Signal Fires & Pamphlets (Fort Alliance)


Thursday each of the Halls and Houses within Fort Alliance a white candle is set upon an goundfloor window and lit. Accompanying it to stick in place is a piece of parchment with precise letters that read:

"There have been attacks on the farms outside of town. Starting tonight patrols in the afternoon and across the night will be taken upon by the Adventurers. Travel in pairs and do not hesitate to seek out the aide of the Company or the White Flame. Danger remains minor, but we wish no blood be lost that could be saved.

Wizard Askeksa"


On the Tavern Board and at each of the Guild Halls a different notice is posted.

"Please report to the Council Hall to assist with the organization of a day shift and a night shift for protection from a dangerous threat. Your heroism will be appreciated in securing your community and saving the morale of the farmers that look to us for aide in this time when the militia is at the Front. If you must be mercenary, I will be working with the Chapter Masters of the Guilds to ensure a reward is available. Please encourage all Destined, commonfolk, and unskilled in martial ways or staying unseen travel with one other to aide. I will happily speak to each and any of you personally about the dangers true nature, but will not be writing it given the sensitivity of this issue."

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"It is the aim of the Company to arrange these shifts moving forward. These lists will be edited by Chaptermaster Saoirse and by the Sherrif Torin, but are presently under maintenance by Squire Hildr' and I. Don't hesitate to let one of the four of us know of your availability.

Wizard Askeksa"