Stuff from the big ol box.


So um, now that my production is all taken care of, I thought I'd let people know what I have on hand in case people wanted any of it.

Blacksmithing stuff.
3x 30 stone suits of armor - 2 gold a piece
1x 10 Stone suit of armor (non-metal) - 4 Silvers
3x Pole arm - 8 silver each
2x Heavy Crossbows - 3 silvers each
1 Staff - 1 silver
1x Short Mace - 3 Silvers
9x Long Maces and Hammers - 4 Silvers each
3x Shields - 2 silvers each
1x Super Reinforced (strengthened) shield - 6 Gold

3x Cure Mortal wounds - 8 silvers each
2x Cure Critical Wounds - 6 silvers each
6x Purify potions - 8 silvers each
1x Endow - 1 silver
2x Cure light wounds - 1 silver each - Sold!

Super Special Stuff - These are from Asyl tested and will work, lasts for ten minutes when applied, not magical
3x Elemental Blade Coating - Stone - 6 silvers per
1x Elemental Blade Coating - Flame - 6 Silvers per
3x Elemental Blade Coating - Lightning - 6 silvers per
3x Elemental Blade Coating - Ice - 6 silvers per

Regular stuff
5x Paralysis Gas - 9 silvers per
2x Liquid Light - 1 silver
2x Enslavement antidotes (Psst! Liddia refill yer stock!) - 9 silvers per
2x Euphoria Antidotes (Good for MWEs buying a stack of enslavement antidotes!) - 9 silvers each
1x Quick silver coating - 2 silvers


7x Light - 1 silver per
1x Disarm - 1 silver per
26x Spell Shield Stone bolt scrolls - 1 silver per
7x Pin - 2 silvers per
3x Magic armor - 2 silvers per
5x Repel - 2 silvers per
2x Shatter - 3 silver per
9x Lightning Bolt - 2 silver per
9x Ice Bolt - 3 silvers per
7x Wall of Force - 3 silvers per
1x Shun - 4 silvers per - Great for MWEs to tear up in anger!
1x Awaken - 4 silvers per
4x Web - 5 silvers per - Pretend yer a spider!...those are deadly
4x Spell shields - 5 silvers per - Great for if your buddy is pretending to be a spider!
5x Elemental Shield - 6 Silvers per
2x Reflect Magic - 8 silvers per
2x Dragon Breath - 8 Silvers per
5x Wizard Lock - 8 Silvers per
3x Dispel - 8 Silvers per
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Have any high quality, concentraTed intoxicant?
huh? no I only make intoxicates when kit runs out <seems to glower for a moment>. I could make you some on Saturday maybe?

I would love that. Thank you,

Hey, I still have about 100 intoxicants between Radi and I. Ve did vuy like 128 from vou or zomething absurd.

That's your fault for running out! I was just fixing the problem...

HAHAHA! That's right! Thank you so much for making those for us Jehyu. Kit and I probably went through at least 20 of them (a piece) in Valdanis a week or two ago.

Trellis seems to have an odd fascination with flame, so I'm sure he'd be happy to buy any and all flame bolt/dragon's breath scrolls that you have.


I will send you a message about the enslavement antidotes, I need to check my funds.

Lady FallingStar
Okays I've updated my numbers to reflect stuff that's sold. If you want something please let me know soon as I'm sorting out everyone's packages.

Hi Jehyu! I'm Silp!

Can I buy your short mace?

Oh, and I have some special designs I want on it, and you probably didn't make it with those designs, so would you be mad if I repainted it?

~ Silp
Actually, Link... I didn't...

Maybe I should probably learn how to do that from someone, though.

~ Silp
Sure Slip I'll set the mace aside from you.

That's it's for orders until I get there folks, I've got everything packed up and need to get to the actual crafting now...

Jehyu, are you coming to this gathering?
Yeah, It's been a really long time since I've been to Wayside, and people are saying most of the fae are gone so I thought I'd stop by again.

Jehyu! Can I buy a shield from you?!

<seems to be focused on something else while dreaming>

....then bundle for jehan.....don't forget the potions...and nehani...then link and fredrick, need to find more root to grind for ink an....What? Shield? sure sure!.....shield for lightning from the pile then enslavement antidotes! Liddia...Marsters....more cure light wounds.....