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New Hampshire Staff
The Plot Team of The Isle wants to know - What is your character up to these days?

Time flows in our game world just as it flows in real life, so your character has weeks between being on-stage at events in which to scheme and get into shenanigans! What can they do? How can we tell this story together? Submit In-Between Game Actions and let’s find out!

IBGAs should be emailed to no later than one week after the date of the event (unless otherwise noted). The emails should include the subject: “IBGA for [Month of event] for [character(s) names]”.

- If submitting as a group, please CC every player in the email.

- If involved in a group IBGA, please reply to the submission confirming: “My character does this” This consent must also be received before the submission deadline.

The email may be typed or have an attachment including the following information:


Player’s Name(s) and email(s):

Character’s name(s):

[Select one: Research, Travel, Contact NPC, Train, Labor… Other? Pick one word.]

Specific Task/Strategy: [Identify the content within the goal subject you selected. This may be a bulleted list.]

Relevant Resources: [Note character skills, related backstory experiences, or current IG affairs/networks/resources that may assist in accomplishing the goal.]


Other Guidelines from Your Friendly Neighborhood Plot Team:

Length: Providing a narrative with detailed insight into the emotions and motivation of your character is encouraged! We love creative scheming and development! However, if these layers of nuance cause your submission to be more than one page, please be sure to preface it with a bulleted list of action items and priorities (that may be added under “Specific Task/Strategy”).

Please bear in mind what is reasonably possible for a character to accomplish within only a matter of weeks. If you are uncertain about how long it takes to travel somewhere, for example, please feel free to reach out to the Plot Team. Err on the side of smaller goals or single action items, to allow for a more immersive and thorough response.

Reponses: The Plot Team will aim to have a response email replied to you by the Wednesday before the next event! However, as this is a LIVE-ACTION Roleplay game, we may choose to respond to your submission with on-stage consequences or mods at the event! If this is the case, we will inform you: “Submission response will be handled on-stage at the event.” If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Canon Roleplay: Always feel free to reach out to Plot Team members, or even the players cast as specific NPCs, if you have questions or wish to roleplay virtually for extra details! However- These RP interactions must be summarized or attached to official IBGA submission emails, or they are not guaranteed to be understood as canon in-game.

Comment here with any questions and we’ll clarify as best we can!

Happy Writing!
-- The Isle Plot Team


New Hampshire Staff
Deadline for the June 18th event IBGA submission is: TUESDAY, JUNE 28th!

Thanks! <3