any Crafting Material be used, or only the two types of Crafting Materials that pertain to that specific crafting pool? For example, can I replenish a pool of Inscription Production Points using Herbs, or only using Vellum and Ink? The wording of the section seems to imply that any could be used, but the spirit of the section discussing Crafting Materials would lead me to think only the Vellum and Ink would apply for Inscription, and likewise the two Crafting Materials for other Crafting Abilities.


Alliance Rules
Gettysburg Staff
Only the Crafting Materials associated with the skill can be used to refill the CAE pool.