Some many people, so little time


Romilda makes her way throught the commons, looking down at her arm as she picks away some last remaining stickness of undead from it. She heads on over to the house with banners bearing a raven skull. Hops on up the porch to knock lightly on the door and waits for someone to answer.
There's a quiet padding of quick footsteps, and Phalaenopsis pokes his head out the door without fully opening it. "Yes..? Oh! Hello Romilda, what can I help you with?" he asks.
"Morning to ya Phal, Looking to have a quick chat with Jinn if hes avaliable, and then I will probably be back later looking for Cato, but not sure how long that will be. So Just Jinn for now, if hes avaliable".

She keeps her distance from the door, and speaks in a quite voice.
Phalaenopsis looks back inside the house quickly, before snapping his head back to Romilda and nearly smacking his horn against the door frame. "Uh, I think both Jinn and Cato are awake but resting, but I can go let them know you're looking for them, give me... 3 minutes?" He closes the door rather abruptly, and soft footsteps pad away from the door.
At the close of the door, she lets out a sigh of relief, and steps back to flop down onto one of the benches to wait and mutter to herself
The door opens and a tired looking Jinn walks through. The makeup from a few days ago is still on his face, and he is wearing Kumari's old green kimono, and he has his tankard in hand. Stepping out onto the porch he looks Romilda up and down.

"Phal said you needed to see me and it was apparently secretive. What can I do ya for?"
Jinn follows
Romilda comes back through the trees by herself, a purpose in her stride. seeing Cato out on the deck she gives him a wave as she hops on up. "Morning Cato, seems there was a change of plans"
"not better, but not worse so nothing to complain about"

She leans up against one of the poles of the verdana. "Oh before I forget, Jinn went for a walk cause he had to deliver some news. He will be back later today, how about you? this morning treating you well?"
"yeah, just plans change and ideas made or forgotten or something or other." She looks out beyond the trees while waving here hand around while she spoke her nonesense. "The new plan is make myself at home and try make a few allies amoung you wound up untrusting bunch " With this she gives a wink to the oathsworn.
With a smirk on his face Cato responds. "Hmmmm not sure what to think of that wink..... I live with a few Sylvanborn and winks can lead to many things...... (Cato laughs) Making allies and friends is a good thing. " Cato winks back.