Seeking Trap Avoidance


Residents of Stradyn,

I am seeking a scroll of Trap Avoidance; the magic must be able to freely travel once cast (OOG: not an LCO scroll). I have some rituals I'd be willing to offer in trade, or coin.

Reach out to me if you're interested in discussing, and we can figure out a fair deal.

-Shaman Zeth
Additionally, if you don’t want to sell such a scroll, but you have one available, I would absolutely appreciate borrowing it so it can be Copied.

-Shaman Zeth
My friend, I do not live in Strayden, but I do have an item I would be willing to sell. Contact me, and I will see what I can do for you. Its notable the item is extended and has a good deal of time left.
-Graven Shadow-Steel, Shard Breaker, Destroyer of walls, Hero of Fort Alliance, and Thrower of Sausage
I appreciate the offer! However, I specifically need the scroll in order to include it in a batch of rituals!

Thank you very much for your offer, however!

-Shaman Zeth
I will check in the stores of the Ashen Collective and see if we have one available.

-Squire Kevar Bryne
I appreciate all the offers of help!

I have located one. Thank you!

-Shaman Zeth