The mad mage

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It has been 5 days since "Gonzo" got destroyed. The Deputy and Sheriff have yet to inform Nakor whom destroyed "Gonzo". Nakor has been walking back and fourth along the town twitching and muttering under his breathe "Henry will come now since Gonzo is gone".
12 days since "Gonzo" been destroyed. Nakor is rocking back and fourth on the grass, muttering under his breathe "Must figure out a way to stop Henry from coming here". An idea pops into his head. He mutters under his breathe "If tavern isn't here maybe Henry won't come here". He stands up twitching still and goes to outside the tavern door where is guard "Jefferey" is. He says to "Jefferey", "Your going to guard the bed and breakfast now Jefferey". He picks up the garden gnome up and walks towards the bed and breakfast and puts "Jefferey" down in front of the porch. Nakor goes towards the forest area by the outhouse. He grabs a couple branch's and starts to make fire using until they get on fire. He then starts walking to the tavern with 2 torches in hand.
Emerging from the Howling Crag's Rest Stig stretches and basks in the sunlight.
"Ah. Good varm day. Is good. Now going n see broders"
Stig starts toward cabin 8 and notices the mage coming with the torches
"Huh? Vhat strange caster man is doing?" He thinks to himself.
He looks up then back at the mage, puzzeled
"Is light now. Is no needing torch now"
Stig, not trusting of most casters but maybe...maybe 2-3 of them, keeps a hard eye on the mage as he heads to the Brotherhoods cabin.. a little quicker then he first began.
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After a couple minutes of walking Nakor is at the tavern. He mutters under his breath "Which part of the tavern to set of fire first"
(By the bed and breakfast)
Kai heads towards the bed and breakfast with a sheef of large papers tucked under one arm
The stable has been comfortable so far, but it doesn't really afford much space for working on projects.

She pauses, seeing Jefferey outfront. "Ew, what is that creepy little thing doing here?" She gives the statue a wide birth, keeping an eye on it as she passes. "Stupid gnomes," she mutters, pulling the door closed.
Garridan and Stig sneak up quietly behind the crazed wizard, Garridan holds out a hand counting down on his finger, 3, 2, 1...
Stig nods his head following Garridans lead. Both let loose the full mass of water from their buckets dousing the mage near head to toe and extinguishing the torches.
Upon getting hit with buckets of water, Nakor jumps in surprise. He turns around and says "Why you toss water on me and wreck my torches?"
"My friend, we can't have you burning the tavern down! It's the onle one for miles. Why would you want to burn the tavern down? " At this point Garridan notices that tht "Gonzo" the ever present puppet of Nakor's isn't on him. Then he remembers the story the goblin Assassin told him about "that doll".

"Come, let's go sit by the fire and you can tell me what's going on. We don't need to burn down Artie's tavern. I'm sure we can come up with another solution."
While listening to what he says Nakor drops both of the torches and starts channeling his powering. Nakor says "Since Gonzo is destroyed now, Henry will come here. By destroying the tavern he'll be less likely to come to parson's breach." At this point you see he has channeled alot of power.
Parson's Breach being a rather small settlement, Darien has heard of the strange goings on involving his newly appointed Mentor in the Arcane Sanctum. He hurries in the indicated direction, wondering what could be going in with the Very strange man recently placed in charge of his magical studies.

The scene which greets him is... Disturbing. His mentor is soaking wet, the remains of torches still smoldering on the ground. The two members of the Iron Brotherhood trying to defuse the situation while his mentor begins gathering power for a spell?!!? "Master Nakor? What are you doing? You would attack these men who are our comrades in arms here in Parson's Breach? Calm yourself! Whatever issue is causing such strife within you, this violence will not solve anything." Darien moves closer slowly, making calming gestures, which are probably not really calming at all, but they make him feel better, at least.

"Please Master Nakor, tell us what is going on, so that we may help you."
"Burnin taverns wrong! Dats vhere ve eatn n drinkn! Not mages for burnin....N who da hell Henry? Bah! Who da hell GONZO?! N vhy dem matter for mage burnin things"
Nakor turns to his apprience Darien still channeling his power and say "Darien, my friend Gonzo was destoryed. He was the one making sure
we'd never see Henry again. Now with Gonzo destoryed, Henry will come back. By destorying the tavern Henry will think this place is abondoned
and not come to Parson's Breach. Nakor turns his head to Stig and says "Henry is more powerful than Archmage Az'Caine. He is an evil man.
"Who is evil? Henry or Az'Caine?" Artie comes walking from the tavern. "You should be more specific when you mention the Archmage's name." Looking at the torches then back to Nakor, "And thanks to the Archemage, he's had the tavern fireproofed since that incident with a mouthy barbarian and a couple Dragon's Breaths."."

Looking around the group, "Are you not going the the Festival of Crows? It's a two week journey."
Stig puts his palm to his face...
"Fireproof? Bah. Dis vas pointless....TWO WEEK? Stig need catch team...." and with that ran to gather his things.
" Garridan? Be seeing vhen ve return"
Nakor looks at Artie and says "Henry is the one who is evil and I'm not going to the Festival of Crows. I have more important things to attend to than that.
"Well.... it seems there is no further need for our intervention here." *sigh* "I have packing to do, as I am going to the Festival. Please try not to get yourself into too much trouble Master Nakor. We will speak again when I return. If I see the Archemage I will ask if he knows of any way to... " (Darien clearly pauses in search of new words) ... Help you, with Henry."

With that, he turns, and with a quick nod and a "My thanks, Garridan, is it? Yes. My thanks to you and your companion as well. I apologize for the trouble." begins to move off, no doubt to pack for the coming journey.
"I doubt the Archnage Az'Caine can help but you can ask him Darien." Nakor after a couple minutes decides to leave and head to the arcane sanctum clearing showing frustration on his face.
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