The Ebb and Flow of Change


This is the final year of Tenure for Prademar Enterprises over Chicago Alliance Larp.

We are selling an extensive monster camp, logistical supplies, a multiple year coin supply, and all IP associated with the chapter: Gavaria, Rathfall, Prademar, and more. Various social media and the website would be transferred as well.

If you are interested in buying the chapter please reach out to Rob directly. All bids, discussions will conclude by September 1st, with an announcement of who will take over for 2023 and beyond being announced in October.

Understand this is the final year of the chapter if no one steps up. The “Woah Lets Do It Season” Will be the final season. It will be a wild ride.

Rob and Nadine


Chicago Staff
It's been a wild ride, hoss. Big shoes to fill (literally and figuratively). Thank you for all the hard work


Thanks for all of the fun Rob! It has been a wild ride over the years, and has been very enjoyable. Thanks for everything you have done over the years and making us feel so welcome.


Just for clarity I may try to make a decision end of the month. The goal will still be to announce at the October event but I may try to make a decision by regionals so Sept can be spent doing paperwork ect.

If you are interested in the game and not stepped forward please reach out to me. If you have reached out but not made an actual offer, now is a good time.