Rules resolvement

So some thing came up this weekend that had me a little confused during some of the combat this weekend and I just wanted to clear it up.

During a few of the fights players were combating me with a staff in one hand and 1 handed weapon in the other. I was called out for blocking with a two handed weapon in weilded in one hand.

so this is what I found in the newest rulebook.

Page 94 weapon attacks. Second paragragh.

"Weapon attacks must be done in a specific
way. If you are holding a weapon in a way that
is not allowed by the skill, you will take the

Under the skill listing of Staff it says:

"This skill allows the character to wield a
staff. Staff use is restricted for safety reasons,
so a player using a staff must keep both hands
gripped within the middle three feet of the staff."

For me, this is just to clairify a rule, so that no more misunderstandings will take place.
Not quite correct - a staff is the only 2-handed weapon with which is is permitted to block - and block only - with one hand. I think this is mainly to allow casters to defend themselves and still cast spells, but you can use the staff as your long weapon of a 2-weapon combo as well.
Page 83, under staff, it says "Staffs may only be handled in the middle 3 feet. This distance should be marked off so it is easily identifiable. You must have both hands on the staff to attack, but you may block with only one hand on the staff, or in conjunction with a short weapon for the purposes of the Two Weapon skill."
Ok, you are right. However, that phrase is under the Weapon Constuction rules, which is about how you contsruct a boffer. It is not under the Combat rules, nor is it in the skills section under Staff or Two weapon fighting. The Two weapon fight skill entry prohibits all two handed weapons from being used with another weapon in hand. The Combat rules state you must follow the weapon rules listed in the skills section, and under the Staff rules it says "Staff use is restricted for safety reasons, so a player using a staff must keep BOTH hands gripped within the middle three feet of the staff." Its right out of the book. Using a staff in combat means blocking and attacking not just attacking.

It could be that the Weapon constuction rules were not updated from a previous revision or change. Ill bring this up in the marshals forums.
If you poke all the debates on it, you will find Staff as part of a Two Handed combo (With a single weapon offhand) has long been an accepted practice. As a staff wielder yourself didn't you cast spells while holding your staff? It's kinda hard not to... and it makes high magic like "Oak of the Arcane" entirely pointless if you cannot hold the staff with one hand while throwing packets. Besides "Weapon Guidelines" are where we would draw all issues about weapons anyway, it clearly states it there, and really the core of any weapon debate is drawn from the weapon page not from Skills or Combat.
Ask this in the Marshal forum. That is what that forum is for. If the Marshals cannot agree, it can be sent to ARC for further clarification.

But: Under Two Weapons:

This skill allows the character to hold and
use two weapons in combat, one in each hand.
Neither weapon can be a two handed weapon,
and one of the weapons must be a Short or Small

(BOLD is my emphasis). A Staff is a 2 handed weapon as per page 82. So any hit to that staff while holding another weapon is illegal and all damage has to be taken. Remember, that is "with another weapon" in hands. Spell packets are not weapons.

It was already posted for me, but this is the thread where an ARC did state, in the errata:

The addendum specifically gives an exception which allows Staff to be used with the Two Weapons skill (and yes, that directly implies Florentine with a dagger, before it's asked):

81: Staffs: A staff may be used as a one-handed blocking weapon in conjuction with a short weapon for the purposes of the Two Weapons skill.

So no you wouldn't take damage and Staff can be used as a blocker while you wield a short sword/dagger etc.


I'm so glad these rules are spread out over so many things. You know, cause putting it all under the main "thing" such as staff or two weapons would be just too easy.
And did you not say there is no need to "dig" for the information?
Not really. 1 post on the Marshal forums and within 30 minutes (ish) the rule was clarified. Same with the PTD skill etc.
Aaron you are right about the whole casting thing, thats not the disargreement. Its more about how three sepperate rules say you can not block with a staff one handeded or attack. But in a small sentance under the weapon construction guide it says you can with the 2wf or florintine skills. Im not saying that a mage cant cast a spell while holding thier staff, im arguing a mage(or anyone) cant block with a staff even if they have the two weapon fighting skill.