State of the Kingdom: A Visual Guide

Surion Maedhros

Geography isn't my strong suit. Judging from Queen Bouchard's public report, and this map... for oceanic destruction, green for the spread of the forest... okay, light green there, the report sounds like it's not as bad...

... where are the "Isles of Camulous"? Are those different from the Vacarran ones? Is Honua the small one? Damn, I need another map...


... there's a lot I don't know. I'll just outline those parts in black for now. I'm sure I'll have to make changes.

- Dextermagus
Well done Dex.

Captain Hogrim Earthblade
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Lanna Rose


Thank you for the visual. It is indeed helpful to many. I believe what you have is very close to the reality for our situation.

I hope that we all can work together to reclaim our homes and the homes of the people we fight to protect. I wish you all well until we can meet again.

Dame Readella Taurasan
First Knight of Blythdale


Goodman Dextermagus,

If you will be in Fairdale in the next two weeks or so, I do plan on meeting with my vassals and the adventurers in the tavern. Please join me at the Black Stag, and I can help fill in some of the gaps for you. If you are in fact a cartographer, consider yourself hired.

By My Will,
Queen Sonia Bouchard of Icenia
Your Majesty, Dex is one of my Legionaire. He is very good at what he does. He will be an asset to you.

Captain Hogrim Earthblade