Scroll from the previous gathering

Adventurers of Erabella,

During the last gathering we destroyed a Domain of the Defiled belonging to the lich known as the Dark Lord. For this we were rewarded with a ritual scroll of Regeneration. Since a number of adventurers had left prior it was decided that we open the auction on the dreaming and resolve it at the gathering. If you would like to bid on the Regeneration scroll, you may bid here or via a private message to me. I will also accept bids for a short time at the gathering on Friday as well.

Zen Mallowbrooks
Administrator of the Town Box


Chicago Staff
- Cass


I believe due to the gathering being held today, we should simply auction it at the gathering to avoid anyone missing their opportunity.

Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky
Sworn Paladin to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories


Minnesota Staff
I share Sir Zihr's opinion. I feel that an auction on such short notice, for such an important scroll, might not be the best way to go about it. Maybe if it occured immediately following the last gathering it would have been better, but unfortunately I dont know if everyone who might have an interest in the scroll will be dreaming in the following hours leading up to our gathering, is my concern.

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