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A Convergence of Conflict

PC Primer

(OoG: The following is an IG Message sent via dream)

Greeting Friends,

It is I, your friend the Phamtasmologist. It seems the scourge of the Necromoth and mysterious motives of the Lord of Eternal Life continue to be a threat to all of Enerret. I felt it would be prudent to help all of you both native and foreign born with a few tips for the coming journey to Lerullus the Sky Kingdom and more specifically House Stymphalian. I hope to aid your focus and allow you to better navigate the physical and social terrain. To this end I have put together a concise quick guide with names of places of interest, customs of importance, and people of note. Additionally I reached out to a trusted friend and official ambassador whom you will be directly working with from House Stymphalian. He should be able to answer most of your questions. Please observe or hear out what I have to say, then feel free to ask any questions you may have. I have tried to make this list as simple and concise as possible.

First off I will list the proper names of places with a brief description.

The Caius Dominion: The loosely organized union of the kingdoms both above and below the largest mountain ranges of Enerret. It is divided above ground into two mountain ranges. The Western most range is where we will soon find ourselves. It is known as the Claw Mountain Range. It is home to many races which will be listed below

The Claw Mountain Range: Located to the West of Brimm’s Watch, this mountain range is disconnected from overland travel being surrounded by both Tharros to the North and Sylvarus to the South.

Lerullus: Also known as the Sky Kingdom and the Biata Kingdom. These are the lands in the mountains, usually in the higher elevations, which are ruled over by Biata and Their respective houses. It is a good idea when speaking to local Biata of the Sky kingdom to refer to the name Lerullus calling this kingdom by the name of the Dominion (Caius) can be a matter of offence to some.

Stympandia: Large encampment and major training grounds for House Stymphalian. A heavily forested area, which is mostly known for it’s intense and often times creative training grounds. Stympandia is also home to Caius’s second largest fighting arena.

House Stymphalion: The name of the Biata House holding rulership of this region of Lerullus above the Claw Mountain Range. They are a strict, militant society. Order, duty, and honor are the foundation of their society. The people of House Stymphalion are known best for their strength, bravery, and their unshakeable comradery. Their house colors are bronze, silver and black. Although these are not the only colors they wear. For example, a particularly renowned unit, the Vermillion Alpha troops, are known for their signature red and black armor.

The Onyx Curtain: The subterranean lands below the mountains are known for both their natural, and unnatural darkness. Home to the Kimmerious (Dark Elf) lands known as the White Winged Bats District in the East and The Five Stripe Scorpions District in the West. The Dark Orcs (High Orcs) and Wildestkin (Wylderkin) also live below ground in these lands.

The races, their factions and territories in The Claw Mountain Range are listed below in order from highest elevation to lowest.

Biata of House Stymphalian: Details of house listed above and feel free to ask questions after this presentation.

Clan SunderBoulder: These Golden Dwarves are passionate explorers and experts at mining the many rare and valuable ores only found within the Claw Mountain Range. They are notorious for doing so with a reckless passion. Clan SunderBoulder is closely allied with House Stymphalian and rely heavily on House Stymphalian for protection. Additionally the SunderBoulders maintain good relationships with both the Dark Orcs and the Kimerious districts. The SunderBoulders mainly care about maintaining their claims to land with valuable mining stakes but other than that do not keep tight borders. The few areas they do claim are considered part of Virris, the Golden Dwarf Kingdom, for as long as the Clan chooses to mine there.

The Kimmerious Districts: The Kimmerious lands of The Claw Mountain Range are split into two rival districts. The White Wing Bat District in the east is known for its stranglehold on the secretive underground paths that lead to the main or Leg Mountain Range. The western district is called the Five Strip Scorpion District and deal mainly in slaves with minor agricultural trade in exotic underground vegetation. The two do not get along as the Five Stripe Scorpion District has to Export everything to the main mountain range via the White Wing Bat District. These districts are technically under the protection of the Kimmerious Kingdom called Novonus.

Dark Orcs of the Gon’Ruk Tribe: One of the recognized tribes of the relatively new kingdom of the United Orc Tribes, also called the Agralius Kingdom. They are fierce protectors of what little they have and have a strong hatred for the Kimmerious. They highly respect the Biata of House Stymphalian and are indifferent to the Golden Dwarves of Clan Sunderboulder. Their numbers are rumored to be in the high hundreds if not the low thousands.

The Wildestkin: These poor people live a hard life in the deepest, harshest parts of the Onyx Curtain known simply as Cassania. It is a life fraught with danger and enemies around every corner, yet it is a life of freedom which those of Cassania prize of above all else. I know little of anything even close to resembling a civilization amongst these wild folk.


The following things are listed as Illegal in the territory of House Stymphalian. Breaking them not only endangers you personally, but potentially your group as a whole as members of a “unit” are frequently held responsible for the actions of their comrades..

All within the borders of House Stymphalian are subject to its laws with no exceptions. This includes all outsiders.

All Stymphalian citizens are subject to Stymphalian law both within and outside The House borders. This includes banished citizens as well as citizens abroad.

All citizens are to perform any duties requested by the state and their superiors. They are to do so to the best of their ability, within a timely manner, and without question.

Any found guilty of any crime whatsoever against House Stymphalian are to be punished by dishonorable discharge and either sentenced to hard labor, final death, or banishment to Cassania. Justice is determined at the end of the court martial hearing. Punishable offences include but are not limited to:

Treason, Murder, Insubordinate Behavior, Kidnapping, Robbery, Vandalism, Assault, as well as any other violations determined by the Master Generals of House Stymphalian.

With what I am hoping is a sufficient amount of basic information, I would now like to introduce Alexandrius Dimunes, a Legatus of House Stymphalian.

Hail Future Comrades,

I am here to help all of you transition into your position and help to set your legion on a quick path to immersion in our House and it’s ways. I have been informed by the foreigners I have previously helped in this manner that I sometimes can come off as stern or overly serious. I assure you if this is the case, I only do so to help educate you in a manner to which I am most adept. Let me be to the point. I cannot and will not abide any actions your legion may take endangering my House or any under the protection of my House.

You may find our ways a bit rigid. We may not seem the most diplomatic or sensitive of people. This is no accident, my house is one that has stood separate from the luxury and security of the other house’s combined strengths. We have always been surrounded by other kingdoms whose history is not one of continuous peace. This makes my House and most societies in our mountain range more protective of ourselves and of our allies in the Claw Mountains. What we are as a society is the culmination of centuries of defensive military tactics. So if we seem stern or uptight it is only because we have throughout our history suffered when acting in any other manner. With that in mind I will explain our most sacred practice, the process of rank.

You will be ranked and given commands by others. You are expected to complete tasks given you in a timely manner, to the best of your ability.

Your legion is placed as Salararius Class. This classifies you as an outside group. This is usually assumed to mark one as a foreign/mercenary unit. What this means is your leaders report directly to myself. You will not be expected to take orders from any others aside from myslef, and my superiors. However other legions do have the right to speak to me and I may relay any requests to your highest officer. Any of my house aside from myself, and my superiors found to have issued you commands directly are in violation of the law and face appropriate censure.

I want to make this as clear as possible, we are not trying to make you break any oaths or any other moral code you may have. These regulations are in place to protect you and allow you to integrate smoothly into our society. If you feel someone is abusing the privilege of their rank you may contact me directly or you may speak with your leader, and she may speak with myself. Appropriate action will then be taken.

Ranks is decided by your highest ranking officer, and myself. The below ranks will be assigned as I see fit. These ranks are mainly in place to help our people understand who in your legion handles what responsibilities.

Rank assignment may change as I obtain and analyze information on your Legion. The ranks are listed from highest to lowest. This is not a reflection or in anyway or a judgement of you as a whole. This is a way to easily denote which responsibilities fall under which individual’s purview. I trust you all have worked together often enough that I will not have manage you. I trust you can respectfully and responsibly manage yourselves. This list will be updated as your visit approaches. Please understand that if you refuse a rank you will be fully under my house’s protection. This means you will not be able to fight for yourself, but will be forced to remain behind as we protect you. Our house’s guests are under our direct protection, meaning no exploring of fighting. We cannot force you to take a rank, but I urge you to do so in the strongest terms possible.

I ask you please state your full name, and any titles, or honorifics. If you desire a particular rank or to change a rank chosen for you please inform myself ( or in this thread) or your current Lead M5 Primus Pilus ( or FB Messenger Erin O’Donnel)

Salararius ranks

M5 Primus Pilus- This is the highest and lead rank for your legion. Only Biata born of the blood of House Stympahlian or if born of High Blood or are a direct discent of a high blood Biata may aquire this Salararius rank.


Pluvianella Charbonneau

Jodariel Vessaliu

M4 Primus Ordinis

This Rank is for those who normally find themselves in a leadership position. Usually it is a Biata from another house or other examples include but are not limited to those you may call commanders, barons, knights or noteworthy squires.


M3 Praetorians- This is the most common rank amongst most Salararius


M2 Centurion- Usually for those who work best with minimal supervision, and/or detached duty.. Those who primarily act independently, but will answer when action is called for.


M1 Optio- Usually the rank of those who are not yet of age to begin full training. I do not expect any of you to be this rank unless you are still a small child.

Remember these are mainly to identify and inform us, of House Stymphalian, how to best work with you.

For example if we see an M2 Centurion huddled over tinkering with something or breaking rank from the Shield line, we will know they are working to their strengths and leave them alone.

Another example; if we seek to gather a force of your soldiers, I will ask your M5 Primus Pilus to do so. Your M5 Primus Pilus will talk to your M4 Primus Ordinis who will gather the requisite individuals.

Next I would like to update you on the status of the Necromoth. The creature itself was broken from its very dense and solid Carrion Cocoon and is currently being actively pursued by our Bronze Unit. They have been able to keep it from our main encampment but this Necromoth is a subtle creature and our soldiers cannot seem to bring it to bay. At last report it was headed into Cassania but the Bronze Unit has failed to report for a few days so it’s exact location is unknown.

With heightened security for the forthcoming Grand Melee, as well as Grand Turinpin, we are stretched to our limit as it is. With this in mind there will be plenty of odd jobs worth coin for those interested in helping us better our encampment and help those in need.

Please feel free to ask me any question you wish and feel free to be as direct as possible. Communication is the path to knowledge and knowledge is the path to victory. Let’s help each other accomplish our mutual goals.

OoG- I would like to make it clear that this is purely for flavor. The ranks that will be assigned are in no way a reflection of anything out of game and if they are used as a tactic for any sort or bullying there will be consequences. The goal is to make this event feel fun and unique to the setting. If you have any OoG questions or concerns please Email staff at we look forward to see you all very soon.

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San Francisco Staff

I’m certain you will not be surprised to learn that I am not accustomed to taking on a leadership role, and certainly not a military command. However, it seems that this is what will need to happen in order for us to accomplish our objective and destroy the Necromoth.

Please rest assured that I have no interest in attempting to force my commands upon anyone who is unwilling. My intention is instead to act as a facilitator, to ensure that our group is able to maintain a fruitful relationship with the local power structure, and thus remain able to operate freely.

If any of you have any questions, concerns, or wish to speak to me for any other reason, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I would also welcome any advice on how I can best facilitate the operation of you or your group.

Pluvianella Charbonneau

I haven’t been playing with some of you for that long, so I just want to check in on an OOG level here. I think this is an interesting way for plot to shake things up, but I don’t want to make any of my fellow players uncomfortable. I am totally happy to work with people and/or plot to make sure that this is fun and not awkward — by talking things out beforehand, by making IC adjustments to how our characters will interact here, etc. Please feel free to hit me up if you have concerns, in or out of game. I also won’t be offended if you decide you don’t want a piece of this (but I do hope you’ll give it a chance.)
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Tulbor Ironshaper, Master Smith of the Ironshaper Clan
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I ask you please state your full name, and any titles, or honorifics.

Tulbor Ironshaper, Master Smith of the Ironshaper Clan


I am Shay dea'Saryn of the Serpent Pride, Squire to Baron Viktor Aleksey Vasilyev of Brimm's Watch.


San Francisco Staff
(OoG Please note that changes have been made to the primer section on regarding rank.)

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I am Fenris Achasse of House Namric. As usual, I'm coming at my own accord to support my house, research magiks, and bring an end to that sickening creature we are all mutually hunting. Though I am uncomfortable with our little band of do-gooders becoming organized, I offer my assistance.


Commander Plue,

At your service, in all things.

I have some... experience that may be invaluable to you in an advisory capacity. You are welcome to any of that knowledge as you wish.

Dame Ny'ranï Sheehar al'Basteua, Matriarch of the Serpent's Pride
Commander Pluvianella Charbonneau,

My title in it's complete is Diplomatic Assistant Terren of Knight's Ferry in service to the Baron Viktor Aleksey Vasilyev of Brimm's Watch, Diplomatic Assistant to the deceased Lady Heather of Knight's Ferry previously of the Embassy of Halcyon of the Empire of the Iron Hand.

For paperwork simplicity keeping it to Diplomatic Assistant Terren of Knight's Ferry in service to the Baron Viktor Aleksey Vasilyev of Brimm's Watch should be plenty.

In Service,