September Favorites


I had a FANTASTIC time, hope you all did as well! Some of my favorites in no particular order were ...

Watching Tabby slowly crumble right after "Page, 500 Body!!" "I deserved that"


Meeting Vicount Grenado, then the Emperor of Picheston and choosing Option Three - The Duke.

Putting Beryl in a Web Spell and watching him scream his head off. I hate you Zihr, and it's not just the Berserk talking!!

Bel's B.S. Treasure Map from the Seekers. "I'll try to get another map from them when they aren't on any intoxicants"

All the love for Chicken Dianne, warm Apple Cider (to be fair, it was hot when I was told the mod was scheduled to be done ... 90 minutes later you get warm), and our final trip of the season to Beryl's contractually obligated favorite spot in all the lands - the Happy Husky Tavern.

Going on a troll hunt with Iganeous!

~Brad / Sir Zihr of House Husky


Tim and I had a great time! So glad to see you all! In no particular order:

Gurty came up with an idea that would allow Sentofino to be able to heal and feel more useful on the battle field. Thank you so much!

Chicken Dianne, warm Apple Cider (it was hot enough for me!), and Cheesy Garlic Bread. Yum! It was a shame that my appetite is not what it used to be. (Is there anyway I can get the recipe?)

Verrik fixing my broken shield mid-battle. Awesome!

Blu Wolf Prisoning the bad guy because I called for help. Thank You!

The Spectral Pirate losing a duel because of a Turn Undead & being chased into a wall.

Watching Mint and the otter-kin getting engulfed and spit out by the kraken.

Watching two elevation ceremonies.

New pink scrunchie and bead necklace/wall of force (eventually) made by Aurin. Thank You!

Thank you, Owners, Plot, Logistics, and NPCs for putting on a great game weekend.

-Jenny / Temperance / Jamina
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Ryan S

I very much enjoyed the group of players standing around Zihr repeatedly telling him that he can't spend the Prestige for a meeting with the Duke. Him acquiescing, walking inside, then coming back out ten seconds later to tell me he's spending the Prestige to meet the Duke.

Fiona turning to me out-of-game and saying, "I hate you so much for questioning my honor." And it suddenly making sense why she had left the Emperor's house.

Beryl trying to get a rise out of the Emperor, the Emperor not rising to it, and him saying, "That was completely unsatisfying, and I just want you to know my spaghetti is upset-y."

The Emperor mentioning an abandoned shop in the city, and Gerty from across the room perking up, "Do we know what kind of shop? Is it big enough for multiple workshops?"

"Let's go commit some petty crimes!"

The Emperor saying that he met with someone from the Merchant's Guild whose name he couldn't quite remember, but saying that they had one of those names where it just felt like they were meant to be in the Guild; and three people at the table going, "Gasblower?"

"What up bitch, we brought you something!" Proceeds to cast Blissful Rest.


So many fun memories

-The Tournament of Squires was great.
It was absolutely the Bruiseyest thing I could have done winning the 1v1 part with one swing. Man do I hate fighting against shields….

-seeing Bel and giving him a huge hug.

-Chicken Diane it was so good I’m so glad I reserved a cheddar bay biscuit from Mint.

-Annoying Beryl with our bottle blowing brigade.

-Who knew harvesting water buffalo paid so well.

-Heraldry 101

Sir Captain Bruisey “Crunch” Foemangler


Minnesota Staff
I had a great weekend! Some of my favorites include

Shark! Shark! Shark! Shark! Shark!

Spending well over an hour and a half walking around in that field looking for a stupid treasure box. Looking at the pile of wood and thinking "nah they wouldn't hide it out there" and coming back out and checking the wood pile only to find it there.

Always a pleasure to see the Raccoonstruct again! And learning some possible new information about the keyrunes??

Dream world shenanigans!

Had a lot of fun on that boat mod, I always enjoy a good boat mod.

Trying out a new janky build I actually really enjoyed.

I'll see you all at castle!

-Zach (Elros)
WOW!! there was alot of activity going on. some of what i liked... that boat mod where there were lots of traps on the deck. seeing two of the adventurers going up in rank, that crazy troll mod. that was the first i either heard or seen a Stone Troll. the kraken mod. that was quite strange seeing the water group getting the smaller boats and dodging the kraken and some getting spit out after being swallowed by it.

David Raatz aka Iganeous


My faves in no particular order:

- Gerty's gift.

- So much fun Otter-kin antics!

- Chicken Dianne and the warm Apple Cider.

- Helping Verrick when the Emperor casually suggests "Why don't you just kill him?" as an expediate solution while we adventurers were capturing the merchant ship.

- The Tournament of Squires was fun to watch Bruisey win.

- My immense chagrin as I mention during a mod that the local Viscount wanted the Emperor removed with all haste, "He's right there".

- Two elevation ceremonies!

- Zihr commenting "And you chose me?" as I confirmed things about the Emperor.

- My yelling to Mint & Otterkin "Watch out for the..." (Kraken swallows, then spits them out) while someone behind me jokingly makes the "Ack... Ptui!" sound effect.

- And in the tavern, "Here, Have a pickle!"