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Attached below are descriptions of all the territories of the continent that makes up the Utah Chapter. These write ups are designed to give players a feel for the world we are building as well as some information to use in your character background. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here or at plot.utahalliance@gmail.com

-The Utah Plot Team


  • The Frozen Tundra of Isenhjem.docx
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  • The Great Plains of Tajiq.docx
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  • The Island Nation of Solus.docx
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  • The Jungles of Veska.docx
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  • The Mountain Kingdom of Umbrasa.docx
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  • The Vibrant Peninsula of Terras.docx
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  • The Empire of Helios (1).docx
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Back-up versions
This is mostly gazetteer information written in 2017 by the Plot Team and released to help us know the Shard of Aetheria (which is the IG setting for our Events) and a part of the wider world of Fortannis. While bits and pieces of this are reasonable for any character to know as they are "common knowledge" please set limits on what your character would be aware of and direct any deeper questions to the Plot Team via plot.utahalliance@gmail.com or reach out on our Discord server http://discord.gg/Wpej47Q or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/108867386310374

The Empire of Helos
The Frozen Tundra of Isenhjem
The Island Nation of Solus
The Great Plains of Tajik
The Vibrant Peninsula of Terras
The Mountain Kingdom of Umbrasa
The Jungles of Vuka
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