so that you all know...

Hey Gang,

I want to let people know that I am alive and doing well, regardless of the rumours out there. It is true that I was in the hospital for a bit and have been undergoing therepy for a few weeks. I have been battleing Severe Drepression and Anxiety (unsucessfully) for years on my own and it came to a head recently. This has caused major prolems with my family as well as myself and it ended up with me in the hospital. I am getting the help I need now but because of this I have to take a leave of absence from the Alliance. I do not beleive that this will be a permanent thing as I paln to return sometime in the future. Beverly and the rest of the Staff will continue to run events in the meantime so no worries, there is still fun to be had at Alliance Traverse. So come and give them your support.

Thanks much my friends,

Matthew Byers
Are you going to be out there at all, or are we all going to have to come out to your house and roast some marshmellows? Miss you lots Matt, hope to talk to you soon :)
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out

Get well. Hope you feel better soon. If you need anything, I know that as a group any of us will be here for you if you need us. Call, Email, text or smoke signals, keep in touch.
I think the best thing we can all do is be there for Matt if he needs us but also for Bev and the kids so he isn't worrying about them.

Turn out for the game and do all you can to relieve Bev and the staff of any burdens that arise. Don't wait to be asked. If you see something that needs doing no matter how small just do it without expectation of reward or praise your reward will come later believe me.

I have been where Matt is and its a dark place and hard to crawl back from so Just love him, pray for him and be there quietly for him and his family.

I love you Matt, Bev and Family