Sept event pre-reg closed

Pre-registration is closed, but you can still show up at the door and pay. No credit or debit cards at the door, unfortunately.


1. John Robertson + $40 food donation
2. Meggan Kucinskas + $40 food donation + event membership
3. Scott Kondrk
4. Dee Kondrk
5. Alex Koziak
6. Mike Guarino (Ketemycos) + $5 food donation
7. Susie Lee (Kialda Loa)
8. Heidi Hooper (Zat)
9. Joseph Siegel
10. Erika Noach (Kailani)
11. Francis Coyne
12. Bill Gibbs (Amaranthus)
13. Frank Willig (Huleen)
14. Michelle Stagnitta (Ezri) + $5 food donation
15. Samantha Bertrand
16. Kris Kitts
17. Emily O'Neil (Rali)
18. Kevin Bertrand
19. Frisco Cruise (Tvard)
20. Kathy Rosenblatt
21. Danielle Darwell
22. Robert Kinlen
23. Jordan Krebs (Cyno)
24. Illana Navas (Ferra)
25. Richard Hartzell + event membership
26. Sarah Heimbach + event membership
27. Ryan Leveille (Melimir)
28. Jacquelyn Blumenthal + event membership
29. Jaimie Tooker
30. Willow Achtermann (Victoria Galloway)
31. Altohtaro Armand (John Perkins)
+ event membership
32. Austin Nunnally


1. Donna Hellmuth
2. Collin Babcock
3. Dave Ehrhart
4. Mike Ventrella
5. Sean Metzler
6. Chris Macikonis
7. Angel Belford
8. Maryellen Schoedel
9. Ben Schoedel

10. Todd Navas
11. Brian Whitham
12. Akiva Blickstein
13. Drew Resele
14. Dom Alioto
15. Ashley Thomas
16. Christine Kasmar

Phoenix: Ash Forest
Gryphon: Kevin Bertrand and friends
Dragon: Sarah Heimbach and friends
Pegasus: Blythedale
Gargoyle: Vanguard

Fire: Alex Koziak
Water: Joe Siegel
Earth: John Robertson
Air: Ryan Leveille

Note on housing: Cabins are free as long as you have at least four people pre-registered to reserve one. Private rooms are $40. There is also a common room with six beds (not listed here) which is first-come, first-served and you don't have to pay extra for.
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Everyone's favorite war starting angry knight will be there. Bill to play Amaranthus.
Paid to PC Huleen.
Sean Metzler to NPC.


HQ Staff
NPCing. Will also bee wrangle if needed. I need a cooler beard than the Head of Rules'.
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HQ Staff
I will be NPCing.


Gettysburg Staff
Kris Kitts to PC V.


Can we get Phoenix cabin for me, Erika, Sam and Joe please?


Emily O PCing Rali.