Sling use?


Another subtlety to point out is we measure along the curve, not tip-to-tip -- so for things with interesting shapes or a lot of curve, you can reach the minimum length more easily. The pic maxirons posted doesn't have a lot of curve, so probably won't make a big difference. But if you were making a slingshot where functionally the strap was always extended (so that it was always in this sort of shape :
You could functionally measure it from the red ball, up the strap, and down the handle. Not sure how well that design would adapt to foam, but figured that was worth mentioning in case it was useful in your prop planning.


Thanks for the info. I'm wanting to do an actual sling, not a sling shot. But the same principle if applied helps with the idea that I'm formulating as there would be some curvature. And as far as foam, I've got access to closed cell foam thicknesses that is unlike anything that is easily available to the general public.

So it is just a matter of if I want to go ahead with that idea or take the time to develop the channeling skills.